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Chapter 1

When I woke up the next morning, I was cold as fuck since it was chilly but I was too happy to bother anyway. I was really excited for my first day at school. My alarm went off at six because I didn't want to be late. I rushed through my shower and everything and I really hoped the kids would like me. If not all of them, a few. Or maybe just one. One kid would do the trick.

I went to my closet after having my bath and decided to wear a pair of skinny jeans and one of my knitted sweaters. I picked a white one and wore it. It was a bit bigger than me but I loved wearing clothes that were much bigger than me. I didn't know why, I just did. I picked up my bag and put in a note book and my iPad. Then I took my phone and earpiece after wearing my white adidas shoes. Damn, I looked good.

"Mom! Dad! I'm ready!" I shouted when I got out of the elevator. I went to the kitchen and saw mom standing there in her bathrobe with a cup of tea. She had disheveled hair and looked as though she just woke up.

"Mom! I'm gonna be late. Its my first day".

"Sweety, it's only 6:30am. Its your first day so no one will really be bothered".

"But mom" I whined. "I just want everything to be prefect".

"Fine. But you have to eat breakfast first".

"No problem".

I went to the dinning room quickly and sat down for breakfast. I just couldn't wait to go to school. I connected my earpiece to my phone and played some music. I didn't really know who the artists were except that dad worked with some of them and mom also knew some. I played Hello by Adele. She was one of my favorites.

When breakfast was served, it was quarter to seven so I hurriedly ate, only to get scolded by mom. I couldn't hide the excitement. It was as if all my dreams were coming through. All my dreams, meaning the only dream I actually had, moving out of the house. I guess I was just really happy.

I went to my parent's room to tell them to hurry.

"Mom, are you not going to take your bath?" I asked when she was still in her bathrobe. Dad was still sleeping though making me sigh. It was as if he didn't care.

"What? No one's gonna smell my armpit", she smirked.

I rolled my eyes. My mom could be embarrassing sometimes. I watched as she wore a pair of blue skinny jeans and a jacket.

I followed her to her car, a purple Bentley. I put my bag in the backseat before sitting down in the front.

"You're gonna tell me as soon.as someone touches you right? If someone shouts at you or pushes you, or shoves you into a locker, or lock you in the janitors closet, or pin a kick me sign to your back, or beat you up, or tell you a girl is waiting by the door only to find out that jocks are gonna gang up on you" she exhaled. "You're gonna tell me".

My eyes widened at all the things mom said. Honestly, she was scaring me now. I didn't even know those things could happen.

"I will, don't worry".

"I'm sorry love, I just want you safe baby". She said as she started driving towards our massive gates.

I was a quite scared for my first day though. The way mom described school made me feel like it was one of the prisons in Vendetta. But I didn't want that to get the most of me. I wanted to be happy, finally. I smiled when they finally pulled up in front of the school.

"Listen love, I'm gonna go up with you to the principals office and get everything sorted out" mom said as she picked a golf hat from the back seat.

"Why are you wearing a hat?"

"I don't want people coming to you just because I'm your mom".

I sighed. It could be true but I was sure I would know who a real friend was but considering I never had one, I decided to go with his mom's plan.

We got out from the car and I saw a lot of kids staring at us. I didn't want to be in the lime light. At least not now. Everyone's going to judge me now.

My mom took the lead and I followed her closely, head hung low. We got to the principal's office without much difficulty because it was right down the hallway and it had a sign on the door which said, Principal.

I watched as mom chatted nicely with the principal. The man looked grumpy and he had glasses on. He didn't look like someone you would want to mess with. I had no idea what they we're talking about until I was handed a piece of paper.

"What's this please?"

"A receipt. Send it to the front desk for your schedule" the grumpy man said.

"Thanks Mister".

"Thank you" mom told the man.

"Have a nice day".

I walked out with mom and went to the front desk for my schedule. I really had no idea why I had to be given a list of subjects but this was a school so everything was organized. For my first day, being a Monday and me being a final year student, I had psychology, geography, maths and English.

After thanking the woman, I went out with mom.

"Look at you looking like a hipster" Mom chuckled lightly as she placed both hands on my shoulders. "My little boy is all grown up" she sniffed.

"Mom!" I whined. "It's not like I'm going off to college" I shrugged, rolling my eyes.

"But you will soon, and I'm gonna miss you" she smiled and wiped my cheek with her thumb. "Now be good love. And call me as soon as anything happens okay".

"Yes mom".

"I'm gonna miss you so much" she said hugging me tightly and kissing me on the cheek.

"Mom! Too tight!"

"I'm sorry. I'm just.. you look all grown up".

I rolled my eyes. "Bye mom!"

"Bye baby".

I sighed. This was my first day of school, in a way. I walked into the school slowly. There was no one in the hallways and I could have sworn there were people there when I was taking my schedule.

"Move it will you" some one said, pushing me from behind making me gasped.

Then the bell rung and I cringed. Everything was just happening too fast. I shook my head, regained my posture and started to look for my class. I looked at the paper.

"Room...5A" I whispered to myself.

There was no room 5A on the floor I was at after what could have been five minutes of searching. I went up the stairs and finally found it. I sighed in relief and opened the door.

"Sorry" I squeaked when every head in the room turned to look at me.

"New student?" The teacher asked with a stern look.

"Yes please".

"Take a seat then. Hurry. The class must go on".

I turned and scanned the room for a desk. I saw an empty one by a boy with dark hair and pierced eyebrows. I cringed. Definitely not. Another seat was by a boy who was too large for his age and I thought no. He could be a bully. I found an empty desk all by itself in the corner of the class and went to sit on it.

But before I could, a voice said,

"That's mine".

I gulped. The voice was beautifully deep but I feared the person would push me like mom said so I quickly moved out of the way. I didn't look at the guy with the nice voice though as I went to sit by a scrawny looking boy in the front row, by the wall.


"Hi" the boy replied. "Why are you sitting here?"

I raised an eyebrow as if to say what kind of stupid question is that but I decided not to. Instead, I said, "there was no seat".

"Yeah right".

The boy seemed rude so I turned my attention to the teacher, ignoring the boy for the rest of the lesson. What the teacher was teaching was something I already knew and now, I was beginning to doubt my reasons for coming to the school. I already had what I needed to go to college, but I was still left with a year.

After my first lesson which was English, I checked the schedule for the next one and that was Geography. I picked up my bag and began to walk towards the door, but a hand grabbed mine and stopped me.

"Are you new?" The scrawny looking boy I sat by asked.

"Yes. Are you old?"

The boy chuckled and answered, "yes. I can help you if you want?"

I smiled. Maybe I was wrong about the boy. "I would really appreciate it if you do".

"Let me see your schedule. Do you have all your books?"

I shrugged. "I have a note book"

The boy chuckled as he led me to the hallway. "I meant textbooks Lets find your locker. We have a few minutes to get to class, we have the same period by the way".

I nodded and followed the boy. After checking the numbers on the lockers, we finally found me.

"Don't hold your schedule out like that yeah?"

"Why not? I don't know my next period".

"You have Maths after lunch and its in room 3C. You can be with me during lunch though. But let me warn you, you don't want to hang with me" he said pointing to himself.

I shot him a confused look. "Why do you say that?

The boy looked at me weirdly. "I'm a nerd" he said as matter-of-fact.

I still didn't get it. I knew what nerd generally meant but why wouldn't I want to 'hang' with the boy just because he was a nerd. He seemed nice. I just shrugged and followed him to the next class.

"What's your name though?" I asked when we sat down. "I'm Dylan by the way".

"Nick. I thought you'll never ask" he said and I chuckled. Great, I'd made one friend and I was happy about it. Geography went on quite well but I asked myself what they were really teaching the kids in the school. I already knew everything the man was saying and I was feeling sleepy.

When the bell for lunch came, I slumped my shoulders in relief and turned to Nick.

"So are we going for lunch now?"

"Yeah. Keep your hands to yourself and look at no one".

Nick was funny. He was acting as if someone was going to beat us up and I thought it was irrational. Maybe he had irrational fear of bullies like my mom, I thought. But what did I know? I had never met a bully in my life.

I followed Nick to the cafeteria and grimaced at the smell of the food. I almost gagged. What did they serve here, I thought. I followed him to the line and watched as Nick fidgeted with his fingers. He read somewhere that people did that when they were nervous but he didn't ask.

When they got to the front, Nick pulled some money to give the lady with trembling hands. She frowned at him and said "3 dollars".

"But that's all I have" Nick tried to reason.

My eyes widened. I never had to pay for food and now I had to pay for something as disgusting as this? I scoffed. The woman was about to shout next and I saw Nick hang his head. I took my wallet from his pocket and handed the lady a ten dollar bill.


She smiled at me and got Nick's food. When she handed me the change, I smiled and shook my head at her.

When we left the line, Nick looked at me with shock in his eyes. "You didn't have to do that you know?"

"Don't worry".

"Thank you so much. I'll pay you some day".

I only smiled but I was really disgusted by the food. It didn't look bad but I just didn't like smell in the cafeteria and the noise. It all just seemed dirty, I don't know. I followed Nick as we went to find a place to sit in the back but we were stopped when someone bumped into Nick making his food fall. Then everyone burst into laughter. I was shocked.

I just paid for the food and someone just had to make it fall? I turned to the guy.

"What do you want him to eat now?" I asked, moving closer to the boy but Nick pulled me back.

"Stop, please" he mumbled.

"Yeah, listen to the nerd fresh meat".

I shook my head. "What you did was very unnecessary and I think you should apologize".

I heard a few oohs from the kids that were looking. Why wouldn't they say anything?

The guy pointed a finger at me. "You don't wanna mess with me so run along"

I winced a bit. This guy was huge, really. He had thick muscles that no highschooler should have. He wasn't taller than me though, maybe about an inch. I was 5"11. He had dark brown hair, green eyes, I think maybe they were hazel but I didn't have time to check. Before I could take in the rest of his appearance, he pushed past me with three other guys backing him. I knew I couldn't fight him even if I tried. Besides it wasn't fight. I sighed and moved out of the way, glaring at the boy and his friends. I heard someone chuckle and recognized the voice as the guy from earlier in the English class. But I couldn't make out who it was as their backs were to me.

"What will you do now?" I asked as I turned to Nick.

"I'll just have to wait till I go home I guess".

I felt sad for the boy. I followed him to the table they were heading to before that happened. I was worried for the boy because he looked hungry and sick.

"You should speak to someone about this" I suggested.

Nick chuckled and looked at me in disbelief. "Where are you from?"

I frowned.

"Look, it's completely normal. I'm used to it so don't worry".

I didn't agree though. However, I sighed and looked around the cafeteria whiles fixing my fringe. I stopped when I locked eyes with someone who was looking my way. Instead of looking away like my mind was telling me to, I looked on and took in his features. He was fair, almost tan, had blonde hair. His hair was cut short at the sides from what I could see, but his bangs covered his eyes. Without even seeing them, I could feel the intensity with which he was staring at me making me gulp. The black shirt and jacket he wore didn't make things any better as I almost squirmed in my seat under his gaze. The guy smirked and I became even more confused.

Why did my heart skip a beat?

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