The Forbidden Girl

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✒️📙🚧 Currently REWORKING 🚧📙✒️ When Samantha Conners is attacked in an empty parking garage after work and a complete stranger, Blake Camden, saves her she runs away from Denver to her brother’s home in Boulder, Colorado unintentionally. She just drives and drives even though she doesn’t really know what she wants to do about the man. She knows she wants to feel safe but doesn’t want to explain everything to Aaron and his best friend. But when things become worse she finally breaks down and tells everything that had happened why she’s there. When Blake Camden saved the girl from the man in the parking garage he never expected to see her again. He’s angry when she show’s up at his boss’s ranch thinking she followed him there. He soon finds out that she is Aaron’s little sister. Aaron unknowingly throws the two of them together and the feelings start to spark between Sam and Blake. Even though they come from two different worlds and Aaron forbids them to start anything can the feelings beat all gaps and make them last? And can Blake actually keep her safe from her mysterious stalker before it’s too late?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Samantha Conners rushed into her office building throwing one last look over her shoulder before the crowd was blocked from her view. She sighed in relief, it seemed no one was following her today, but she couldn’t help but feel on edge. She was so exhausted from the sleepless worry-filled nights, she wasn’t ready for this day to being. She slowly walked over to the elevator, she got in, pushed the seventh-floor button, and took a deep breath as it headed for the seventh floor.

She leaned against the wall after she walked out of the elevator running her fingers through her long straight brown, with purple and blue highlight hair. She closed her eyes tightly trying to calm her nerves just as a hand fell against her arm gently. She stepped sideways quickly about jumping out of her skin. Her eyes snapped opened her gaze fell on her secretary. The sweet lady had to be in her fifties and Sam was ready to take her out.

“Hey Sammy, how are you this morning,” Jen asked, handing the young frazzled looking woman a cup of coffee. She looked so tired anymore and acted like she was at her breaking point.

Sam took the cup gratefully. “Thank you, Jen, I’m okay just not ready for today. How are you?” She smiled the fake smile she was getting used to pasting on her face. The older lady barely came up to her shoulders with herself being five foot five inches. She couldn’t even begin to guess how tall the older lady was.

“You look so tired, dear, I really wish you’d do something about that man Sammy, he’s getting out of hand and it’s not fair or good to let him do this to you.”

Sam was startled at first but jumped back into covering it up mode quickly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Jen everything’s been fine.”

“Samantha, don’t you lie to me, I know about the guy whose been giving you trouble, he calls here all the time and Sara agrees with me and worried also, we both think you should take some time off work and get away for a while, get things straightened out.”

Sam looked at the floor her eyebrows knitted together in a frown. “It’ll all blow over Jen.” She headed towards her office to begin her work on some designs. She buried herself into her work the rest of the day just so no one would bother her including herself.

~ ~ ~

“Hey Blake, I need you to run to Denver to pick some things up for me!” Aaron Conners leaned against the fence a little bit and shouted over to one of the workers at his farm.

Blake walked over to his boss wide-eyed. “Are you sure you want me to go? That’s at least an hour drive just one way.” “Yes I know, and I am sure, you’ll be fine and I can trust you, plus I’m keeping Brady here to actually do some work.” Aaron handed the list to Blake along with the keys to the ranch truck. He had to show Blake he trusted him, he already was a hard enough egg to crack.

Blake sighed. “Okay.” He took everything Aaron handed him then headed towards the gray two-fifty. Aaron watched Blake leave, he wished he could figure out Blake’s issues but it seemed Blake would just keep a lot of things to himself. He was glad Blake was such a good worker though.

~ ~ ~

The end of the day finally came, Jen walked into Sam’s office slowly. “Honey, it’s time for you to go home and relax.” Sam looked up from the clothes design she was working on a smile touched her lips. “I’ll be heading out soon Jen, thank you for everything.”

Jen shot Sam a look of disapproval. “I think you should go home now Sweetie, you’ve been hard at work on those since you got here this morning at six-thirty, also Sara wanted me to remind you about taking a vacation.”

“Soon Jen, I promise to both things.” She gave Jen a reassuring smile but let it fade the minute Jen walked out of her office. Sam wasn’t sure how much longer she was going to be able to keep this charade up. It was all fake and it was draining her. Maybe she did need to get away from everything for a little bit.

Sam worked for another hour before she finally decided to head home for the night. She’d get a pizza, soak in the tub and hopefully get some much-deserved sleep.

She headed down the hallway towards the elevator, she never realized how quiet and creepy the building was when it was empty. A cold chill ran up her spin bringing goosebumps across her tan arms and making her shiver.

She rushed out of the building, all she wanted to do was get to her truck and go home. The minute her pimps hit the cement outside the revolving door the feeling of being watched returned. She looked around quickly as she headed to the parking garage down the street. Another shiver ran through her as she continued down the mostly deserted sidewalk. She couldn’t help but glance around but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She just had an uneasy feeling.

She picked up as much pace as she could as her red pumps would allow. Once she got to her truck everything would be fine. She just had to stay calm and breathe.

~ ~ ~

Blake didn’t expect to still be in Denver, he should have been heading back to Boulder hours ago but there were some issues with getting the stuff Aaron wanted. He just got back to the truck with his last load of tools when he caught a side glance of a woman going down the other side of the sidewalk quickly. He put the bag in the cab and watched her rush into the parking garage. He didn’t know what it was about her but something felt off. He kept his eyes on her but when he saw a man walking behind her just as quickly and followed her into the garage he didn’t hesitate. He rushed across the street and in behind the two people.

~ ~ ~

Sam couldn’t get to her truck fast enough, she knew she just had to get in, and she’d feel fine. She pressed the unlock button on her key chain. Just as she laid her hand on the door handle a hand wrapped around her throat tightly pulling her back against a hard skinny body. Her hand flew up to try to get it off of her dropping her keys and satchel. She couldn’t get the hand off of her, the tears sprang to her eyes, she knew who it was before the rough broken voice whispered against her ear. “See Baby, I told I’d be seeing you soon, I’ve thought about you all day, boy you get my blood boiling.” Sam squirmed against the man, this couldn’t be happening, her stalker finally made his move. She bit her lip hard as she moved more when she felt his other hand slid up from her thigh moving her black skirt against her thigh, he kept inching upwards moving his hand against her stomach. She closed her eyes tightly feeling the silk graze against her. She didn’t know what to do at all, she was in deep trouble.

“You need to let her go now.” The deep southern drawl came from behind them. She was spun around fast as the man turned towards the voice. She grabbed them and hand tighter trying to get free, it was becoming painful and hard to breathe. Her gaze raked over the man in front of her, she had no idea who he was or why he was helping her, but anyone would be better than the man behind her. The glare he was shooting above her head wasn’t even terrifying her.

“Who the hell are you?” her capturer demanded. “It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is what I’m telling you to do.” The strange man crossed his arms over his chest starring down the man who had a hold of the woman.

Sam could barely keep her eyes open due to the lack of oxygen, but she was thankful her gaze kept landing on the man in front of her but if he didn’t hurry up and do something she would pass out. She blinked again and she saw the man moved closer.

“I am not going to tell you again, let her go!” The next thing Sam knew she was being thrown into the man who was helping her and the other one took off fast.

~ ~ ~

Blake Camden rushed forward and caught the short beautiful woman before she hit the ground. He pulled her against him steadying her. “You okay?” He asked as he felt her body tremble in his arms. He held her close with one hand and his other ran down her hair gently. He looked down at the top of her head since she had her head buried against his chest and him being six foot two. He smirked a little when he saw she had blue and purple highlights through her soft brown hair.

Sam clutched her rescuer’s shirt in her hands as the spots before her eyes began to fade. She took in a deep breath, he smelled so good, it had to be Axe Kilo, and he felt so strong. He reminded her of her older brother, he stood out like a fish out of water. He was taller than her brother but still with his cowboy boots, Stetson and Wrangler jeans, only he had a southern accent and a tan to go along with it. Even with the glare he shot at her attacker he had still been so attractive and felt safe. She moved her head against his chest wishing the tears would stop falling. “I think so.” She choked out.

Blake felt terrible as he let out a sigh and kept rubbing the woman gently, he knew he couldn’t be someone she could lean on. He had proven that enough in his lifetime. He pushed her back a little and stared down into her tear-filled gray eyes. He gently wiped the tears away and sighed again. “You should call the cops, he needs to be taken care of do you know him?” He watched her shake her head once. He turned her towards the truck she was going to open before the man grabbed her. He leaned down and scooped up her keys and satchel. “I hope you do call the cops, are you sure you’re okay?” He waked her up to the door and opened it for her.

“I’ll be fine, thank you for helping.” She rasped out, her throat hurt so bad from the pressure he had had on her throat. She slowly got up in the truck after taking her things from the man he shut the door for her, and she immediately started the truck and locked the doors. She left the garage but once she started driving she just kept on going, and going, driving past her apartment and everything else.

~ ~ ~

Blake let out a sigh as he headed back to Aaron’s truck, at least she was safe for now, but he should have stayed with her longer. He cursed himself, he was being a fool this wasn’t the lifestyle for him ever since Lila and how own parents, he knew no one would ever trust him again, and he wouldn’t let himself be depended on. He closed his eyes tightly after getting in the truck. A huge part of him was glad he didn’t just walk away though, no woman deserved to be attacked the way she had been. He shook his head and started the truck, he had to get back before Aaron totally lost it, and he’d be out of a job.

The whole drive he tried to shut the woman out of his mind. She would be fine now, he was sure he scared the man pretty good, and if the guy thought she had someone like him on her side maybe he would just vanish and leave the poor thing alone.

He cranked the music up as he continued the drive to try to shut his brain down and keep her from entering it the rest of the way home. They would never see each other again, it was a one-time thing so no need to keep his mind trained on her. It was all for the best.

~ ~ ~

Sam started to have a coughing fit as she tried to take a deep breath. It hurt and her throat was sore too. She had to figure out what to do about the man, but she didn’t really know where to start. Next time some random stranger wouldn’t be so willing to help.

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