Biker's Treasure (MC #1/ Ghost #2)

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If you want full understanding of the characters, you should read Ghost first (^-^) Tank is the President of the Shadow Warriors MC. He's an ex-soldier and has been through a lot during his time in the military. After taking over the club, he worked hard to make it successful and prosperous. But despite the success, money and power, his life still lacked something. Tank meets Layla through Lia, who's the famous Ghost, the underground fighter. He treats Lia like his younger sister, even though she's not affiliated with his club. But it's Layla that catches his attention. She's shy and easily scared and it sets off all protective instincts in Tank. He wants to protect the girl from any danger. And he might have to. Layla has a secret. A dangerous secret. Will Tank and his club be enough to protect Layla from her past? Or will they fail and the dark part of Layla's life will destroy her?

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One year earlier

The party is in full swing, the booze is flowing, the music’s blaring and the guys are loud. We skipped the whores this time, since I’m not sure how the girls would take it - they’re too young to witness that.

We’re celebrating Lia finally having healed fully. The last months have been really hard for her, the injuries she got when those loan sharks ran her and Blake off the road were really serious, so the recovery time was exceptionally long. She’s still not her 100% yet, but at least she can finally move freely, with her casts off and the limp in her walk almost gone.

She’s been waiting to heal in order to deal with her mother, who’s still in our custody. We kept her alive just for Lia, and we can’t wait to get rid of the bitch.

Especially after hearing the bullshit her husband spewed when Tyson was beating him up. To say we were shocked would be a fucking understatement of the year. I told the guys to keep quiet about it, Lia does not need more worries.

“Hey, T.” I hear Lia’s voice behind me. I turn my head around and there she is, as beautiful as ever. Her long hair in loose curls, the black shirt she’s wearing hugs her every curve, accentuating her great figure and the shorts reveal her long toned legs.

“Hey, Lia. – I grin – How come the star of the party is late, huh?” I tease, getting an annoyed groan from her as she points her thumb at Blake over her shoulder.

“Why do you think? He made a fuss when I put on those fucking shorts then wouldn’t let me leave the house.” She huffs, making me laugh.

She and Blake have been through a lot, but they’re still as cute as ever. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. I think as Blake makes his way towards us with an angry look on his face and black flannel shirt in his hand.

“Hey, Tank.” He nods.

“Hey Blake.” I give him a knowing smirk which turns into a chuckle when he ties the flannel around Lia’s waist despite her protests.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” She exclaims exasperated.

“Do you know how many looks you got since you came in those fucking shorts?!” He hisses, wrapping his arms around her from behind and shielding her from people.

“You two are impossible. – I shake my head – But it’s fucking adorable to watch.”

The two lovebirds join me and some guys in the booth, where we stay just talking, joking and drinking.

The party goes on till morning, when our star finally crashes.

“You can take one of the rooms if you don’t feel like driving. You did drink quite a bit.” I suggest, glancing at Lia. She’s been going to physical therapy for a while, so it’s understandable that she’s tired.

She also got a lot of gifts from the guys and it will take at least two trucks to get it all to her house, but we don't have any sober drivers.

“I guess I’ll take you up on that. Thanks.” Blake sighs before maneuvering himself out of the booth, trying not to disturb the sleeping beauty.

“I’ll show you the way.” I get up from my seat as Blake picks Lia up then lead them towards the rooms upstairs. We have few empty rooms there, just in case, and I had the prospects clean them before the party, expecting this outcome.

“The room is clean, so you don’t have to worry. Night, kids.” With that I leave them alone, going straight into my bedroom. The guys will take care of the mess downstairs. That’s what the prospects are for.

I wake up sometime in the afternoon when some bitch knocks on my door. I will fucking kill them! Dragging myself of the bed, I make my way to the door, not minding the fact that I’m only in my boxers.

“The fuck you want?!” I snarl as soon as I swing the door open, not even looking at the person on the other side of it.

“Food’s ready. You should come and eat while you can.” Lia gives me a gentle smile and pats my shoulder before leaving. Fuck!

“Sorry about snapping at you, I didn’t mean to.” I apologize as I take my seat at the table, rubbing the back of my neck. Lia just laughs and waves it off.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“You should’ve seen her when she wakes up. She’s a demon.” Blake laughs, getting a glare from her which he counters with a grin.

“This is really good! You’re a great cook, Lia. Wanna stay as the club’s cook full time?” Wolf praises, making me snap my head to the girl.

“You made this?” I ask in shock. The whole table is covered in variety of foods and there are almost 30 of us, including the prospects. Did she really cook all this? Alone?

“Yeah. Figured you’d be hungry after drinking.” She just shrugs like it’s no big deal.

After the breakfast, well technically lunch, Lia and Blake leave, and I call church.

“The situation with Lia’s parents may be dealt with, but the fuckers that run them off the road can still be a problem. We got few of them and beat them up, but they confessed that their boss will not give up. Key, did you find out how much exactly do those people owe?”

“Yep. And I can actually understand why they’re so persistent. The initial amount they borrowed was two hundred grand. The interest rate was forty percent until the deadline, then it was reduced to five.”

“What?” I cut him off. It doesn’t make sense.

“Five percent, daily. That’s the catch. And they’ve been behind with the payments for months, so you can imagine how much it is by now. And it’s still counting, since it hasn’t been paid off.”

Shit! No wonder those fuckers are so persistent. That’s shitload of money.

“Okay, I get that they want their money back and whatnot, but why are they after Lia?” Wrench questions. Apart from me, Don and Wolf, he’s the one that cares about her the most.

“Because her parents signed her as their guarantor.” This causes a string of curses around the room. Fuck, this will be hard to get out of.

“Doesn’t matter. We will not let them stir trouble in our town and that’s final.” I say with pure conviction. I know the guys got close to Lia and Blake during last months, so they will have no problems with helping her.

“Yeah, that’s as long as she’s in town. What if they follow her after she goes to college?” Wolf implores worriedly.

“Wolf’s right. We won’t be able to help.” Wrench adds, getting nods from the guys.

Damn it! This is getting worse and worse.

Lia comes to the compound few days later to deal with the bitch we’re keeping in the shed. She wanted to deal with the fucker who carved the 'X' on Blake's chest, too, but her injuries didn't let her, so she just watched as Blood tortured him.

The guys and I come with her, leaving our cuts behind. By the look on her face I can tell it’s about to get bloody.

“Wow! You look like shit!” Lia chuckles when she sees the woman in front of her. We weren’t exactly hospitable. Sandra has been staying in a small bare room with only a mattress and a toilet, wearing the same clothes we found her in. We’ve been giving her food twice a day and washed her with a hose. The bitch did not deserve better treatment. Had she not been a woman, she would’ve been beaten to death. But my club does not hurt women.

Lia suddenly takes off her shirt and hands it to me, staying in only sports bra and shorts then gets inside. They guys and I lean against the opposite wall, waiting for her to be done so we can get rid of the body.

“You little whore! I am your mother! You can’t do this to me!” Oh, the bitch pulls the ‘mother’ card, huh?

“As if! You’re just a whore my father picked up from some club then married so he didn't have to raise me on his own.” We turn to her in shock.

“Aww, you thought I wouldn’t know? That little fuck Alexander spilled his mother’s milk once my dad was done with him. And of course he would tell me everything that shithead said. I always found it suspicious how you treated me more like a slave than a daughter. – Lia wraps up her hands as she speaks, while we stay there completely flabbergasted at what we’re hearing – That’s why I’m not going to spare you. I was going to go easy on you, since you’re my ‘mother’ and all, but – she shrugs with an evil look – I won’t. You earned every ounce of pain I’m going to inflict on you. Enjoy!” She finishes with a malicious smirk, sending a punch to the bitch’s face.

For the next minutes all that can be heard from the cell are bitch’s cries, wails and the sounds of bones breaking. Lia basically destroys her. She’s already broken her arms, legs, crushed her fingers and toes, and dislocated her joints. The blonde’s face is a mass of flesh and blood, completely unrecognizable. Even her hair got ripped out of her scalp.

“Time to end this, don’t you think?!” She sneers into the woman’s ear. She’s been giving her some scented salts every time the bitch passed out, keeping her awake for the torture.

The bitch wails in pain as Lia rams her fingers into her eyes and swiftly snaps her neck, killing her. She stands over the dead body for a moment then smashes her foot into the woman’s face before leaving the cell.

I’m fucking stunned! I did not expect Lia to be so brutal! And I sure as fuck didn't expect her to kill the bitch herself. It takes guts to take someone's life.

“Can I take a shower before I leave? I don’t want the blood on me when I go home.” She asks, snapping me out of my shock.

“Sure. Do you have any clothes to change into?”

“Yeah, they’re in my car. What about the body?” She glances at the dead woman.

“We’ll take care of this. Don’t worry, no one will find her.” I assure, gesturing at Blood and Shovel. They give Lia a nod and go to take care of it. They got their names because they’re usually in charge of dealing with scenes like that.

“Thanks.” Lia gives them a grateful smile, leaving them stunned for a moment before they return the gesture. I guess they didn’t expect someone to thank them for burying a dead body.

Lia stays over for a drink, per my request. I feel the need to warn her about the fuckers that may be still after her. Even though she’s not weak and can take care of herself, she has to know that it’s still not safe, so she can be prepared, just in case. After few drinks, she calls her friend, Layla, to pick her up and drive her home.

“How come Blake is not here? I’m pretty sure he mentioned that he wanted to come with you.” I purposefully say nothing about killing the bitch. I don’t think Lia’s friend knows about that.

“I don’t know where he is. My dad kidnapped him for the whole summer. That old man, I swear to god!” She huffs, annoyed, making Layla look at her in shock.

“Are you okay to say that about your dad? He looks so scary.” She quietly exclaims fearfully and for some reason it strikes a chord in me. Why is she afraid?

Lia stands up on the couch in the booth and moves behind Layla, sitting behind her, with her legs on either side, wrapping her arms around Layla’s waist and hugging her. The little blonde basically melts in her hold and smiles happily. What’s going on with those two?

“It’s fine. My dad may look scary, but he’s just an overgrown teddy bear. No need to be afraid of him.” She pats Layla’s head then puts her chin on her shoulder.

“What’s going on? Are you into girls now?” Wolf laughs as he joins us in the booth. Layla looks like she wants to disappear, while Lia just smirks teasingly.

“Why? Wanna see some girl on girl action?” Layla chokes on her drink and Lia pats her back gently with a worried look. “You okay, Goldie?”

“I’m alright.” She squeaks. She’s so cute.

“Just kidding. But seriously, what’s going on?” Wolf laughs, pointing at the two.

“Lia just misses Blake. He's been gone since graduation.” Layla quietly says with a small smile.

“Aww. Cute.”

“She is, isn’t she?” Lia squeezes her friend a little before stroking her hair adoringly. “She’s so small and adorable.”

“I’m not small! And I’m just an inch shorter than you!” Layla states with a scowl.

“But you’re still shorter. It automatically makes you cute.” Lia pats her head like one would do to a dog, making Layla’s scowl turn deeper.

“What about someone bigger than you?” I tease.

“Nope. Not cute. At all.” She denies with no hesitation. “Well, except for Blake. He’s adorable.” She adds dreamily as an afterthought, making me laugh.

“He’s not here?” Wolf glances around.

“Nope. He went somewhere after the graduation. I can’t even find him, since he left his phone and jacket behind.” Lia huffs with an annoyed frown. She got Blake new jacket, since the first one got ripped in the accident.

“That’s why she’s using me as her teddy bear.” Layla adds.

“You are so fucking adorable!” I laugh at them.

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