Pregnant by a Billionaire

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The meet: Chapter 2

Word Count: 524

Rose POV

I hear I knock.

(Makayla) "I will get it"

Makayla opens the door and theirs a man at the door. He looks like the man from the book I saw. My mouth opened up and I was shocked that he was standing right in front of me.

(Makayla) "Rose some guy is waiting for you outside ."

I walked up to the door and introduced myself to him, he was with a another girl. He smelled like some kind of expensive perfume and the girl next to him was just staring at me with a death stare.

(Rose) "Hello how are you I am Rose and who are you?"

(Daniel) "My name is Daniel Rivers and I heard that you are pregnant with my child."

He looked very annoyed for no reason.

(Rose) "Yeah But didn't you donate it so why are you so annoyed."

(Daniel) "Can you possibly have a abortion?"

(Rose) "Wait what?!"

And I ran to my bathroom crying.


(Daniel) "Anastasia did you find her address?"

(Anastasia) "Here it is do you need me to tell the driver to drive you there?"

(Daniel) "No just give me the address and I will drive over there with you."

When we arrived at the door a random girl opened the door.

(Makayla) "Can I help you?"

(Anastasia) whisper "Ask for Rosalie Crystal."

(Daniel) "I'm looking for Rosalie Crysta."

(Makayla) "Oh Rosalie Crystal yeah she lives here."

(Makayla) "Rose some guy is waiting for you outside."

Then some girl walked up to me, she was beautiful and had very pretty curly hair and was wearing a form fitting purple dress that hugged all her curves.

(Rose) "Hello how are you I'm Rose who are you."

(Daniel) "My name is Daniel Rivers and you are pregnant with my child."

I had such an mean face and I was kinda annoyed..........

She said something and I told her to have an abortion and she ran to a bathroom or something crying. Then her friend slammed the door on my face.

(Anastasia) "So now what?"

(Daniel) "Where does she work?"

(Anastasia) "I don't know but I will get on it."


Why was he looking at her that way he doesn't look at me like that? 😒😡 She's not even that pretty. Now I have to search her up and stuff also she's pregnant with his child now how am I supposed to make him like me. (Daniel) "Hello Anastasia can we go so you can start searching." (Anastasia) "Okay fine let's go boss."

That Afternoon


(Anastasia) "I found it Mr. Rivers look"

(Daniel) "Okay show me.... that's her so where does she work?"

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