The Moon Inside of Me

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Iceberg Eyes

“You only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes”- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince.

As we passed into the inner courtyard and upstairs, we were able to explore a little more at ease, despite Miss Bianca’s unobtrusive calls. I stared at the perfectly shaped curls of a random girl, wishing my hair looked a little decent at that moment, when something caught my ear: a song.

I had no idea what that sound was, but it seemed to come out of a fairy enchanted realm and all, a melody worthy of movies. And it came from a dark room, apparently empty. All the lights were out and a strong draft circulated around. In the center, two pieces of fire-colored fabric floated and danced as the song played.

My eyes became unable to deviate from that spectacle. Alone in the dim light ... It was like watching a ballet of flames and water. The most beautiful thing I had ever seen, the only beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Then, as they followed the movement of one of the tissues into the middle of the room, my brown orbs found a pair of sapphires bluer than the sky itself, lost in the face of a boy who could only have been an angel or had come out from a Hollywood movie.

We watched each other in silence for so long that the clock almost stopped. A thick river of chocolate crossing the purest of a crystalline ocean. Even in the dark, his skin gleamed in the brightest porcelain tones, his thin lips and well-defined nose were works of art. There were no boys like that in my school, in fact, there were no boys like that in my entire universe.

Before either of us could break that connection with words, the room lights went on and the concert was over. Our uniforms, like big spotlights, shone in that light, creating an invisible barrier. He, on a large navy wall, me, trapped in the lifeless gray of my colors.

His beautiful eyes landed on the Rio de Janeiro coat of arms - the emblem of all public schools - and an almost evil smile tore into that perfect mouth. Without saying anything at all, the mysterious boy passed me as if I were made of concrete, another part of the exhibition that was not worth his attention.

I felt drops forming on the edge of my eyelashes. I was used to humiliation, but that had been different. In the dark, when my weaknesses and impurities were blinded, his eyes - those eyes -, even for a second, wanted me.

- Luna? - Claudio’s voice snapped me out of my trance. Looking back, my friend had just poked his head into the room, as if afraid to enter.

After what happened, the brunette didn’t look that handsome.

Curious how things are only what they are when we do not know the rest of what is in the world.

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