Beta Stone

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Chapter 14

She woke up alone again that next morning. After showering, she walked into an empty kitchen. A note on the fridge presented Stone’s absence.

Have to check the perimeter. I will be back around three in the afternoon. I’m sorry.
P.S: Don’t ask Cynthia anything weird.
P.S.S: You look pretty today.

The last line made her smile.

She looked at the huge living room and pouted. How in the world did Stone manage to live alone in this place? It would drive anyone crazy.

After burying her boredom under some chores, time flew fast. Stone showed up right on time, his dirty boots tracking mud into the floor she had just swept. She didn’t care, though. She was just glad that he was back.

“I’m sorry. I had to talk to a contractor about perimeter fencing.”

“It’s cool. I did some laundry while you were gone, so I wasn’t too bored. Are you hungry?”

He rubbed his neck aggressively with a large hand before rolling his head around, seeking comfort. “Nope. Arabella sent over some food. How about you?”

“I’m good. Movie time?”

Stone rubbed at his face, clearly frustrated with something. “Sure, you can choose what we’ll watch this time.”

“First, let’s fix whatever is going on with your neck. Did a bee sting you or something?” She hooked a finger under the collar of his shirt and tugged to get a better view of his skin.

“No. I just have a neck knot. I had to ride in a car the size of a shoe-box for like twenty minutes. I’m fine; it’ll pass.”

She ignored his assurance, sitting down on the couch and patting a knee expectantly. “Come.”

Stone looked at her knee and pictured himself over it. Having his face there, so close to her...

He rubbed his neck with more hostility, making her worry that he’ll break skin. “I’m fine, really.”

Karen saw right through his words. She palmed his bicep– unsurprisingly unable to circle it, and pulled him down. With obvious reluctance, Stone caved in. He looked at the TV for help as his cheek met the softness of his mate’s thighs.

Karen’s hands descended on his neck and began to unwrap his control. She ran her hand up the muscles of his back and into his hair, squeezing and rubbing his scalp the way he grew to love. She kept one hand on his hair as the other kept tracing his spine. He was mesmerized, lost to the polarities of satisfaction and want. His heavy breathing warned of his internal struggle, but Karen was focused on dipping her fingertips gently into the tissue of his shoulders.

Within seconds, the tenseness in Stone’s neck teleported down to his cock.

Maybe it was the sound of skin rubbing skin. Maybe it was the sparks that enslaved his mind more and more with every time they went off. Stone wasn’t sure what in the Goddess’s grey moon it was, but something made him turn and slowly reach for one of the heavy breasts that were dangling above him like delicious fruit from a tree.

Time became lazy as his hand reached for her flesh.

Stone wasn’t known for taking the initiative. He did what his pack asked him to do, he lived quietly in the orphanage like his parents wanted him to, and he let Karen run away without arguments. Enough of that. He was finally doing what his massive built was made to do– reach for the clouds.

Just as his fingertips touched one of her mounds, Karen scrambled to get up and ran to the staircase. The loud slam of a door sealed her in a room, and Stone in a hole of horror.

Something was wrong.

Her skin was crawling, her mind raced, her nipples peaked.

The sight of Stone reaching for her breast had spooked her. It wasn’t his touch that pulled the reaction, but the leash that her insecurities had on her. The roundness, heaviness, and thickness of her body refused to share her with Stone. They wanted to leech off her unhappiness.

Any sane woman would want Stone’s hands on her. He was sweet on the inside and deliciously hard on the outside. He was handsome, perfect, everything her biological drive could want. The idea of him seeing her reality, though, was just too intrusive. She wasn’t ready to show him her nakedness.

She kept a hand over her mouth to contain the dozen thoughts that wanted to solidify into sound. She was hot with rage for hurting Stone’s feelings, for burning the progress they had made, and for adding another tick mark to her list of tomorrows.

For being a coward.

Downstairs, Stone wasn’t fairing too well either. Karen had tossed him into a pool of tar. He felt stuck and heavy, lost within the darkness of her rejection. His body felt heavier, and for the millionth time since he was born, he wished he could shrink and disappear.

A corner of his mind advised that he should run after her, to not let her retreat.

He chose to let her go; just like he did the first time she ran.

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