Beta Stone

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Chapter 18

They watched another batch of movies throughout the day, all Karen’s picks. Stone wasn’t too interested in romantic comedies, but he wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to cuddle.

He worked on his laptop for a few hours as Karen made them dinner, fully attuned to the fact that his house had never been so lively.

When the night fell, he bid his goodnight. Emotion swelled in his chest when she appeared in his bedroom minutes later with a bag full of clothes. He helped her pack her things into the right side of his closet, and he stared at the section of her clothes long after everything was hung and folded. There was just something beautiful about her pink, yellow, and lavender clothes bringing a feminine touch to his closet.

They slept in each other’s arms that night, and this time Stone didn’t bother to maintain space between their bodies.

Breakfast ran as smoothly as usual, only disrupted by a knock at the door.

“I got it,” Karen called.

Stone groaned as he scrubbed a plate. “I swear, if that’s Sol asking me to get another balloon again, Titanium will need a new Alpha.”

The knocks became more demanding by the time Stone finished his threat. Karen pulled the door open, nearly falling backward when Ethan rushed inside with a face-full of terror.

“You need to come quick! Shari can’t swim so Mason jumped to help her and now he’s drowning too!”

Glass shattered, and Stone began the race against time. He picked up Ethan as he passed him, and Karen was barely able to keep up.

They heard the looming death before they saw it. The kids were splashing for their lives, and flashes of their heads escaped the surface every few seconds. Stone jumped in and swatted at the water with powerful swings. He grabbed Mason first and hauled Shari out of the water. The kids spluttered and clung to Stone’s shoulders, afraid of falling into the net of death again. Although the water level only reached Stone’s chest, it was high enough to submerge the kids.

By the time Stone walked them to the shore, two other adults had shown up. They were quick to take the children to the medics.

“Are you okay?” Karen fussed beside him.

He shrugged, more relieved than anything. “Yeah. Glad that didn’t go sideways.”

Karen shifted her weight from one foot to the other. “I wanted to go in and help… but I’m not the strongest swimmer, and I just froze. I’m so sorry,” she despaired.

Stone dropped his wet lips to the top of her head, rubbing her shoulders affectionately. “Hey, it’s over.”

“I thought I would make it worse if I went in.”

His lips ended her frown, and his wet palms saturated her hips with water. He kissed her slowly and sensually, wanting to diffuse her hateful thoughts.

Karen pressed her body into his own, feeling her stomach get indented by the presence in his pants. She had ignored it that morning when, but had no intention of neglecting it now. She wanted to swim through this man’s masculinity, to have him hammer the questions out of her head.

Stone was fully aware of the fact that they were out in the open. Anyone could walk by and spot the two freaks. He felt no inclination to hide his passion from the world, though. If the world wanted to label them as weird, then he would prove them right just this time by fucking his mate in the open.

His hands landed on her breasts, testing their weight. They didn’t disappoint. They were round and perfectly capable of both pillowing his face and filling his mouth. He tore at their constraints, destroying her pajama top and her white bra. Karen gasped against his lips when the cool of the outdoors touched her nipples. Stone was quick to warm them with his hands, squeezing and wondering what it would feel like to thrust between them.

He would have to find out another day. He didn’t have the patience for foreplay. He had to be inside of her as soon as possible, or else his lust would put him in an early grave.

He tore his shirt off his body, not daring to separate their tongues. His jeans came off next, flopping down to his ankles. When Karen fisted the slab of meat that was curved against his stomach, his chest vibrated with a groan.

Her hold was so firm and demanding that it made him wonder who his dick truly belonged to. She separated their lips so that she could look down at it. His fat head was glistering with what it could offer, and the rest of it made Karen’s wrist look like a twig. The monster-like appendage eagerly pulsed as if it had its own heartbeat.

Stone looked from his leaking, throbbing, angry cock to Karen’s expression.

“Is it okay?”

The question was so awkward, so him.

When Karen began to descend to her knees, he intervened.

“I won’t last if you do that.”

She pulled away. Was this it? Was she walking away a third time?

His nightmare became a dream when Karen dropped to her hands and knees by the water, gifting him the sight of her fleshy ass and glistering slit.

He took two loving fistfuls of her hips and rubbed against her, painting his dick with her slick. A desperate Karen reached between her legs, gripped him, and guided him to her virgin hole.

The resistance was immediate. Stone was too big, too ready. Karen widened her stance and arched her back, gritting her teeth and gripping the sand below in preparation for the discomfort that was coming.

Stone squeezed her hips and pressed deeper into her pink paradise. The crossing of her virginity was announced by a sharp flinch. He stopped immediately, ready to pull out if she asked him to.

It took Karen a minute to pull him deeper into her greediness. A few swings later, their shy rhythm became sensual madness. There was nothing sweet about this Stone. He seemed to be trying to nail her to the sand to make sure she never ran from him again.

Her knees burned as the pressure of his thrusts rubbed them raw against the sand, but she wasn’t interested in complaining.

With his cock licking her insides and his balls spanking her clit, they began the fast climb. Stone paused to stuff her full, and then slapped her ass, needing to see her beautiful skin jiggle.

The sound of her cheeks clapping battled her moans. When she lost all strengthen her arms, she collapsed, but her male continued to hammer her into the sand. His newfound roughness made her scream with joy.

Birds shoot out of the nearby trees, and Stone exited her with a wet squelch. He growled and twitched as his semen painted her ass white.

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