Beta Stone

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Chapter 16

A knock went off on the door just as Karen placed a frying pan on the stove. She turned off the fire and answered it. A young boy was there, smiling brighter than the morning sun.

“Hi. Do you know if Stone is here?”

The heavy pounding of footsteps answered the question.

“Hey Stone!” the boy greeted, recognizing the sound.

“Ethan,” Stone acknowledged as he looked over the kid’s shoulder. “What are you doing here?”

“We haven’t seen you around, so we wanted to make sure you were okay. We’re gonna play Uno later. Do you want to come?”

Discomfort crossed Stone’s face. He knew that he had to keep his distance from the kids, but he didn’t have it in him to crush Ethan’s spirit.

“I’ll try, but I’m very busy, so I can’t make any promises.”

It was a white lie.

Ethan seemed satisfied with that answer. He nodded eagerly before running back to where he came from.

“What was that?” Karen asked as she closed the door.

“What was what?”

“You didn’t seem very truthful there…” she probed.

Stone considered shrugging her question off, too embarrassed by his predicament. With a loaded sigh, he chose to come clean with the truth. “Ethan is from the orphanage. I used to play a lot with those kids because, well, they remind me of myself. Some men became concerned with how much time I spent with them, unsure of my… intentions.”

Karen understood what he was hinting at. “That’s crazy!”

The idea of Stone’s reputation being trashed bothered her at a personal level. He had already gone through so much. Couldn’t the guy catch a break?

She looked at the kitchen, and then back at him, eyes heavy with frustration. “Do you mind running with me? I haven’t shifted in a while.”

He nodded immediately, and she walked to the nearest bathroom to undress. He dropped his shirt and jeans right there in the living room, welcoming his fur. His wolf form was proportionately large, and his coat color was a light grey. He liked the shade because it gave him the ability to camouflage within the snow and hide the way his human form couldn’t.

He waited outside for Karen, growling out his satisfaction when she walked out the door. She was slightly rounder than the average wolf, and he found this endearing.

Karen playfully nudged at his snout, already feeling better. He licked the top of her head in the wolf version of a kiss, and she ducked under his massive body before starting toward the woods. He ran after her, keeping up without a struggle. They lapped the territory– an admirable feat considering Titanium’s size. When Stone’s hunger reached an aching level, he led her back to the house.

Karen stole his shirt when she passed it, taking it to the bathroom where she shifted and threw it on. She was slightly sweaty and in need of a shower, but she figured it could wait until after breakfast. When she came out, she found Stone wearing nothing but jeans. He was distracted with the fridge, searching for the cure to his hunger.

She slapped his hand out of the fridge. “Hands off. I’m the chef, remember?”

He mumbled his displeasure but knew better than to challenge her. Like a wolf with its tail between its legs, he retreated to a stool.

The fact that she was wearing nothing but his shirt didn’t fully register until then. It covered her modestly, reaching her knees. Its existence was ghostly, though. The cloth was white, thin, barely able to contain her from him.

He watched the skirt dip between her legs when she leaned into the fridge and cup her generous breasts when she reached for the plates. Wanting to contain the lust that threatened to explode in his pants, he moved a hand between his legs to caress his heavy crotch.

“Can you get me the container in the last… oh, you’re red again.”

He moved both of his palms to his face, cupping his cheeks in an attempt to hide the evidence of his thoughts. “Sorry,” he grumbled.

“Why are you blushing this time?”

He cleared his throat. “No reason.”

He knew that there was a chance of Karen fleeing if he voiced the filth in his thoughts. He didn’t want to risk it.

Karen stared hard, trying to make sense of him. She had a good idea of what had flustered the shy, shirtless Beta, but wanted to hear his confirmation. She wouldn’t allow herself to run away a second time, even if her skin threatened to peel off her bones.

“Tell me,” she insisted. “Please?”

He shook his head stubbornly and moved his eyes to the flowers.

She fought his defiance by taking slow steps forward.

Stone’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and his gut shrunk with every ticking second. When he couldn’t take it any longer, he burst from the stool. “I should go check in with Sol. I’ll be back–”

Karen’s hand met his bare chest, forcing him down with a hard push. She then moved her palms to his shoulders and rubbed the bare flesh there, getting him closer to coating the inside of his jeans with seed.

“I said please. It’s only fair to be honest,” she smiled sweetly.

He clenched and unclenched his fists, fighting a battle that was new to him. He had fought rage before, but not the urge to dig his fingers into every crevice and hole of another being.

“No. I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he dismissed with a shake of his head.


Her blunt nails bit into his skin, and he hissed even though he felt no pain.

“I won’t leave this time. I promise.”

The unmistakable smell of a female’s sweet arousal reached him, announcing that Karen already knew what thoughts were swelling both his imagination and cock.

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