Pregnant by a Billionaire

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Rose's job: Chapter 3

Word Count: 1173

Rose POV

It was just a normal day at work, some people that wanted there prom pictures taken booked appointments and also a couple booked an appointment for there weeding pictures to be taken but other than that I was really not doing much.

When suddenly someone walked in the door... it was him.... my heart stopped for a bit and then I started to feel angry and nervous at the same time. What was he doing at my job? Creepy.... My assistant saw that I was feeling anxious and she was trying to calm me down until she saw Daniel walk up to us. Audrey eyes widened up and her jaw dropped.

(Rose) [I whisper to her] "Close your mouth you might catch flys if you don't."

She and I giggled until I realized that Daniel was right in front of me.

(Daniel) "Hello Rose, how are you?"

(Rose) "Since when did you start to care!" I had a mad expression on my face because it hurt me to know that he didn't care about my baby well are baby. He just looked at me and don't say a word.

(Rose) "Are you going to say something or what do you want."

Daniel POV

I don't know what to tell her... she's clearly hurt and I felt so bad.

(Rose) "Are you going to say something or what do you want?"

To be honest it's the first time that anyone has talked to me like that. And she didn't care about the amount of money I had or business that I owned.

She told me what she felt and did not care about who I was, which I liked about her.

(Daniel) "I just want to talk that's all."

(Rose) "There is nothing for us to talk about." At first she had a mad expression on her face but now she was sad.

(Daniel) "Please I just want to talk." She just shook her head no. But I begged and insisted that she would say yes.

(Daniel) "Oh please c'mon we can meet where ever you want to go." She didn't say a word until...

Rose POV

My coworker/assistant Audrey was listening to the whole conversation but I don't mind since she was my second best friend.

She came up next to my ear and told me...

(Audrey) "Don't be dumb just make him take you to some fancy restaurant or something, c'mon free food!" I giggled and I think Daniel heard the free food part because he started to laugh too.

(Daniel) "Yeah listen to your friend you can't get free food from it."

(Rose) "Uh fine whatever." I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed.

(Daniel) "Well don't forget to wear something nice." He winked at me

(Daniel) "I will pick you up around 7 if that's okay with you?"

(Rose) "Yeah it's fine I guess."

He handed me a paper with his number I'm guessing.

(Daniel) "Text me when your ready."

And he left, once he was out the door Audrey almost died.

(Audrey) "OMG!!!! That was Daniel Rivers!"

(Rose) And? What about him?"

(Audrey) "His like crazy rich and owns only one of the biggest businesses in America not to mention his hot!"

“And that matters to me because..?"

(Audrey) "Well he can have any girl he wants and he wants you and you don't even care to give the poor boy a chance." She gave me a annoyed look.

(Rose) "Well remember when I told you I was going to have a 'treatment' to have kids."

(Audrey) "Yeah what about it?"

(Rose) "Well his the father."

(Audrey) "Oh my gosh, he is what? Why aren't you happy about this?"

My face expression changed from don't care to sad.

(Audrey) "What's wrong girl? You can talk to me."

I took in a deep breath and told her.

(Rose) "He wants me to have an abortion."

I started to feel tears forming in my eyes and I tried to hold them back but I'm human so they just started rolling down my cheeks.

Audrey didn't say anything but her face expression said it all, she was shocked and angry.

(Audrey) "How could he have the audacity to even tell you that."

(Rose) "I know right."

(Audrey) "So are you going to do it thought?"

(Rose) "Do what?"

(Audrey) "You know the abortion."

(Rose) "Are you crazy of course not. It's not the baby's fault that there dad is a jerk and doesn't want them. Also I payed hard earned money for that sperm donation so I would never just let that money go down the drain."

(Audrey) "I'm sorry I know it's a stupid question I just wanted to know."

(Rose) "Well I should go home it's almost five o'clock as I need at least two hours to get ready..."

(Audrey) "I know I got it just go already." She starts to giggle and I did to, don't know why though.


When I walked out and sat inside my car Anastasia was looking at me with an annoyed expression on her face. Are all the girls in the world in a mad mood today at the same time?

(Daniel) "Are you okay?"

(Anastasia) "I don't understand why you keep trying to get her to get rid of the baby. It is not going to work just forget about her and move on, she doesn't look like the type that would force you to pay child support or something."

(Daniel) "I don't want her to get rid of the baby."

(Anastasia) "Wait why... um... I totally meant what." Awkward silence

(Daniel) "I want her to keep are baby."


Wait what. No this can't be happening. It's supposed to be me caring his child not her. Why does he even want to keep it. I gave him a mean glare but he didn't even notice. He really cares about this child? Really... why? In an angry voice I told him

"Wait so you told her that you wanted her to get an abortion and now you want to keep the baby?"


(Daniel) "Yeah pretty much.... do you have a problem with that?"

(Anastasia) "I think you should just make up your mind. But in my opinion you don't have to be in the kids life if you don't want to."

(Daniel) "Who said I didn't want to be in the kids life? I only told her to get the abortion because I'm scared to become a parent but I'm also excited because of it."

Anastasia just rolled her eyes at me but didn't care... I was excited to go to dinner with Rose and hope that she will forgive me and let me be part of the child's life.

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