Beta Stone

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Chapter 23

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

He figured that she would think s0.

“I would do it again even if you begged me not to,” he countered as he watched the tap water wash away the evidence of violence from his fists.

“You can’t attack everyone who doesn’t agree with you. It’ll earn you a bad name.”

He turned to her with a stern look. “You are the proudest part of my life. I’ll beat the disrespect out of anyone that disagrees.”

He moved his gaze back to the stream, not wanting to direct his glare at her since she wasn’t the one who deserved it.

“I can’t change your mind, can I?”

“No. Not on this.”

Karen reached for the knobs and turned the water off. She toweled his hands off before peppering his knuckles with kisses.

“Thank you for caring.”

He regained control of his hands, grabbing her and maneuvering her so she sat on the counter.

“I’m sorry he upset you,” he mumbled as he began to unfasten her jeans.

He would make this right.

Her soft, feminine, compact sigh fanned the kitchen when his lips met her thighs. He slid his tongue inside her, tugging, and stroking her heat. He lapped at the pink and flicked her clit left, right, up, down– a nonsensical journey that made her dizzy.

He rolled his tongue into his mouth and then began to stroke her clit with his bottom lip.

Why is he so good at this?

The question crossed her right as she curled her toes and came.

She felt the cool air caress her nipple when Stone pulled her shirt down. Warmth was quick to replace the chill when he leaned in and knit his teeth into her skin.

He marked her– not on the neck, but on one of the breasts that she had often thought were too big.

Life was hazy as Karen moved her own face to his neck and dug her own teeth into it. He growled out a warning, pulling himself away to remove his pants and guide himself into her flesh.

He grasped onto two handfuls of her meaty thighs. There were no spanks or slaps this time, just brown eyes on grey as they made love.

“Go away,” Stone barked at the door when an uninvited visitor knocked on it.

Karen was curled against him on the couch, tracing the mark on his neck which had begun the healing process.

“It’s me!” Sol announced.

“Then I definitely want you to leave.”


He groaned, moving off the couch and dressing. Karen did the same, and he unlocked the door when he was sure she was decent.

“What do you want?” he mumbled.

“Goddess, you sound just like Raiden. How disturbing,” Sol shuddered.

“Hi!” Ethan popped out from Sol’s side, and Shari followed with a wave.

Stone fell to his knees to embrace both kids, glad they were healthy and happy.

“I looked into the Travis situation,” Sol told him as he stood up. “He admitted to spreading the bullshit about you being a pedo.”

The news failed to surprise him. He pursed his lips, looking over his shoulder to locate Karen.

“What do you want me to do with him? I’d throw him out of the pack, but it’s your call,” Sol offered.

“I don’t want him near her,” Stone decided.

Sol nodded with acceptance and then pushed aside the seriousness of the conversation by holding up a deck of Uno cards. “You up for some Uno?”

Stone squinted, knowing there was a catch. The Alpha was always up to one scheme or another.

Sol’s smile widened as he added, “If you lose, you have to babysit my demon for a week.”

Stone rolled his eyes when he was proven right. He snatched the Uno cards and began a conversation with the kids. He had missed the small team and was glad that life had returned them to his side.

“Are those Uno cards?” Karen called from the living room.

“Yes, Beta female!” Shari replied.

Sol stepped inside, chuckling when he picked up the fading scent of sex. “Well, now I know why you’re so grumpy. Did I interrupt something?”

He barely managed to dodge the Beta’s playful punch.

Light crawled around the big man’s lap, sucking on his pacifier as he tried to scale up his body. Stone helped the struggling baby climb up his chest with a sigh. He couldn’t believe that he lost that Uno game.

“Little Alpha, I am not a playground.”

Light pressed his tiny hand over his mouth as if to shut him up before starting to play with his shirt. Stone had been trying to put the kid to sleep for a while, but he was stubborn like his father.

Karen was preparing his bottle. Stone would need to feed him because whenever Karen carried him, the baby thought it was time to get breastfed. Since Stone’s chest was harder and flatter, Light didn’t confuse him with being a food source.

The doorbell went off, and Stone pulled the baby into his arms before moving off the couch.

“I’m almost done here!” Karen yelled from the kitchen.

“Take your time,” he tossed at her before tending to the door.

A shorter Alpha stood there. In his defense, though, everyone was shorter than Stone.

“Alpha Sean,” he nodded with recognition.

Sean moved his brown-green eyes from the baby to his sister’s mate. He had heard of Stone and seen his picture, but neither the rumors nor pixels prepared him for his size.

He frowned, disliking the fact that he was bigger. Intimidating him would’ve been easier if the guy was a shrimp-sized teenager.

Ignoring Stone, he poked Light’s soft cheek. “Hi, Light.”

Light extended his arms out, finding a new toy to play with. Stone handed him over to Sean and closed the door.


An angry Karen stood in the living room with a bottle of milk. She held back from throwing it at him only because he was holding the baby.

“Sis! I thought you forgot about my existence,” Sean greeted as he went to her side. He pulled her to his chest, dropping a loving kiss on top of her head. Karen escaped his single-arm embrace and continued her glaring.

“You could have called before coming, you know?”

He shrugged. “What’s the fun in that?”

Taking the bottle from her hands, he presented it to Light. The baby immediately dropped his pacifier and began to chug away.

“Aww, how cute,” Sean cooed before narrowing his eyes on Stone.

“Have you knocked my sister up yet?”

The Beta threw Karen a look that called for help. She moved in front of him immediately, determined to protect him from the world and her knucklehead brother.

“Behave,” she warned Sean with a pointed look.

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