The Moon Inside of Me

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Skating Kiss

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. - Benjamin Franklin.

It had been a long time since I had gone rollerblading through Madureira with my brother, so it seemed like a good alternative to put mine on and save another pair in my backpack to challenge the poor rich guy. They were worn, it was true. But still served well.

It was so hot that even before I left the house, I could feel the thin layer of foundation I applied to my face running everywhere. Worst of all, I didn’t know if the cause of this was that shitty weather or the nervousness of meeting that damn character.

The streets made a different sound of speed as I stepped out and slid to my final destination. I liked to feel the vibration under the soles of the skates as if my whole body went into an ecstasy of adrenaline and freedom.

All Madureira sang an urban song of dishcloths knocked on the windows, pots clashing together inside the kitchen sinks, the rolling of the hotdog-cart wheels, and the soundtrack that broke through my head, listening to the last song of the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

The green of the trees mingled with the gray of the track throughout the park. At that time, many families took advantage of the sun to take their young children for walks, dogs to exercise, there were also couples who took the time to spin around hand in hand or press their bodies against the trunk of a tree or the back of one of the many benches of concrete.

It was not difficult to see him in the crowd. His almost transparent skin color stood out even from white people. He also had all those tattoos that, during the heat it was doing that day, were simply exposed on all sides, under a black tank top, so big it went to the middle of his thighs, like a dress.

Claudio used to shows himself off in a very similar way, I noticed, except that his clothes had an air of “Stretched from so much I wore them” and not “I just bought them” like Miguel’s. The boy’s black hair shone against that vibrant blue sky, without any cloud to tarnish its beauty. Also, as soon as the sound of my skates rolling through the path caught his ears and I could save a glimpse of that pair of precious sapphires just for me.

“That was a surprise,” he said with his face pointed at my feet and a mocking smile forming on the curve of those lips.

- Oh, was it? - With an air of innocence that didn’t belong to me, I set the bag down and opened it, removing the other pair from inside. - So wait until you see how much it will improve!

He widened his smile ... And, fair God, please make him smile more!

“So ...” I began, when that silence and the stare I was directing at him began to feel awkward. “My coat?”

- You’ll have it soon, soon. - Without my permission, Miguel took the skates out of my hands and started to slip them on as if he’d done it all his life. My brow furrowed at the sight, a little disappointed, as I expected to observe at least a few drops today. When he was ready, he stood up with no support, keeping himself on top of the black-wheeled foursome and, placing his hands on his hips, turned his gaze to me. - If you can beat me in a race.

Oh, shit, You bet I do!

Leaving no room for him to take any advantage, I fired ahead, deftly dodging the pedestals and making my way through the trees. I had become so good at it that at some point I jumped into place with my back to the track and facing my opponent. There was no one stalking me.

Yeah, I think the rich guy wasn’t that smart ...

Unfortunately, like everything else in my life, a rasping sound from the stones ahead proved me wrong: with a beautiful flight tearing through the sky, Miguel overtook a large rock and fell a few steps in front of me.

- I think I won. - I just wanted to smash those perfect teeth into that perfect face. But what the pale boy didn’t know was that he shouldn’t fool a girl from the suburbs.

With a fire blazing in my eyes, I shot my body at him, completely focused on overtaking him or at least dropping him to the ground. A violent battle cry scraped my throat as I extinguished the distance between us furiously.

As soon as our bodies took up the same space, however, Miguel grabbed my arms to keep me from overtaking, and due to the force of his movement added to my unrestrained speed, we ended up unbalanced and falling onto the grass.

I always thought, after watching more Korean shows than I can tell, that it should be very annoying to have a man’s weight on you after having a tumble, but here I was, breathless, wanting him to live upon me forever and never leave.

Miguel was the kind of guy you think at first: Wow, what a cute kid. And then you look closely, very closely, at those blue eyes, the little freckles around the nose and below his lashes that you had not even noticed that existed before, the mouth slightly curved upward with an eternal smirk ... And you catch yourself speechless to define such a work of art.

- You’re staring at me, Luna. - His voice sounded like a sweet menace if that kind of thing really existed. Even so, the boy kept his proximity, tracing the millimeter of my face and body with his glowing orbs locked at me.

- And you can get up now. - I warned, my voice almost cracking with desire.

“I can,” he said, his hand - that I hadn’t noticed having a pharmacy-made bandage on - touched my cheek with the delicacy of an archaeological historian as he found something very rare in an excavation that could break down any second. - But, do I want this? No, I don’t.

There was no time to think about anything, to say anything, to criticize, to push, to moan or to have any reaction, for at one moment we were just the two of us, fumbling over each other and, at the other, those lips traced mine as if it were the last thing they would do in life. There was despair, fury, desire, curiosity and, more than anything, hunger.

His tongue didn’t ask permission to invade my mouth and fill my taste buds with a flavor that ranged from cinnamon chewing gum to vanilla milkshake, a rather unusual combination that blew up my neurons. He paced me as if he knew me his whole life, those hands dedicated themselves one to gripping the back of my neck and the other to circling his thumb across my flat belly. My God, how I wanted him!

- Damn, you’re so hot ... - I don’t think Miguel intended to let that phrase slip through his lips as our mouths parted searching for air. Once, as soon as he realized what he had said, his face got the exact shade of a ripe tomato. His knees buckled as he sat on his feet and stood apart, not seeming to enjoy his own embarrassment.

I had dreamed for so long of being kissed so willingly that I couldn’t let that single sentence end that moment. Especially because my ego had become somewhat flattered by being directly called “hot.”

Sitting on the grass and leaning my body over his, I slid the tip of my nose along his square jaw and could feel his skin flaming in response. When my lips came close enough to whisper in his ear, the warm air that came out made the small hairs at the nape of his neck rise against me. - Please, say it again. - I was almost begging for it.

His face lit up, going from “I’m ashamed” to “For G sake, girl, I’m going to fuck you so hard you will scream my name for weeks,” yes, very specific. Especially when he grabbed my neck harder than a kind person would do and pulled my cheek against his, initiating another ravenous kiss. This time I couldn’t contain the urges to touch him and let my fingertips guide me under the fabric of his clothes to feel that god-sculpted abdomen.

I wanted to kiss him until the apocalypse. Until the dinosaurs trample us, until the mermaids drag us to the bottom of the oceans. I just wanted to kiss him!

But then ... He abruptly separated us, placing his hands on my shoulders and pushing our bodies away. His breath was a mishmash of someone running a marathon and another who was jumping off a building: excitement and fatigue.

- We’d better go slow. - We’d better go to bed, I thought, but I didn’t have enough wooden face to let it escape from my brain out loud. - I need to go. - He said as he checked something on his cell phone.

And with an almost chaste peck on my lips, Miguel stood up, gathered his things and began to walk away. I stood there not understanding what had really happened. A few seconds ago we were dying from making out and then suddenly he just gets up and walks away?

Was that right, STAFF?

Desperate, I shouted his name, causing him to stop walking and turn his head a little to the side, over his shoulder, in order to get a glimpse of the deplorable figure I must look at that moment.

- Did I do something wrong? - I asked with tears in my voice.

- I’ll write to you, kitty.

I don’t know if it was the loving way he called me or when his voice excluded any trace of disgust towards me, but his words certainly made my face turn a little more anxious than it normally would be while going back home that evening.

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