My Brothers Best Friend

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"I remember when you used to follow me everywhere." He smirked as I stared at him in shock. His eyes trailed over my uniform as I glared at him. "You've certainly grown." "I remember when your shorts fell off in the pool and I saw your dick." I smiled sweetly as his jaw dropped. "I hope for your sake that it's grown." Alicia Randall is dismayed to find her older brothers best friend standing by her fridge one day, drinking orange juice and wearing nothing but his shorts. He was devastatingly attractive, and he had a way with words that used to make Alicia doodle about him in her diary for years. Now he was back, in town visiting his folks for the summer. It was a little crush. I was fifteen. I need to move on. Except Cole has other plans...

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"So that's two Martha Mighty Meals, with extra onion rings and two cokes. That's twenty five dollars please."

The guy in front of me was a regular, and always managed to stick in a inappropriate comment every now and then, despite his girlfriend sitting waiting in the booth patiently for him.

"I'll give you thirty five if you write your number on the receipt." He winked, as I managed to fight the urge to slap his ass down.

"Twenty five bucks, sir." I repeated through gritted teeth as he leered at me. He counted the notes out slowly as he made a show of licking his fingers to get the notes separated. I sighed as I waited, feeling super annoyed and uncomfortable. It's awkward when you have to serve guys like this, or mean bitches who seem to pity you for wanting to earn money flipping burgers. The candy cane type uniform didn't help, which was far too snug around my breasts now. I'd asked Rich my boss for a new size about a thousand times but he insisted the budget was too tight and the top was just fine.

Another perve.

Finally the douchebag me and Dallas- the other server that I shared my shifts with- had nicknamed Dollardickhead, had finally moved away from the counter. I sighed in relief as I glanced up to see some girls from school waiting in line.

"Aw, it's so cute that you work here. I mean, I get it. You need the money. But I bet they don't pay much do they? How do you even survive?" Asked Toni Evans, the lead bitch in our school.

"Well, the funny thing about that is, I'm saving so I can get away from the likes of you and your cronies. Now, what would you like, air with a diet coke? Or will it be the salad, hold the vegetables?" I smiled sweetly as she narrowed her eyes at me.

"I will have the chicken salad and diet coke. Judging from your tight uniform, I'd stop eating any perks you are getting. Now then Miss Piggy, how much do I owe you?'

My cheeks burned as her group of girls tittered around her.

"I'll get this. You take Dollardi- uh- grab the two Martha meals." I heard Dallas declare, leaning forward towards Toni.

"Fifteen ninety five."

"What? For a salad?!" I heard her snap, as Dallas smiled sweetly.

"I'm charging for your attitude, bitch." She muttered under her breath, as Toni glared at her. I smirked to myself as Dallas continued to smile sweetly.

"Fifteen ninety five, Miss."

Dallas was a riot to work with, and made my days entirely bearable. She went to college, and told me how she had dealt with bitches like Toni many times. One time she said she was going to put full fat mayonnaise over her salad, just to fuck her up.

I grabbed a tray, loading it with food before I made my way through the tables to the douchebags table. He had his tongue down his girlfriends throat, as I slammed the tray down on the table, hiding my smile as they jumped apart.

"Two Martha Mighties, extra onion rings and your drinks. Enjoy."

I walked towards the back of the restaurant, noticing Alex had just arrived to take over from me.

'Sup, Alicia." He grunted as he tugged on an apron, yawning as he pushed his white blonde hair back into the stripy hat we had to wear.

"I'm just glad I'm done. See you next week." I pushed the back door open, breathing in the fresh air with relief. I made my way to the bus stop, tugging my hat over my ponytail as I shoved it into my backpack. I sat on the bench, wishing the bus would hurry up. I had a test to revise for in the morning, and I needed to get cracking if I wanted to pass.

The journey home wasn't too bad, but it reminded me how badly I needed to learn to drive. I'd been begging my brother, Christian, for months to teach me but he just kept coming up with excuses. He was in college, and seemed to constantly party. To be fair, he was usually too drunk or hungover to drive most of the time. My mum and dad had separated a few years back, and we had chosen to stay in our home town with our dad, Phil. Our Mum, Gloria, had decided that was just fine by her, and she had moved to LA with her current toyboy. The only problem was, Dad worked all hours to pay the bills, meaning we barely saw him. I liked working, because it meant I didn't feel guilty everytime I saw how tired he was. My brother delivered pizzas a couple of times a week, as my dad insisted we finished school before working anymore.

I made my way into the house, racing to the downstairs restroom before I did anything else. I washed my hands and pushed the door open, stopping still when I saw someone standing by the fridge that I hadn't seen in years.

"Cole?" I stuttered, my eyes widening at the sight of his bare tanned torso. He glanced over at me, a toothpick in between his teeth as he picked it out slowly. He slid his sunglasses off, allowing me to see his soft brown eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Alicia." My name rolled off his tongue, as I shivered involuntarily. His voice was lazy, as though he couldn't be bothered to talk. He leaned against the fridge door, popping the lid from the OJ as I watched him drink. He stopped, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he smirked.

"I remember when you used to follow me everywhere." He smirked as I stared at him in shock. His eyes trailed over my uniform as I glared at him. "You've certainly grown."

"I remember when your shorts fell off in the pool and I saw your dick." I smiled sweetly as his jaw dropped. "I hope for your sake that it's grown."

"Wouldn't you like to know?" He replied smoothly, sending me a wink. I couldn't tear my eyes away from his tattoos which spread all over his chest and arms. My heart rate increased when he walked over to me, dragging the orange juice along the side as he did.

"How old are you now?" He asked, studying me as I swallowed. He smelt like spice and his own scent- something I think needed bottling and selling all by itself.


"Damn." He smirked, as I heard my brothers voice from the hall.

"Bbq is up, wheres them rolls at brother?" He drawled, walking in to see me and Cole standing close at the end of the counter.

"Cole, I don't need to tell you to keep away from my baby sister do I?' He said with a smirk, as I glared at him.

"Urgh, as if, Christian." I snapped, pushing past Cole as I walked towards the stairs. Christian shrugged as he pulled out some beers.

"Come down for some food when you're ready Ali. It's just the usual suspects. Oh, and this prick." I heard them begin to play fight as I rolled my eyes, jogging up the stairs as I tried to ignore my beating heart.

Just a guy. Just Cole Brewster.

Just a bbq with Cole fricking Brewster!!!

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