Beta Stone

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Chapter 21

“Okay,” she drew out as she unwrapped herself from him. “What is going on with you? You haven’t blushed within the past few hours, and that is unheard of.”

That comment was enough to make him hang his head and do just that.

“There he is,” Karen grinned and hopped up to kiss his cheek.

“I will be honest if you are honest with me,” he countered. “Did I hurt you earlier?”

“Of course no–”

“Don’t lie!”

The clap of his voice blanked her mind.

“I…” she struggled, unable to deliver anything past the wall of her shock. Stone was always sweet. She had never seen the scowling, hulking man that was standing before her.

“Maybe a little, but that was to be expected. I’m not mad–”

He turned and merged his foot into the wall.

“Stone!” she reprimanded, immediately looking to see if he hurt himself.

“It shouldn't have happened!” he erupted, throwing his weight against the wall and sliding down until he was sitting. “It shouldn't have,” he repeated, completely defeated.

Karen fell to her knees. She wrapped her arms around his neck and guided his head so it rested against her breasts. “Calm down. Just breathe. You are making a huge deal out of nothing.”

He stared at his hands as he remained in her loving headlock.

“I didn’t mean to…”

“Didn’t mean to make me orgasm? Gee, thanks.”


“You are treating me as if I’m made out of paper and beating yourself up over the fact that your cock is deliciously big. In other words, overreacting."

“You should have told me.”

“Okay. I’m sorry I lied to you,” she caved.

“I’m sorry I hurt you," he muttered.

“Well, now that that’s settled. Round two?”

She released his head and straddled him. Her gnawing insecurities were still there, but dissolving with time. After a few more months under Stone’s hands, she would be a new woman.

“I can’t,” Stone disaffirmed. He moved his hands to her hips, ready to lift her off.

“Why not? And be honest.”

He looked down at her, the grey of his eyes already darkening.

“After… last time,” he cut himself short, wrestling his unease. “I thought about striking you. Spanking you.”

Her brows formed confusion. “You mean like, BDSM business?”

“No,” he shook his head. That was an extreme he wasn’t interested in reaching.

“Why?” she asked. She was trying to humiliate him, she was just interested in peeking into his head.

Stone cleared his throat, cursing his awkward edge. He wished he had more confidence, to have a personality that matched his body.

“I just… like seeing your body, you know…”

Jiggle, softly wave with your delicious flesh. I like seeing your cheeks clap and your breasts swing.

His cock became concrete. He was sure that if the thing wasn’t contained by his jeans, it would’ve slid into Karen on its own.

“Is that all?”

“Karen, I have a heavy hand,” he tried to explain.

“Let’s just try it,” she insisted.

He shifted his gaze from her eyes to her lips, before derailing down to her shirt.

Should he?

Karen decided for him, pulling her shirt off and thrusting her breasts into his unsure face. He opened his mouth instantly, welcoming her warm clouds into his mouth. He noticed that the pink shade of her nipples matched her pussy, and that made him crazy. He wanted to spread that shade across her luscious body. He wanted to make her ass blush the same way she did his face.

Karen found herself literally falling backward. Her head just managed to touch the carpet before Stone continued his meal. He set his face on her stomach, shaking his head and licking her skin in a way that would have normally flared her insecurities. The only thing that flared, though, was the wetness gushing out of her pussy.

He was quick to plug that dam with his tongue, licking her mound and the clit under its hood. Karen thrust her hips up from the carpet, crying softly as she began to lose control of her judgment.

When he pulled back, his mouth was glistering with the juices he had stolen. She laughed at the sight, only to shut up when he pulled her up and pressed her face-first against the wall.

She looked down at her knees pitifully, knowing that they were in for another ride.

Big hands massaged her cheeks and spread them so tightly she felt a small burn. Stone watched the masterpiece under his palms, kneading her skin as if it were dough.

Karen appreciated his interest, but it wasn’t getting her to where she needed to be. She rubbed her clit against the wall, begging for some friction.

Thunder cracked against her ass so powerfully that she cried out. Stone stopped, giving her an opening to pull away. Instead of leaving, Karen sped up her humping against the wall. He struck her other cheek, watching it dance exotically.

Her ass was so fleshy, so generous. He struck it again and again, watching it respond to his hits like waves in water.

He stopped, and she was about to ask why when she felt the blunt head of his monster against her entrance.

She spread her knees wider with an unspoken invitation.

Stone clogged her, meeting far less resistance than the first time he penetrated her. His cock soon disappeared from his view, entering the domain of Karen’s guts. He thrust hard and was satisfied to see the force echo across her ass. He did it again with much more force, making Karen’s nipples and clit roughly slam against the wall.

She closed her eyes as she prepared to reach the moon, and Stone began to take her there. His thrusts picked up, the filthy sound of slobbering filled the hallway, a trail of wetness dripped on the carpet below them, and a crack began to rise on the wall.




Every part of Karen’s sentence got interrupted when his thrust forced her deeper into the wall. He filled her without mercy, stimulated every inch inside of her with the obnoxious fatness of his cock.

“Beta Stone, I detect an earthquake. Please seek shelter.”

Poor Cynthia had confused the slamming of Stone’s hips with a natural disaster.

Karen had just begun to laugh when Stone thrust in and held her there. Three hard spanks later, a violent orgasm was thrashed from her depths.

Her pussy gripped him, making it significantly hard for Stone to pull out and empty his balls on the carpet. Karen slacked her weight against his chest and sleepily stared at her knees which were now raw with carpet burn.

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