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Kelly After what happened, I walked away from everything I loved and vowed never to come back. Mason I fucked up years ago and trusted a friend over the woman I loved and have regretted it till this day. He was her high school boyfriend. She was his one that got away. His best friend sexually assaulted her. He didn't know that. So, when he said the words that ultimately destroy any future that they might have had, they both thought that was the end. After 10 years of avoidance and the death of her mother brings her back to the small town of Delway, North Carolina. A flat tire and a dead cellphone leads her to the door of the "Storm Reapers MC Clubhouse." Behind these doors, she'll come face-to-face with her past in the form of the man that once had her heart. She's not the same girl he knew before she left. She'll prove that by carving her path to vengeance. Can they pick up where they ended so many years ago and have the future they were once on track for? Or will outside forces from their past tear them apart before they have the chance to find out?

Romance / Action
Christina Chavis
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Chapter 1

I’ve always heard the stories about this happening. I’ve seen it in movies. I just never thought it would happen to girls like me. I’ve always been a cautious person and never taken drinks or food from people I didn’t know personally. That was the advice my mom had given me the first time I told her I was going to go to a party with my friends.

But being in the small town of Delway, North Carolina where there is a total of 203 people you wouldn’t think that this would happen here. Because it’s like everyone knows everyone. And you most certainly wouldn’t have thought it would be someone close to you. Or that, that someone being the victim would turn out to be you.

I’m sitting here with Steven waiting on my boyfriend Mason to arrive. Steven is Mason’s best friend. He’s supposed to be looking out for me. Until tonight I’ve never really had a problem being around him. He was an asshole to everyone but he was always nice to me. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago after he walked in on me naked with Mason that everything started to change.

I’d see him staring at me a lot more. He’s been offering me a beer, saying I needed to loosen up and relax ever since I walked through the door. He knows I don’t drink and I kept refusing the beer and he’d finally gotten up to get me the soda I’d been asking for, for over an hour. I was beyond thirsty. So, when I got it, I drank over half of the drink before taking my next breath.

Not long after that, I started feeling light-headed and I was starting to get really warm. I made to get up and Steven asks where I was going. I told him I wasn’t feeling well and was going to go to the bathroom. The line to the one downstairs was long so I decided to go upstairs to find one with fewer people. I found the master bedroom’s bathroom was empty so I went in and splashed some water on my face.

It was getting harder to focus and my limbs were getting heavier. I figured since no one had come in this room that it would be safe to just sit down for a minute. I was sure that when Mason finally arrived, he’d come looking for me. I don’t think I was laying on the bed for five minutes before I heard the door open. I tried to get up but it was like my body was nothing but dead weight.

It didn’t take long for whoever had come in to be standing over me. It turned out to be Steven. I thought he was coming to check on me but it seemed he had other ideas. He started talking about how he couldn’t get seeing me naked out of his head. How he just needed a taste and how I would forget this had happened after he got his fill and no one would ever know.

He grabbed my arms and yanked them above my head. He used his other hand to tear the panties from my body. All the while I felt like I was trapped and frozen in time. All I could do was lay there and feel while he touched my body in a way that had me feeling even more sick to the stomach. My shirt was unbuttoned and yanked off of me before being tossed to the floor. He stood up and removed his shoes before he started getting himself undressed.

It was as if I could hear every tooth of his zipper being unlatched as he pulled it down. When he finally climbed back on to me, I could feel the tears running down the sides of my face into my hairline. He used one hand to yank down the cups to my bra and the other to spread my legs before he slammed into me with such a force that I ended up biting my tongue. I could taste blood in my mouth and all I could do was cry and silently scream. I prayed that someone would come in and save me.

I was praying so hard that I almost didn’t hear the door open. Steven was still ramming in and out of me grunting so loud that he didn’t hear the door but I did. I managed to lift my head enough to see that it was indeed Mason who had walked in. I could see the hurt look on his face as he took in the scene before him. But I guess he didn’t realize that I didn’t want to be there either because he shook his head, turned around and walked right back out the door.

With one last ram and a loud groan, Steven emptied himself deep inside me, got up to get dressed and walked out not looking back. I could feel his cum dripping out of me while I laid there. I closed my eyes and hoped the drug would wear off soon. I must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing I know someone was throwing my clothes at me yelling I had to leave before their parents got home.

I was able to move now so I got up, got dressed and was able to get a ride home with one of the girls that had stayed behind to help with the cleanup from the party. I didn’t have to worry about my parents being up as I got home. It was late so they had gone to bed hours ago. I crept up the stairs and into my bedroom. Closing the door, I walked into the bathroom got undressed, turned the shower to the hottest setting I could handle and proceeded to scrub my body until it was raw. Then I slid to the floor and cried.

The shower had long turned cold before I’d finally gotten the strength to climb out and get dressed. I sat on my bed afraid to close my eyes because all I could see is Steven thrusting into me or the look of hurt that showed on Mason’s faced as he walked into that room took in the scene and then walked away. I cried silent tears as I thought of how I was going to try to explain what happened to Mason when I saw him again.

I stayed up until my parents woke the next morning before I finally went downstairs to tell them about what happened last night. I sat at the table in front of them and recounted the events that took place at the party. My mom cried and my father looked like he was ready to murder someone. His face got redder the farther I got into telling them what happened. I had no idea I still had enough water in my body to cry but it seems I thought wrong. By the time I was finished I was being hugged by both my mom and my dad while being herded to the car.

It wasn’t a long drive to the hospital from where we stayed. But the Thirty-minute drive felt like forever. The closer we got the more my nerves became more frazzled. After checking in at the front desk I was taken to a room where they proceeded to do a rape kit and draw blood. The police were called and I gave them my statement.

With me washed and already wearing different clothes there wasn’t much they could do. I told the doctors and police that I still had the clothes I wore at home in my bathroom trashcan. A police car was sent there along with my dad to retrieve them. While that was happening the doctor’s continued with my examination. With Steven not wearing a condom and my blood being tested and coming back positive for the Date-Rape drug, “Rohypnol” I pretty much had enough evidence to have him charged with rape.

After going through all the tests and answering all the questions I was finally able to leave. When we got home, I told my parents I needed to see Mason so I could explain what had happened and that I would be back. On the way there I kept going over how to tell him that his best friend that he’d grown up with all his life had raped me. It was bound to be a disaster but there was no way around it. I just didn’t imagine I would be the one destroyed in the process of everything that had already happened.

I pull up to his house to see what looks to be a party. I was really hoping to talk to him alone. I get out of the car to walk up the long driveway because there’s just too many cars in the way to try to get closer to the house. There are a few people standing by their cars as I make my way up the drive. I can feel their eyes on me as I pass. I have no idea why but it was starting to worry me.

I really didn’t want to be at another party after the night I had but I really needed to talk to him about what he saw last night. So, I sucked in a breath, opened the front door and walked in. It didn’t take long for me to start getting funny looks as I navigated my way through the partygoers to find Mason. I didn’t have to look far because I found him on the couch sitting beside Steven. And sitting on Mason’s lap was his ex-girlfriend, Izzy.

I slowed as I approached where they all sat. Steven noticed me first and tapped Mason on the shoulder. I could see the smirk on Steven’s face as Mason turned to look at me with the coldest look I’d ever seen on his handsome face. It made my stomach twist in knots because I knew Steven got to him before I could tell him the truth about what really happened. Instead of saying anything to me he turned his head back to Izzy ignoring me. I could fill my eyes starting to sting again.

It was starting to get quiet in the room since you could practically feel the hostility pouring off Mason. I lowered my voice to ask him if we could go somewhere to talk. He lifted Izzy up off his lap and placed her on the couch before getting up. I was waiting for him to pass so we could have some privacy but he just stood there glaring at me. There was so much hatred in his eyes that I was sure that if looks could kill I’d been dead where I stood. I couldn’t help but flinch when I looked into his eyes.

He looked at me and said, “We have nothing to talk about. You’re nothing but a Cheating Bitch that went behind my back and seduced my best friend into fucking you. There’s no telling how many of my other friends you’ve tried to fuck. You’ve probably slept with the whole football team for all I know. I never want to see your face again. Now, get the hell out of my house!”

I’m not sure when the tears started. Had to be when he called me a Cheating Bitch. I also realized I had wrapped my arms around my middle like it would protect me from the vile things that were coming out of his mouth. I could see Izzy laughing and Steven smirking just over his shoulder. I turned to leave but stopped and looked back just in time to see Mason sit and Izzy climb back on his lap. I had nothing left to lose so I turned back around and faced him to say my peace while everyone was still watching and whispering.

No doubt someone was filming my humiliation for everyone to see later. I’m sure I won’t be going back to school after this anyways. Taking a deep breath, I looked into Mason’s expressionless face and told my side of the story he didn’t even bother to hear out. I told him and everyone in this room the events of the night before. I even told how he walked in, then turned and walked right back out the door not looking back.

Then I turned to a paled faced Steven and told him when he raped me, he didn’t use a condom. I told him my parents took me to the hospital and the police. So, they have a sperm sample, my clothing, and blood work showing that I was drugged. I watched as his face turned even paler and he started looking around the room as everyone was stirring at him in horror. I could see Mason’s mask slip as he listened to what I was saying.

With one last sad look at Mason, I told him he was right about one thing. I wouldn’t be anywhere near him and he wouldn’t be seeing me again ever. I turned on my heel and left the house that had gotten so quiet you could hear only my shoes squeak across the floor as I hurried to leave. Walking down the driveway I made the decision to see if my parents would let me go and stay with my Aunt Emma who stayed in San Diego, California.

It didn’t take long for Steven to get what he deserved. He was arrested about two hours after leaving the party. We only had about a week and a half left in the school year anyway so I was able to do all my exams a week ahead so I wouldn’t have to be here for Graduation. A piece of paper could be mailed to me later. I was ready to put this town, the people in it and my broken heart in the past and never think about it ever again.

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