Beta Stone

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Chapter 17

Marble cracked once Stone forced his hands to grip the edge of the table. Although he was giving his mouth the freedom to speak, he didn’t trust the rest of his body.

“You’re wearing my shirt,” he pointed out.

Karen nodded, still massaging his shoulders as if trying to ease the admission out of him.

“And I thought about...”

“About?” Karen eased.

“About putting my mouth where it shouldn’t be.”


“Damn it, Karen. Between your legs. On your pussy.”

The table cracked some more when his fingers dug deeper into it.

Karen felt her own crack between her legs when thunder ran through her clit.

“And where did you want to do this?”

He looked at the table that was crumbling under his hands, and then at the woman responsible for slaying his control.

“On the table.”

She stopped her movements, trying to picture herself lying on the table. She’d have her thighs wide open, and Stone would be eating the pink between them instead of the plate of food that was cooling.

“Can you… show me?”

“Show you?” he coughed, vaguely aware that the table was on the verge of shattering. Soon, he’d need something else to grip onto, and Karen's thighs were looking dangerously delicious.

“Can you please touch me?”

Her request came out as a whisper, but it reached his ears with the force of a scream. Blood pumped through him with so much intensity that he feared he would pass out. His dick became harder than the marble he was crushing, hurting with cruel intensity.

“Beta Stone, your testosterone levels are–”

He didn’t hear the rest of Cynthia’s warning. He literally couldn’t hear anything because Karen’s thighs now plugged his ears. With a possessive swipe, he had hauled her into his arms. She was now sitting on his shoulders, clinging onto his head as he mixed the wetness of her cunt with his saliva.

Karen looked down. She was seven feet in the air, sitting on the summit of a mountain.

Stone lapped at her like a wolf drinking from a stream, and only when he sucked on her clit did she finally come to terms with her position. She screamed her satisfaction and grabbed fistfuls of his hair. She was falling, and about to shatter into a million pieces.

Nothing was real at that point– not her stretch marks or the meatiness of her thighs. All that existed was her hungry giant.

He licked, shook his head, growled, and sucked her into another scream.

“Beta Stone, I am detecting distressful screams. Should I call for help?”

Karen arched her back, staring at the ceiling as she tried to remember what planet she was on. Her hips were grinding against Stone’s lips, her mouth blurting nonsense, and her soul seeping out of her pussy because Stone was sucking it out of her.

The skimming of his teeth against her flesh was the last straw. She erupted and screamed so loudly that the Moon probably heard it.

Stone issued a few licks to clean before grabbing her by the waist and returning her to the ground. She clung to him, knowing that she would fall otherwise. It was only when she nuzzled her wet face into his chest that he noticed she was crying.

His face drained. “Did I do something wrong?”

Karen shook her head, wrapping her weak arms around him. “No. I’m just mourning the loss of my soul.”


“It seeped out of my pussy.”

“What?” he repeated.

“Nothing. Nevermind. Thank you for that.”

He smiled with pride and squeezed her deeper against him.

“Beta Stone, please confirm if I should call for help.”

“Damn it, Cynthia!” he barked at the nosey voice assistant.

They took separate showers after breakfast, though Stone’s was longer. His dick was jealous that it didn’t get to taste Karen like his mouth did. He had to pull, fist, and squeezed the thing into submission.

When he walked into the living room, it was Karen’s turn to blush. She hadn’t expected him to handle her like a rag doll and consume her so easily. His swiftness, eagerness, and strength had showed her how much he liked her body. Although he had given her many sweet compliments, they paled in comparison to the promises his tongue drew on her pussy.

She leaned against his chest on the couch as he played with her hair and replayed what they shared.

“Beta Stone, you have an incoming call from Alpha Sol. Your cellphone is in the master bedroom.”

“Put him through.”

“Hey bro,” Sol’s voice escaped the speakers. “I need your help with something. It’s urgent pack business.”

The screaming in the background made Stone think otherwise. “Is it really?”

“Yes, damn it! Get your sasquatch ass over here!”

Stone pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to crush his irritation. “Okay.”

He took Karen’s hand and began the journey to Sol’s house. Light’s crying could be heard even from yards away. The sound only became crippling when Sol opened the door.

“What is it?” Stone asked as he moved to the living room.

Sol moved his temperamental heir to his hip and pointed at the ceiling.

“You can’t be serious,” Stone deadpanned when he spotted the single blue balloon.

“He’s been crying, and I can’t find the ladder!” Sol explained with pleading eyes. “Please, man, do me a solid.”

Stone grumbled unkind things as he stood on his tippy toes and retrieved Light’s beloved ballon. Sol cheered with joy before snatching it and presenting it to the baby who immediately abandoned his tantrum.

“Thanks, bro!”

“You suck, Sol.”

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