Beta Stone

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Chapter 11

Stone turned his back on Karen and stared at a wall. With his fists squeezed, he prayed that she would have mercy on him and walk out of the room.

Karen stared at his hunched back, knowing that embarrassment was eating him up.

“So Cynthia can read your hormone levels?”

She was trying to divert attention away from the spank that had echoed off her ass seconds ago and left her red and aching. She didn’t think much of the playful gesture and didn’t want Stone to linger on it either.

“I’m sorry,” he cleared his throat. “I don’t mean to be awkward.”

Karen took a few steps closer to him, connecting her hands over his stomach. She squeezed him in a manner that was supposed to be reassuring, but only made blood rush to his dick.

“You aren’t awkward. You’re cute,” she corrected.

He didn’t like that name either. He was a strong male, not a stuffed animal. The erection that was fighting his pants to get into hers served as proof of his manhood.

He hung his head and intertwined his own fingers, trying to tie himself away from her. He didn’t want to risk caving into the temptation of massaging the ass that he slapped.

“I have a chip in my arm that monitors my levels…”

Karen pulled her warmth away, glad that he was slowly retreating from his cave.

“Why is that?”

Stone shrugged. “I’m big. Need to make sure things work properly.”

“Are you uncomfortable often?” she asked, noting that he was still more interested in the floor than her own eyes.

“No, not really. I just get the occasional neck knot here and there. The doc recommended that I sync the chip with Cynthia. He thought that my cholesterol and… other levels would be peaking since I’m in my– and I quote– prime.”

He cringed at the last word.

Karen decided to take him out of his misery.



“Play Avengers Endgame in the living room.”

Stone’s head shot up immediately, decorated with a long row of happy teeth.

“Broadcasting the selected movie as requested.”

Karen reflected his happiness, nearly tripping when he snatched her hand and began guiding her downstairs.

“Why haven’t you seen the movie yet?” she asked from behind his eager steps.

“Sol swears he wants to see it with me but keeps bailing. You can’t depend on that man for anything.”

He led them to the couch and fluffed a pillow for her. She joined his side, unable to concentrate on anything but the warmth of his arm against her own.

The moon was well in the sky by the time the movie ended. Stone was electric with energy like a true fan, while Karen was halfway to unconsciousness.

“What a fucking finale,” he praised.

“Yeah,” she mumbled.

“Did you see the part where…”

“Yeah,” her fatigue interrupted.

“You’re yawning at this masterpiece? I ought to throw you out of my house.”

Karen rubbed her eyes, but it only worsened her sleepiness.

“As long as I can take Cynthia with me, I don’t mind.”

He chuckled, turning off the TV with the remote control before palming her elbow and helping her to her feet.

“No way. That long string of code might drive me crazy, but she’s like my pet.”

“When did you get her, anyway?” Karen asked as she began her way up the stairs.

His silence warned that the message he was about to deliver was a heavy one.

“After you left.”

That answer slapped the sleep right off her eyelids. She stared at her feet as they walked to her door, her head heavy with shame.

“I’m really sorry. You know that, right? I wish I contacted you earlier. I shouldn't had waited two years. I shouldn't have been a coward."

“Things are okay now,” he promised. His reply was not fully honest, though. His confidence had been torn to strips for a long time, and Karen’s disappearance worsened the damage. He was still recovering, but he was taking it one step at a time.

Karen stared at the steel of his irises, and then at the door. “Do you want to come inside?”

Stone’s cock pulsed once, wondering if its services were needed. He ignored the organ, knowing that Karen simply wasn’t trying to meet it just yet.


She pushed the tall door aside and attacked the wall in search of the switch. Stone hesitating to enter. The room was technically his, yet he felt like a teenage boy about to pick up his prom date.

When Karen sat on the bed, he scanned the room in search of seating options. Should he take the chair that was beside the desk? Was that too formal? Would sitting on the bed give his dick some more ideas?

“Hey.” Karen pet the spot next to her, giving him the green light.

His unsure steps carried him to the brown comforter. A few minutes ago, they sat next to eachother on the couch. This setting was different, though. There was something suggestive about two young mates being alone in a bedroom, wrapped in the privacy of walls.

Karen pressed her back against the headboard and stretched out her legs. “So you got Cynthia because this big house feels lonely?”

He nodded when she hit the nail on the head. “Yeah, it has too many rooms. Sol crudely said that… nevermind.”

“Tell me,” she encouraged.

Stone coughed, swung his legs on the bed, and crossed his hands over his crotch. “He said that based on my physique, I will have many offspring, so having many rooms is a must.”

Karen snorted. “I doubt he said it so sophisticatedly.”

“No. Not exactly. He has a filthy mouth on him,” he admitted.

“Well?” Karen laughed. “Will you tell me the rated-R version?”

“I really don’t think...”

Karen moved until her thigh was pressed against his own. She noticed that his bicep was flexed, as if containing a war. “Stone,” she drew out quietly. “Say the word sex.”

His face became so red that it could be considered a fire hazard.

Karen laughed at the expected reaction. “Why are you so shy with me?”

He clenched his teeth, trying to crush his humiliation. “Can't help it. I'm a freak.”

"Shut up. No, you're not."

She moved so that she stood on her knees since that was the only way to reach his face. After dropping a sweet kiss on his cheek, she returned to her seat. The thought of sitting on his lap crossed her, but she wasn’t so comfortable with handing him her weight just yet.

With her head peacefully resting on his bicep, she closed her eyes. She mumbled something about sweet, gentle, giants, and fell asleep.

Stone remained awake for hours after that, his irises refusing to abandon her.

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