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The Talk: Chapter 5

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Rose POV

Once we got are food we ate in silence but it wasn't like the other silence before this time it was not awkward it was just comforting.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by him coughing This time he decide to start the conversation.

"So how many months are you?" That's such a random question I thought but decided to just answer him. "About a month and a half."

"When's your next appointment?" He quickly responded "Um in two weeks... Why do you want to know?"

"Because I want to go with you." Wow his really taking this being more involved in the baby's life seriously.

"Ok if you want to." "I do" He quickly replied and he looked like he was being genuinely honest with me. "Okay then I guess I'll text you when and where."

"Sounds good to me." He smiled at me. His smile look so cute. I thought

Wait I did not just think that.

No I cannot be catching feelings for him.

I barely know the guy.

He pulled me out of my thoughts with another question. And we talked for what seem like forever. I was really warming up to him.

But sadly the end of the dinner was here. It was getting late anyways so Daniel payed for dinner and walked me back to the car.

Ricky quickly greeted us. Then he started talking to Daniel but I was to tired to even try to join the conversation until he asked me "So Rose did you have a good time at dinner."

" Surprisingly I did." "Did you have fun?" "I actually did." "So he didn't bore you to death." I giggled and he started laughing

Once we made it to my place Daniel walked me to my door. We locked eyes for what felt like forever until he leaned over...

And I moved so that he would kiss my cheek, I'm not really trying to catch feelings for him.

He quickly replied "Sorry about that I should probably go." Which I responded saying "No it's okay, I had a fun night tonight thank you."

Once I made it inside Makayla ran over to me as fast as she could and scared me.

"What the heck!"

"Sorry I was just exited."

"About what?"

"Your date! Tell me everything that happened."

I rolled my eyes at her while walking to the couch to sit down.

"It wasn't a date, just dinner."

"Whatever, what did he want to talk to you about?"

"He apologized for wanting to get rid of the baby and he told me that he wanted to be part of the baby's life."

At this point Makayla was squealing like a little girl and jumping up and down, it was kinda annoying to me but I couldn't help but giggle at her being so excited for me.

"What else did you two talk about." She asked with a smirk on her face

"Oh nothing much just the baby and he wants to come to all of my appointments including the ultrasound that I'm having in two weeks."


I rolled my eyes at her but she just started to giggle

"His actually a nice and funny guy once you have a real conversation with him."

"Really? Do tell more."

"Well he talked about his family and how his older sister still teases him. He also has a little brother that is in middle school I think he said. I don't really remember and I got to know him a little more."

"So does that mean you like him?"

"What no! I barely know the guy!"

"You just said that he talked about his family with you."

"Yeah but I've known him for like two weeks now and when I meet him he wanted me to get rid of my baby!"

"And then he apologized... you can't deny the fact that his handsome."

"Your right but that doesn't mean I like him."

"Sure you don't." Makayla said while rolling her eyes at me.

"And even if I did which I don't, why would he want to be with me. I'm already starting to show and in a couple of weeks I'm pretty sure I'm going to look like an elephant."

"And?! Your carrying his child." Makayla replies trying to reassure me that he could end up liking me which I don't believe.

"Also out of all the other girls he could have why would he pick me."

"Have you seen yourself in the mirror?" Your beautiful."

"Yes I've seen myself in the mirror and I scared myself."

We both just started laughing like crazy.

"What you can't lie, you know what I look like in the morning when I barely get any sleep." I replied

"Still you have to have faith in yourself puppet."

I rolled my eyes at her because she knows how much I don't like it when she calls me 'puppet' and that's why that is my nickname from her.

"Whatever munchkin I'm gonna head to bed." I replied

"I don't like it when you call me munchkin." She replied with a whinny voice.

"That's how I feel when you call me puppet."

"Fine I guess it's fair... good night puppet."


I went straight to bed because I was exhausted because of today.

Anastasia POV

It 10 pm and Mr. Daniel is still not back from his little 'date' that I didn't want him to go to. Why does he want anything to do with her like come on she's going to look like an elephant in a couple of months to be honest.

Finally I hear him come inside his house.

"Hello sir, how was your dinner date?" I greeted

"It was amazing, I think I may be catching feelings."




this cannot he happening

I have to stop this

I thought but was brought back from my thought when Daniel couphed

"Earth to Ana, are you still there?" He asked while waving his hand in front of my face.

"Sorry about that Sir I'm just tired."

"Then you should probably go to your house. I don't understand why your still working this late?"

"I was just planning your schedule that's all." I lied I faked a smile but I was actually just waiting for him to come back from his little 'date'.

"Well then you should probably go home so that you can finish tomorrow."

"Yes Sir good night."

With that he said good night back and I drove home.

I'm not so excited about this Rosalie girl. Like what does he see in her? I don't understand, I can give him better. I thought while driving home

Authors Note:

I guess someone is jealous...

(cough cough Ana)

Hope you enjoyed this chapter

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