Pregnant by a Billionaire

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Rose always wanted a child but could not find the right person to have her child with so she went to a clinic that was known for sperm donations. But what she didn't know is that she had gotten a billionaire's sperm donated to her... When Daniel finds out that someone used his sperm his not going to be very happy. But will he be able to be part of the baby's life without falling for Rose? Read to find out *Slow updates*

Romance / Drama
Kay (♡_ ♡)
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The beginning: Chapter 1

Word Count: 415

Characteristics For Daniel

* Tall around 6 ft

* Blue eyes

* Brown wavy hair

* Light skin/White

Characteristics For Rose

* Around 5'8 ft

* Brown eyes

* Brown curly hair with highlights

* Tan skin/light brown

Rose P.O.V

I was a 24 year old that was working as a photographer. I always would take photos of families and I wanted that. At least a baby, to be a mother has always been my dream but I could not find someone (boyfriend). And when I did date it was never serious so I decided to get a sperm donation...

I went to the clinic and then they gave me a book that had pictures of different men that I could pick from. I really didn't care about who would be the father so I just picked randomly. I saw this really good looking guy and I picked him. The next day they started the treatment.

One month later...

I started to throw up. My roommate Makayla asked me if I was ok.

(Makayla) "Are you okay girl?" And I handed her two pregnancy test.

I look down at the positive pregnancy test

(Rose) "I'm going to have a baby, yay"


Daniel P.O.V

I got a phone call from the clinic and they said.

(Clinic Employe) "Is this Daniel River?"

(Daniel) "Yes, who am I talking to?"

(Clinic Employe) "I work at the clinic that you donated and we would just like to thank you for helping someone."

(Daniel) "Oh well thank you, Wait someone used my..."

(Clinic Employe) "Well Of course didn't you donate it."

Wait I'm going to have a child. I'm just 27 years old.

(Clinic Employe) "Sir are you their?"

(Daniel) "Yeah I'm here can I know the girls name?"

(Clinic Employe) "I cant tell you that."

(Daniel) "Please I just want to know."

(Clinic Employe) "Don't tell anyone that I told you, her name is Rosalie Crystal but I think her nickname is Rose."

(Daniel) "Okay thank you."

I called my assistant and told her...

(Daniel) "Anastasia can you search for a girl name Rosalie Crystal that lives near here and then send me her address."

(Anastasia) "Yes sir"

Authors note:

Don't judge I know these chapter is short and not the best but don't judge I was 11 when I wrote it. My newest chapters are much better just keep reading.

Wanna contact me? Or just want updates on these story? I have an instagram account specifically for wattpad @wattpad_queen_kayla8

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