Beta Stone

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Chapter 19

He looked at her. She was a panting, pink, sandy mess. His release had been so powerful that it sprayed even her the back of her knees.


She remained on her stomach. A large handprint was on her ass, stark and angry.

He looked down at himself. His cock was still semi-hard, pointing toward her as if demanding to be put back inside.

While his body was ready for more, his mind had begun its first lap around panic. Why was she taking so long to respond? Had he not satisfied her? Was his cock for show and not performance? Had he been too rough, perhaps?

His wolf communicated emotions of distress.


“One second, big guy.”

“Are you okay?” He pushed, softly moving an arm under her stomach to bring her to his lap. He had placed enough things between her legs, and he didn’t want to add sand to the list.

Her head rested on his chest. She looked smaller than usual at that moment– soft and weak. Her large breasts were on display for him, and he subtly lifted his forearm so they rested against it.

What would it be like to squeeze those breasts tightly, making them red enough to match her blushing ass?

He shook his head to clear those dark thoughts. Why was he even considering that? If this is how exhausted she became after a couple of rough strokes, then spanking her around was out of the question.

“Hey,” he whispered, needing to get his mind back on the track of helping her instead of inflicting pain on her.

“Does anything hurt?”

He didn’t have much experience being inside vaginas, but he was sure that the average virgin wasn’t designed to take his size easily.

“No,” Karen assured.

It was a lie. There was a burn down there– uncomfortable and consuming. She wouldn’t dare tell Stone, though. He would certainly hop on the panic bandwagon and forbid himself from entering her pussy ever again.

“Are you sure?” he persisted.

Choosing to throw him a bone, she replied, “actually, I think my knees have sand burn.”

Her knees were indeed irritated, but not nearly as much as her core. He had fucked her raw, and she wasn’t looking forward to peeing later.

“I’m really sorry,” he whispered, bending down so his cheek rested on her hair.

“It’s fine. You’ll just have to carry me everywhere. Do you think you can handle that?” she teased.

Stone didn’t seem interested in laughter. He stared at her red knees defeatedly before offering, “do you want me to take you to the medic?”

“Stone, I’d rather shoot my kneecaps off than explain to a doctor that I hurt myself by having wild kinky sex in broad daylight.”

“I’ll get you medication, okay?” he promised.

“How about we get indoors before someone comes and find us dressed in nothing but skin?” Karen offered.

He chuckled before picking her up and standing. He looked around to check that no one saw the freaks having freakish sex in the open. The coast was clear. The only evidence of their transgressions was the ripped clothes and the few drops of his cum that now decorated the sand.

He ran for the house, using a speed that ensured no one saw anything but a line of skin when he passed them. Karen hugged herself against him to stop her breasts from painfully bouncing. Her closeness gave Stone’s dick a reason to harden again.

He took her to his room, wanting to clean her and tend to her knees. Thoughts and questions slammed onto the blackboard of his mind, leaving their marks behind. As he placed Karen under the spray and turned the knobs, he thought about what came next. Would Karen stay as the female beta of Titanium, or would Stone be abandoned yet again?

Cold water exploded from above, making Karen shudder with surprise. He hugged her tightly, but not exactly to ward off the cold.

Karen didn’t mind his embrace. The pain between her legs throbbed whenever she stood on her own two feet, so Stone could hug and carry her to his heart’s content.

He fixed the knobs so the water warmed, and then lathered her skin with soap. It was strange, but the act of his hands sliding around her bare body seemed more intimate than having a piece of him up her cunt. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that now that the mist of lust had faded, Stone could concentrate on what he was seeing. He could see those faint stretch marks on her sides that never healed, the roundness of her stomach, and everything else that drove her crazy.

He didn’t hesitate as he washed her arms and stomach, seeming to be blind about the imperfections that she saw there. When he slid his hands over her butt, something happened. He froze and adverted his hands to her thighs instead. Karen didn’t comment, but the frown on her face provided a speech.

Why had he done that? Was there something wrong with her?

She sighed, exhausted of the questions that tormented her since she was a teenager.

Stone moved his hands to himself and washed quickly.

“Why are you rushing?” she asked, amused and aroused by the sight of his dick swinging with every twist he made.

“The medicine. I want to get it as soon as possible,” he answered as he threw his used towel to a corner.

He turned and was faced with her warm smile.

“What?” he asked.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re sweet?”

He glowed with that cute pink that she adored.

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