The Moon Inside of Me

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Saint's Domingos Gusmão College

“The Only Truth I Really Know: Humans Haunt Me”
- Markus Zusak, The Girl Who Stole Books.

- I was already leaving. - I said, forcing my best smile. - The show here is over.

And that was very true.

The return to school was smooth. They were all too tired from the ride to make a mess, so we slept most of the way. It started to rain as we approached the North Zone. A little reminder of how sad and gray our real world was and theirs, colorful and joyful.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the snobbish boy and the SDGC emblem. After leaving the music hall of the Museum of Tomorrow, I didn’t find the boy anymore, but that didn’t stop me from doing any research during the following detention at the Library the next week.

Gleice was happy with my sudden interest in the history of Rio and said that those letters meant “Saint’s Domingos Gusmão College”, a very expensive and exclusive boarding school for boys and the best teachers in the country. A true factory of world leaders and millionaire entrepreneurs.

In my studies, I found that this school was located near that part of Downtown, even near the Museum. It was an old building, dating from 1850, where before was an orphanage dedicated to the memory and life of the saint.

“They say they force the boys to fast for days on religious holidays. And it is rumored that most of them have never been with a girl”. Whispered the librarian, always looking around, as if this were a state secret.

- How do you know that? - I asked, already stuffing the collected material in the backpack to study later.

“I had a friend who had a cousin who dated one of these boys when we were teenagers", as the brunette sighed, her glasses slipped a few millimeters by the nose. - Of course it didn’t work out.

- And why not?

- Look, Luna ... I was born in Nilópolis and I’m very proud of my land. The Hummingbird always makes beautiful in our carnivals and they are legendary, our neighborhood is full of love, happiness ... But, on the other side, it’s all slum. - Gleice wasn’t staring at me as she spoke, her attention was on the stack of new books to register. Still, it hurt me like a knife. - You can’t mix yourself with people who don’t want to get in the mix, you know?

For the first time, Dante Alighieri’s fictional voice invaded my brain, like a sweet memory of something I've never lived.

- “Who are you who want to judge, with a view that only reaches a hand, things that are a thousand miles”? - I could barely complete the quote and a targeted smile spread across the girl’s lips.

- Did you keep reading what I recommended? - She didn’t even hide her happiness.

- I’m finishing “The Divine Comedy” ... - Despite my disinterested tone, I knew I had much to thank. - Which do you think I should start later?

- “The Gilgamesh Epic” can be a bit tiring, but I find it ideal for after a Dante.

- “After a Dante” ... - Amusingly, I imitated her tone of voice. - Looks like we’re talking about good drinks.

- And aren't we, darling? - Despite the friendly tone, her expression was very serious. The line on her brown forehead gave Gleice’s face a tense look. - If you like to drink alcohol, you should try to get drunk on literature. Even the hangover makes it worth it!

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