Beta Stone

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Chapter 24 part 1

“Just know that dad’s coming over next week. If you think I’m bad, wait until you meet the old man,” he warned Stone with narrowed eyes.

Light shifted in search of attention, and Sean moved to the couch. He laid the baby on his lap and secured the bottle against his mouth. He needed the practice, considering that he would be a father himself in a matter of months.

“Where are Sol and Arabella?”

“They’re out on a date,” Karen answered from the kitchen. “We won the privilege of babysitting.”

Stone grumbled a comment about puke and helped her clean up. He turned right on time when she reached for plates. She could never reach them, but still adorably tried every day. The sight was so cute that Stone deliberately neglected to move the plates to the lower level.

Her leggings-covered bottom wiggled innocently as she reached for all she was worth. He stared shamelessly, his cock hardening with every tremble of her cheeks.

He squeezed the budge in front of his jeans, wringing a pitiful amount of pleasure from the act. His hand wasn’t enough. He needed Karen’s pussy to milk this need from his balls.

“Beta Stone, your testosterone levels have–”

“Cynthia!” he growled.

“What the fuck!” Sean snarled right after him.

Karen forgot about the plates. She dashed for Stoneand grabbed his hand on her run to the door.

“What the hell was that? Where are you going?” Sean demanded from the couch.

“You’re in charge of Light! Sol and Arabella will be here in two hours!” Karen threw.

The couple left Sean in a cloud of dust, running out of the house with guts full of laughter. They ended up by the lake where they first became one. Stone sat behind her, expanding his legs so they framed hers. The smells of the day painted her skin and hair– the strongest one being milk. He brushed her ponytail to the side, the need to nuzzle his nose against her becoming too strong.

“You need to remove that chip from your arm, or else Cynthia will tell my dad about your testosterone levels.”

He chuckled, driving his hands into the softness of her plum stomach.

“You could always empty my system before your dad arrives,” he proposed.

She laughed and leaned deeper into his arms.

“You got it, big guy.”

Her belongings arrived within two days along with a surprise. When she opened the door, she found a stubborn Adrian and an elated Eva.

Her father had his mate on one arm and a latter on the other. Karen stared at the tool for a long time, only blinking away when Stone’s heavy footsteps approached.

“Hello,” he greeted her parents from behind her. Karen didn’t mind that he was using her as a shield once again. She knew better than anyone how her electric family could unnerve people.

“Hi Stone. It’s lovely to meet you in person,” Eva greeted.

While the luna stepped closer in search of a hug, Adrian fussed with his ladder.

Karen stepped outside to take a look at the porch, wondering if Adrian had found damage on the house that needed to be repaired. The wood that composed the doorframe looked fine, making her wonder what the ladder’s purpose was.

When she turned to face her father again, she found her answer. The man was standing on the ladder and glaring at Stone.

“Dad!” she hissed, wishing that the ladder would snap under her glare and send the foolish man to the ground.

Adrian dismissed her with a wave of his hand. “Come here,” he beckoned Stone, whose body language all but screamed discomfort.

“Adrian, get off the ladder,” his mate ordered. “You look ridiculous.”

“I can’t establish dominance if the guy is over a foot taller than me!” he argued from atop the staircase.

Stone tried to play it cool with a laugh. He stepped out of the house, regretting the fact that he hadn’t put on a shirt, and approached the ladder that Adrian was standing on as if it was the peak of Mount Everest.

Since he was three steps off the ground, he stood a foot taller than Stone. The ladder was utterly necessary. Adrian already intimidated him. The man was Karen’s father and held a strong influence over their relationship. Any force that had the potential to take Karen away was terrifying.

“Alright,” the father glared. “You know how this goes. You disrespect my daughter, I’ll saw your head off while Sean holds you down. Am I clear, or am I crystal?”

Stone could only nod.

“Great. Now, what did Sean mean when he said that Siri was talking about your testosterone levels?”

“Are you serious right now?” Eva reprimanded.

The father muttered words of frustration as he stepped off the ladder, folded it, and tucked it under his arm.

“Why are you bringing that inside?” Eva demanded when the dramatic man crossed the doorframe.

“Because I might have to establish my dominance again later!” Adrian yelled from the living room.

The younger mates exchanged a look, and Karen hopped two whole feet to peck his lips. Stone glanced behind her to make sure that Adrian wasn’t looking before bending down and giving her a searing kiss that left her lungs dry and her knees confused.

Loud clattering rung out from the inside of their house, followed by Cynthia’s “Beta Stone, I detect distress. Should I call for help?

“Ah, Siri! Tell me about the testosterone levels!”

Before Cynthia dug his grave, Stone pulled Karen into his embrace and ran into the house. The sound of his mate’s laughter tickled his ear, and he couldn’t help but gruff a chuckle of his own.

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