The Moon Inside of Me

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Luna was an utterly unusual teenager, whether from her life story full of ups and downs and even her name: Luneta. How nice to have been named through a star-gazing object! In Europe, it would be romantic, in the USA it would be cool, but try to call yourself that in the chaos of Madureira, in Rio de Janeiro. Her routine was far beyond the valley of complicated Iceland, and even Avril Lavigne could not write a song that could match! That all changes when the 17-year-old girl just bumps into Miguel Accioli, a student at the best Catholic boarding school in the entire capital. They were the same age, had the same desires, and the same feelings, but was that just enough to break a whole culture shock? Could they go through violence, families, prejudice and everything else to live that love? Follow closely and do not take your eyes off the lens! ❤️

Romance / Humor
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Author's Note

“The more perfect something is, the more pain and pleasure we feel” - Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

If your life can be considered normal, it is better to leave. If you’ve never had to work, pay bills, or suffer any trauma, I don’t recommend staying, but I leave a place by my side if you like tragic stories.

Luneta Beranger is a bitter portrait of marginal society and prejudice experienced by those who were born underprivileged. We must fight for what we want and close the distance that keeps us from our dreams. Every day we brave a miserable fate of those who are born to suffer.

We broke the jungle of stone and panned the gold dust of the nuggets that were stolen from us upon the arrival of the Portuguese. They left here only violence, misery, drugs, and despair. And what we did with it all, it’s up to us to say.

If you feel lonely too, it will be all right ...

We are not alone!

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