Beta Stone

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Chapter 10

Stone handed his attention to Karen, but she was invested in tugging a corner of her shirt. He had noticed her doing the same thing when she walked down the stairs.

“What is it? Is the material itchy?”

He stared at the snug green t-shirt, searching for a flaw in the cloth.

“No, it just… keeps rising,” she mumbled. “It happens when clothes don’t… fit. I… does it bother you? My size, I mean.”

Stone wished he knew how to say no in every language on Earth. He wouldn’t change Karen even if he had the ability to do so. Her thighs, breasts, and stomach were oceans of pleasure that he wished he could bury his face in.

Taking his silence for something that it wasn’t, Karen tugged her shirt more aggressively. Stone hated the sight. Choosing to disaffirm her insecurity in a way that was more powerful than words, he stalked forward.

Karen stood her ground as he approached, only reacting when his hands snatched the back of her thighs and lifted her. She was forced to throw her arms around his neck and clamp her thighs on his hips.

“Pu- put me down,” she pleaded.

Stone’s face found refuge in her neck. “You are perfect,” he couldn’t help but growl. Her weight had no dent on his strength. He could carry the woman across the planet if only she allowed it.

Karen squeezed her eyes shut.

This was Stone. A gentle giant that rescued cats from trees, accidentally looks up porn, and protects her from physical danger and her insecurities.

He nuzzled his nose on her neck a final time before releasing one of her thighs and letting her find her footing.

“I, well, I’m sorry if that was too forward of me. I don’t particularly like when people get grabby, so it was hypocritical to touch–”

She locked the rest of his speech in his mouth by reaching for his face and making him bend two whole feet so that their lips could meet. Their kiss was fleeting and shy with undercurrents of a boiling passion.

When she released him, he returned to his full height with pursed lips and bleeding cheeks.

“You are blushing again.”

Stone wished he could turn off the annoying face feature, but it seemed determined to ruin his life just like his voice assistant.

“Yeah,” he granted, unable to say much thanks to his lack of socialization experience with females his age. “We should have lunch. It’s pretty late.”

As Karen started lunch, he sent his last email. He glanced at her and found her struggling to grab plates. He reached over her head to help her, and said, "Remind me to get you and Mrs. Greyson a ladder.”

Karen’s face wrinkled with happiness. “How about you just get a normal house?”

The mere idea made his neck ache. “Are you trying to give me arthritis? Lowering my head or bending my back for so long would kill me.”

“Ladder it is, then. Can you pass me the cups, please?”

He was quick to give her what she wanted, making a note to move the dishes to the lowest shelf for her sake. He didn’t think he had to change many other things in the house. The raised entryways and large furniture didn't inconvenience her. The only furniture that was a risk to her was his bed. It was so big that she might disappear in the sea of bedding.

After lunch, he showed her around the house. They spent the rest of the afternoon in his study where he introduced her to his collection of comic books. Karen didn’t know much about the special editions and cared about superheroes as much as the next guy, but she attentively listened because this mattered to Stone.

“Cynthia,” Karen called out as she carefully flipped through the comic Stone handed her.

Yes, mistress Karen?

Stone chuckled. To punish him, the vengeful mate asked, “who dies in Avengers Endgame?”

Stone gasped with indignation and grabbed a book to throw at the speakers. Before he got to launch it, Cynthia delivered.

The answer is Toni Stark.

“Karen!” Stone boomed as he jumped for her. "I haven't watched the movie!"

Karen knew that she stood no chance to run away from him, so she simply laughed and accepted her fate. Even when his arm tightly wrapped around her, she didn't fight his hold.

All reasoning abandoned Stone, and instinct was quick to adopt him. Before he could think otherwise, his free hand reached for the sky and fell on her ass.

When he delivered his punishment, both of their jaws fell. He couldn’t believe that he had spanked her. Never in his all of his years of existence had he raised a hand to a woman.

Silence walked into the room. His hand remained on the roundness of her ass, tingling with disbelief.

Beta Stone, I’ve noticed a spike in your testosterone levels. May I suggest…

“I’ll uninstall you,” he growled.

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