Beta Stone

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Chapter 24 part 2

That night, their house was quiet. Eva and Adrian left a few hours ago. As Karen waved goodbye, her grouchy father dragged his ladder to his car.

The couple sat on the porch, staring at the stars and warding off the bite of the cold night by embracing each other.

“You know, when I was at the orphanage, an employee nearly raped me.”

Karen tipped her head back, looking at his chin with her wide eyes. “What? Who? Where is she?”

He chuckled. “Curve your claws, Beta female.”

“No. She needs to be taken care of. Tell me. I’ll find her, and–”

Stone rained a kiss on top of her head, squeezing her tighter.

“I just wanted to let you know, so there are no secrets between us. She crosses my mind sometimes. She’s part of the reason I’m not too keen on being touched by females. Well, except you. You are more than welcome to fondle any part of me.”

She sighed, her shoulders heavy with dismay. Why was Stone subjected to so much cruelty? He didn’t deserve it.

“I’m sorry this happened to you.”

“It’s in the past.”

She shifted on his lap, turning slightly to lay her head on his shoulder and wrap her arms around his endless torso.

“I can’t imagine you as a small, helpless kid. You’re so big.” She squeezed him for emphasis, oozing a chuckle out of him.

“One day, you’ll see for yourself. You’ll give birth to a teenager instead of an infant.”

She smiled, liking very much the idea of carrying Stone’s pebbles.

“One day,” she repeated.

He nodded, cradling her head and losing his long fingers in her hair. A comfortable silence serenaded them. They thought about what they had now, and what they’ll have in the future. They weren’t ready to be parents quite yet, but neither of them minded the wait.

“I was thinking...” Stone began. “Since it’s not traditional for mated couples to have wedding ceremonies, I want us to have one. We are not normal by society’s standards, so I want to celebrate that. I want the world to see us, happy with our differences, and with each other. I want you in a poofy wedding gown, and to see Adrian’s angry scowl as he walks down the aisle and hands you to me. He’ll probably bring his damn ladder. Cynthia will be the DJ, and Sol will be on some corner, stealing balloons for Light. The idiot will probably speak out when the pastor asks if anyone is against the marriage to ask Adrian if he could borrow his ladder.”

Karen remained silent.

“What do you think, mate? Will you marry me?”

The real question was: why were his intestines a pretzel of nerves? The woman carried his mark and warmed his bed. Everything he owned was hers. What they had was stronger than the flimsy bond of marriage.

Karen gave nothing but silence, and Stone was beginning to worry that the woman was contemplating rejection. The small box in his left pocket suddenly felt as heavy as his name, threatening to stab a hole into his thigh.

He leaned back to get a look at Karen’s face and found her lost to sleep. He smiled, leaning down to kiss her closed eyelids, nose, and cheekbones.

“Well,” he drew out. “I’m not hearing a no.”

Keeping one arm around her unconscious body, he used his free hand to reach into his pocket and pull out a small velvet box. He pushed the lid back with his thumb and revealed a giant rock that shone arrogantly.

His simple Karen would probably throw a fit in the morning, complaining that he should’ve woken her up before sliding it on her, and then reprimanding him for not getting her a smaller, subtle ring.

The ring slid easily on her finger, glittering like Karen’s eyes when he fucked her into the third dimension.

She stirred and opened her eyes, When she reached her ringed hand to stroke his stubbled jaw, she didn’t notice the band that straddled her finger. With a shy yawn, she dropped her hand and slumped against him.

He grinned, rising to his feet with his fiance in his arms. He walked inside, kicking the door closed. Once he reached their bedroom, he laid her gently on their bed.

He picked up her ringed hand and intertwined it with his larger one.

In the morning, Karen showered and walked around ignorantly. He didn't understand how the woman hadn't noticed the glittering presence on her hand.

"Your hair looks nice," he told her.

She smiled and ran a hand through her brown locks, still not noticing the ring.

"I like your breasts, too. They're just as pretty."

She waved him off. "If you're horny, just say that."

He stood up and embraced her. "I like your belly."

"Goddess, Stone. Stop fondling my fat."

"You're so fucking sexy. All curves and velvet heaven. I love swimming through your wet cunt."

"Fine, fine, Romeo." She palmed his chest. "I'll have sex with you if that will shut you up."

He didn't want sex, though. He wanted her to notice the two-hundred-thousand-dollar rock on her hand that was shining like the north star.

A knock on the door pulled them away.

"I'll get it," Stone said.

"Hey," Sol greeted. "Arabella and some pack members are hitting the river. They want to play chicken. You guys coming?"

Stone looked at Karen. He doubted that she would want to sit on his shoulders in public and wrestle strangers in a pool. His girl didn't see the beauty he was obsessed with.

"Well, we'll be waiting for you guys," Sol said. "We hope you show. See you later."

Stone closed the door. "If you don't want to go, then..."

"I want to go."

He blinked. "Really? You're okay with it? I figured you'd be shy about wearing a bathing suit."

She smiled. "No. I'll be okay. We can do this."

He pulled her against him tight. "I'm so proud of you, baby. Why don't you wear a white bathing suit?"

"White? Why white?"

"It'll march your ring."

"What ring?"

She pulled back and stared at her hands. When her legs gave out, Stone grabbed her tighter.

"Cynthia," she called out.


"Look up how to castrate a man."

Stone chuckled and bent to stamp her face with kisses. She fought him with everything she had. "You're crazy. You should've woken me up!"

"Shh, baby. It doesn't matter. You're mine in consciousness and unconsciousness."

"I shouldn't have missed this," she argued as she continued to fuss.

Realizing that he was going to have to fuck her into submission, he reached for her generous ass.

"No sex."

"Really? You want me to stop?"


He licked her earlobe. "I can come on your breasts and make them glister like your ring."

"Stone..." she groaned. Just like that, she lost her fight.

"Are you done being upset? Can I fuck my fiance yet?"

"Okay. Maybe just a little. I'm still mad at you, though."

"Just a little? There's nothing little about me, or what I feel for you, so there will be no 'little fucking' here."

Karen moaned, unable to offer any more complaints. She became pudding as her gentle giant carried her curvy body up a straight path to heaven.

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