Arianna the First

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They made every maiden do a test this year, which is uncalled for because it's the first time in history. It involved all sorts of heinous things like dancing, book balancing, Kingdom Knowledge, etc. Why was the test was important? No one knew. I suppose it was another way for society to judge you but then again when have I ever cared about society? All I knew was you had to impress and bring honour to your family. I suppose the test isn't what bothers me the most. I, Arianna Sofia Irving, have qualified to be one of the highest scorers. The 'prize' is the engagement to Prince Christopher. He gets to choose his bride meaning I don't have a choice in this atrocity. And he LIKES me, that's the worst part. I can't let him choose me... there's no way that I will become Arianna The First.

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Royal Betrothal

I flopped - in the most unladylike fashion - onto my bed, utterly exhausted. Or was I? I sighed. Letting my eyes droop even though I knew that I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to.

“How was the final test?” Juliet asked me as she entered my chamber.

“They expected me to know how to balance books on my head. Who does that?” I exclaimed, not at all moving and showing grace to the kingdom’s beloved princess. I felt her sit beside me, the dip in the mattress confirmed it.

“Well I have practiced that and so have you. You must’ve beaten every girl at it. For God’s sake Ari! You’re better at it than me and I’m the princess,” she said. I scowled, knowing very well it was true. It wasn’t my fault, I was Juliet’s best friend therefore I was put through ‘princess’ training when she was 5 years old onwards.

“Just because you’re a princess doesn’t mean you’re good at everything,” I pointed out nonchalantly.

“That is very true. Nonetheless I believe you must have aced that test and the others in more than five different languages. Everyone is impressed.”

“That is because of you I have been trained. So, why do I need to take the test? I clearly can ‘kick’ every other girl’s ass.”

“It is compulsory.”

“Why? It’s the first time ever in history, and don’t say it isn’t! I know my history. Wait, you know the reason behind this, don’t you? Well of course you do! You’re the princess! Tell me, tell me, tell me! Please!” I practically screamed. I sat up and gave the puppy dog look. Much to my distaste she was immune. Damn it.

How is that even fair?

“I swore to the king, my father, that I will not breathe a word,” she proclaimed solemnly. I frowned. The king was like a second Father to me, he’s just more posh and more important.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him... right?” I trailed, hoping she would at least give me the benefit of the doubt.

There was a knock on the door. This interrupted her.

“Who is it?” I called out slightly annoyed. This better be good.

“Your brother Ari,” A voice answered. I straightened myself.

“Come on in Trevor,” I allowed. He came in.

“The King and Queen require your presence,” he informed. I frowned.

“What did I do now?” I mumbled to myself. “I’m tired, I just got tested,” I complained.

“That was 6 hours ago it’s not my fault you decided to prance around the courtyard trying to make the guards laugh,” he countered. I scowled.

“It’s a life goal. Don’t hate on it.” Trevor rolled his eyes.

You know sometimes I wonder how he and I are related. I clearly am a lot more outspoken than him and he could practically pass as a member of the royal family.

“Ari I think it’s a good idea if you go to the King and Queen they’ll have something important to tell you. I’m sure,” Juliet said, speaking for the first time since Trevor entered.

I eyed her suspiciously. I knew she knew the reason. And I knew there was no point in squeezing it out of her because in a couple of moments I would know too. Hopefully anyway.


I entered the throne room, taken aback that not only the King and Queen were present but so was all the Nobles, the Royal Vizier also known as my Father, my Mother at his right side, the Prince, Sydney and her parents. For once in my life I was thankful I was dressed sensibly, but then again when am I not?

Suddenly, I had a premonition that my life will now change. Forever. Or am I just being dramatic? Juliet and my brother we’re not too far behind me; as I approached the King and Queen, I curtsied.

“We have been expecting you Arianna,” King Gideon said loudly and clearly. His voice made me feel as if I was put into a reality TV programme. Which sucked because I hated those shows. Especially the ones the main person is told that their life is out of their hands.

My parents gestured for me to stand by them. Trevor copied and Juliet sat in her throne. The Prince watched me curiously.


“As we all know, aside these young ladies, every eligible maiden at the age of 18 - 20 were permitted to take part in the ‘Princess’ test,” Queen Sophie started serenely. I nodded.

Pfft. I knew it was a Princess test.

“The two girls: Sydney Isabella Harper and Arianna Sofia Irving. They have been chosen by myself, my wife the Queen and my son, Prince Christopher the Second as the two candidates with the highest scores,” the King unveiled.

If I had a drink right now or something it would be spat out of my mouth faster than a cheetah could escape hunters. I mean, let’s be realistic and acknowledge that Arianna Sofia Irving is incapable of achieving such a predicament. Yes, I had skill but did I have grace and attitude? Uh no.

“Girls, please come forward,” the Queen asked gently, smiling softly. Guardedly, I stepped forward, Sydney did so in sync but with more grace and honour.

“Arianna Sofia Irving and Sydney Isabella Harper, you have both been taken account of becoming my son’s betrothal. After the Autumn Annual ball Christopher will choose his bride - ”

I fell to the ground and everything went black.

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