Beta Stone

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Chapter 8

He watched her woman bend down and squint into his fridge and reach inside. She was unaware that she was sticking out her voluptuous behind.

His dick became as stiff as his name.

“I– I will be right back,” he stuttered.

Disappearing up the stairs, he covered his exposed chest with a shirt and then entered the adjoined bathroom. He made sure the lock was ensuring his privacy before pushing down his shorts.

His cock sprung out, angry and vengeful. He knew that he had to get rid of the evidence before Karen saw it. He didn’t want to intimidate her, so he had to make the hammer in his pants disappear.

He gripped his abnormal appendage and began to soothe the pain away with slow, promising strokes. He had seen enough shifting werewolves to know that his cock was by no means normal. It was a fat muscle, obnoxious just like the rest of his body.

He thought of Karen's thighs. He wasn’t sure why he was so taken by that particular part of her. He supposed it had something to do with how fleshy they were. They were like mountains, and the space between them a valley to paradise.

The thought of his cock splitting her apart as his hands gripped her breasts dismantled him. His cock cried out with a burst of cum, joined by spasms of pleasure. He grunted and heaved for many seconds until his body was done tearing through euphoria.

He placed his relaxed cock back into its restraints and flushed his shame down the toilet. After washing his hands, he returned to the side of the woman who his cock owed its relief to.

“You’re back,” Karen smiled softly as she cracked another egg.

Stone nodded, face as red as the strawberries on the counter.

“Yeah... do you need help?”

She laughed softly, the sound confusing his ears. The only genuine female laughter he was used to hearing was Arabella’s. The other women of Titanium tended to forced it.

“Nope. Breaking things is my special talent if you haven’t noticed.”

She scrambled the eggs and prepared the toast, looking for the rest of the ingredients.

“I can’t find the pancake…”

“Don’t worry about that,” he shook his head as he sat on a chair. “Eggs and toast are fine.”

Soon enough, she had a plate ready for him. She turned to face him, remembered that he was the size of a tank, and turned around to add more food to his plate. Without thinking much of it, she sat right next to him on the dining table

He avoided his food, too afraid to move. When Karen noticed that he was staring at her, she faced him. “What is it?”

His gaze shifted to the eggs on his plate, which were as scrambled as his nerves.

Karen grinned. “Stone, I think that your face spends fifty percent of the day being red.”

The observation only emboldened the fury on his face. To avoid replying, he shoved a forkful of food into his mouth.

“I’ve ought to wring your neck. How could you drive into a storm! You could’ve–!”

Adrian threw his head back and sent a quick prayer to the Moon Goddess. He placed his hands on his hips as he paced around his office, trying to locate his long-lost temper.

“Dad, I’m fine,” Karen reminded him.

“I fail to understand what was so urgent that you decided to throw yourself in such a dangerous situation.”

“Because I got tired of hiding. I wanted to clear things with Stone. I didn’t know there was a storm underway,” she explained for the umpteenth time.

“Let me talk to this boy."

Karen cringed but complied. She picked up the laptop Stone lent her and began her search.


“Yes?” he appeared from the living room. He had left the kitchen to give her privacy, but she was sure that he had heard every word that her father growled.

“My dad wants to talk to you.”

Stone took the computer without hesitation, angling the screen back so that it revealed his face. “Good morning, Alpha Adrian.”

“How old are you?” Adrian rudely threw.

Stone blinked but answered regardlessly. “I’m twenty-two.”

“Well, you’re not going to reach twenty-three if my daughter gets in another car accident. You get me?"



The door of his office clattered closed. Adrian glanced up and found his mate walking to his side.

“Stop it with your macho nonsense, and mind your business," the luna demanded. She turned to the computer’s monitor. “Hi, honey,” she greeted.

“Hey,” Karen replied, glad that her father’s rant had been cut short.

“I’ll take your dad away. You two have fun,” she winked.

“Why the fuck are you winking?” Adrian demanded.

Eva disconnecting the call, leaving the younger mates entangled in an awkward net of silence.

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