The Moon Inside of Me

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How Could This Happen to Me?

“The true function of man is to live, not to exist”
- Jack London.

“They hire terrible waitresses here”. Over the crowd around us to see the show, a voice rang out. Some others agreed and made equally arrogant comments.

With my eyes closed, I was and with my eyes closed, I stayed, until some stronger breath tickles my nose.

- Are you alright? - Said the voice. First I went up the eyelid of one eye, it was very blurry, which forced me to face the situation with the two brown orbs wide-open.

Just imagine the size of my amazement when I came across those same sparkling sapphires that knocked me off the ground at the Museum day. It was the same boy, only without that overbearing uniform. As beautiful, Apolonesian and unreal as I remembered.

I nodded, answering his question like a retard.

- Do we know each other? - He asked as he set me back down.

- No ... - It was all that went through my mind to answer.

Obviously he wouldn’t remember.

- Thanks. - Well articulated of me, of course. His eyes millimetered mine as if it were something of extreme magnitude. The dull brown that emanated from me didn’t seem that common for the first time.

The boy continued this uncomfortable gesture of staring at me, and even without any danger of falling, his hands did not leave my waist. It was as if the universe did not exist around us, everything became cloudy and we were the only creatures existing on the same clear plane.

- What is your name? - He asked. His hoarse tone made me want to jump from the abyss, and worst of all, it would feel good.

- Her name is Luneta. - Before I could get a chance to answer, a pair of strong hands dragged me out of that perfect world. It was only a second, but the connection break was such that as soon as my body hit Claudio’s firm chest, all the ambient sound echoed with fury in my ears.

People whispered and laughed in a mix of buzz and hellish chant. I froze as I finally understood that my best friend had used my name to humiliate me.

Damn him!

“What are you thinking, you piece of shit?”, ferociously, I clenched my fists and thrust them deep into the boy’s stomach. The air escaped those full lips and he coughed. An expression that mixed misunderstanding and anger welled up under the curls that once had made me dream. - Who do you think you are to call me like that?

Claudio didn’t answer, just walked away.

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