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The Dinner: Chapter 4

Word Count: 1307 words (not including Authors note at the end)

Rose POV

I drove home nervously... I don't know why but I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm pretty sure it's just morning sickness even though it's not the morning. I got home and told Makayla about the date and went to take my shower. After my shower I walked into my room and tried to find a decent outfit to wear. The door opened and I jumped. (Rose) "Makayla have you ever heard of knocking before?"

(Makayla) "No I have not." She said in a sarcastic voice. I rolled my eyes at her. (Makayla) "Hey don't be rude I came in because I have a surprise for you." (Rose) "What is it..." I stopped when I saw the dress that Makayla had behind her back.

(Rose) "You know you didn't have to do that." (Makayla) "Yes I did and I've have this dress in my closet for like forever waiting for you to find the one." I laughed (Rose) "You seriously think that his the one. His only doing this I bet because he feels bad about the baby or something."

(Makayla) "You'd don't know that." (Rose) "Well yes I do, why would he pick me if he can literally have any girl he wants." (Makayla) "Girl have you seen yourself... your beautiful so go get ready for your date. She said the last part while closing the door of my room while she was walking out to the hallway. I yelled at her "It's not a date just dinner" she yelled back "Dinner with your future baby daddy!" I rolled my eyes even though she could not see me.

'Wow that's me' I thought to myself while looking at the mirror. Then I texted Daniel that I was ready.

Text messages with Daniel

Daniel: Hi

Me: I’m ready

Daniel: Don’t worry I’m on my way

Me: Ok

Daniel: I’m right around the corner

Me: Well stop texting and driving

Daniel: Don’t worry I’m not the one driving.

"What does he mean his not the one driving? Oh yeah I forgot I'm pretty sure he has a driver or something." I thought to myself while looking at my phone. Then I heard my doorbell ring.

(Makayla) "Rose!! Your baby daddy is here." She said running to my room. (Rose) "Stop calling him that he has a name." (Makayla) "I know but still he is your baby daddy." (Rose) "Whatever just stop calling him that." I walked out of my room to the front door and opened it.

He was standing in front of me wearing a dark blue tux.

I felt nerves go done my spine and started feeling nervous and butterflies in my stomach again. We were both just staring into each others eyes until he broke the silence.

Daniel Pov

I waited in the front of her door for what seem like forever. I started feeling anxious and thought she would want to ditch me or something until the door opened and I saw her in that dress. She looked beautiful and I don't know what to say I felt nervous because I didn't want to say something wrong and screw things up. We just stared at each other's eyes in total silence until I finally said something.

Rose Pov

(Daniel) "You look beautiful." I blushed and didn't know what to say because I was not expecting that.

(Rose) "You don't look to bad yourself." He laughed and I just awkwardly smiled.

(Daniel) "So are you ready to go?" I just nodded and right when I was about to step outside Makayla comes to the front door and says "Take care of her and don't bring her back to late."

(Daniel) "Don't worry I will take care of her."

(Makayla) "You better and no funny business either."

Both me and Daniel just smiled awkwardly.

(Rose) "Can you please just leave me alone, see you later bye."

I tried to close the door as fast as humanly possible before Makayla embarrasses me again but she was able to yell "Have fun with your baby daddy!"

I wanted to curl up in a ball at that moment but Daniel just laughed it off and walked me to the car.

When we reached the car he opened the door for me. I said "Well I didn't know you were such a gentlemen."

(Daniel) "You don't know a lot of things about me." He winked at me and closed the door to walk to his side of the car and sat next to me.

(Daniel) "By the way this is Ricky my driver." A man around his 30's with black hair looked back at me from the drivers seat and smiled.

(Ricky) "Hello Rose I've heard a lot about you." (Rose) "Oh you have? From who?" (Ricky) "Daniel won't stop talking about you, I think he has a cru..." Before he could finish his sentence Daniel started coughing and Ricky stopped talking and gave Daniel a smirk look. While Daniel just looked embarrassed.

(Rose) "Well nice to meet you Ricky, I'm surprised that Daniel even mentioned me." (Daniel) "Hey I don't just talk about myself only like 70% of the time." (Rose) "Oh really I would have thought you talked about your self 99% of the time." All three of you started laughing and Ricky started the car.

When you got to the restaurant Daniel quickly got out of the car to open your door but before he opened it Ricky told you something that kinda made you feel upset. "I like this one."

I know that he clearly has to have had other dates but it just feels weird to be reminded about them. Well technically this isn't a date but... My thoughts were stoped by the sudden opening of the door.

Daniel had a smirk on his face and had his hand out for me to take it. Of course me being me I just got out of the car without acknowledging his hand and walked right pass him. He quickly followed me and walked me to the inside of the restaurant.

It's was very fancy and I immediately felt out of place. This lady came up to us to great us. She walked us to the table and once I sat down both me and Daniel just went dead silent.

I was starting to feel even more nervous than before but tried to push it off. So I decided to start the conversation. "So why exactly did you invite me to dinner?" I said

" I wanted to apologize and talk to you more about the baby." He replied I almost choked on the water I was drinking because I was surprised that he even cared about the baby.

"Why do you want to talk about my baby? If only a couple days ago you wanted me to get rid of them." I replied with an annoyed facial expression.

"But that was because I was not thinking and I'm really sorry about that. I just have been thinking maybe I could help you out with the babies stuff." He replied

"Why do you want to help with the baby, you don't have to." "Because I want to be part of his or her life." "You don't have to." I said bluntly but he was quick to reply without even having to think twice about it.

"But I want to be part of the baby's life. I was thinking about it and I'm actually excited and that's all that I think about now."

"Fine but don't expect me to forgive you for that little stunt you pulled on me the day we meet." "Yes ma'am"

He laughed but I stared at him blankly 😑 until he made a goofy expression that made me smile at him. "Your so annoying." "Thank you it's one of my skills."

That's when I finally thought that maybe this wasn't going to be as bad as I thought it would be.

Authors note:

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