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Pandemonium: The Fire

By FieryEarthGirl All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Lexi: A highschool girl going though the typical teenage years. Some of the hardest years so far in life. Even harder when your a witch. Between hiding powers from society and keeping her balance with the world around her. Growing up just got harder. Secrets unravel one by one. Will she get out of this box shes been trapped in? or will she forever be bound by fear?.

Chapter 1: Beginning

His eyes locked with my own as he held me gently within his embrace. I've never met him before, but why does he feel so familiar? The sunset reflected from his blue eyes, I continued to stare as he got closer, leaning me back slightly, I let out a shaky breath as the white fleck's in his eyes became more clear. A slight breeze made me shiver, and his hair slightly covered his eyes as he closed them. He came closer, our noses were touching, my breathing speed up. I moved my hands up to clasped the tops of his shoulders, as my own eyes began to close in anticipation, moving forward slowly. little more, little more...

Bang. Ow.. Well there's a bruise on my hip. I opened my eyes to find myself face planting the cream floor of my bedroom, cocooned in my own quilt.

'Whhyyyy? things were getting good!' I whine to myself.

That's the third time this week I've dreamt about him. and him I mean the stranger that feels so familiar but I don't know who, its frustrating.
What time is it? Arrgg, 6:30 AM. Well I'm awake now so no point.

Walking quietly into the bathroom, which is the second door down the corridor, and did my normal morning routine; Shower, dry, teeth and ears, hopefully today's was just another normal Thursday.

As I dried my Bright blonde, almost waist length, hair with side fringe. I looked at my ear piercings and checked they were clean; Firsts? Seconds? check. Auricle, Forward helix (left) check. (Right) scaffold, and Tragus? check. Nose? Yep.

Knock knock, on the door; 'Hurry uppppp..' They whined.

I took a step back and looked at the door, my little 14 year old brother, Alex, stood behind it.

"Opps is that water I hear?" I turn on the tap as a spoke out loud to him,

"Sttttttttoop ittt, I really need to go!" He whined,

Hehe, I turned off the tap, and slowly opened the door,

"What's the matter dweeb?" He pushed me out of the way, so fast I only just got to see a flash of the mop of his dark blonde hair and shoved me out of the bath room. How rude.

I walked back to my room, 7:00 hmm not bad. Right clothes.

I walked over to my wardrobe, not much colour mostly dark colours or black, with a few red, white and green skater dresses.
Well it is spring and warm...ish

Oh yeah I talk to myself a lot, not a very talkative person, but when I rant about something I'm passionate about, I go all out. Kind of sad really.

Gabbing my black jeans, with small horizontal cuts down the front of both legs, and a half white and half black shirt, it was thin material that flowed out at the back. Putting these on I then grabbed my black converse. Ahh my babies, they reached the top of my calf with several straps that buckled on the other side, opposite to the zip, some crossing over, it laced all the way up and tied at the top, a pain to get on but comfy all the same.

I then turned to my mirror to look at my face, Thank dayyysss. My spots have gone hate having break outs, all my make-up set out on the bedside table; eyeliner pen and pencil, mascara, eye lash curler and lipstick, dark red, bright red, or black, not a huge amount, less is more as mom says.

I did my usual; black thin line on my eyes flicking the end out slightly, penciled my bottom lash and smudged slightly, eyeliner and curler, because mine have the tendency to stick out straight even though they are long, and hmm ill go dark red lipstick.

I double checked myself looking closer at my Green eyes, the only thing at both me and my brother shared, our rare green eyes from our mother, the rest, in my case was from my dad, whom isn't in the picture anymore.

8:00: I hear the shower just going on, damn it Alex.

"You better be quick in there!" I said to my brother, as my mom was away on business quite often it was me to look after my brother and the house, she was still gone for another 3 weeks, in Ohio. Which was quite a while away from California, (Where we live).

I walked downstairs to find our cat, Sooty (I know original right? blame an 11 year old boy), whom likes me more because I feed him, naturally, meowing like crazy.

"Alright, Alright, come on." I say, walking to the kitchen.

The downstairs is more open planned, well the kitchen and dining area with contrasting white walls and floor with black table chairs and worktops. Against the left side is all of the kitchen with island set in the center of the kitchen, then it's a slight small walk into the dining area, with a long table in the center of that that could fit 8 people. The back wall overlooking the garden is glass sectioning, with a sliding door positioned in the walk way (making a sort of divide between the kitchen and the dining room), It's the biggest room as a whole in the house, with the living room coming a close second.

As a grab a pouch from one of the cupboards he's around my legs purring, I empty it into the bowl, hmm yummy. I walk around the island in the center of the kitchen into the dining room, where I set it down, To grab my brothers, and I's breakfast, chocolate pop tarts.
Just as I sit to eat my own my bother comes racing down the stairs, his hair still slightly wet, dressed in blue jeans and a white T-shirt, with white sneakers.

"In the toaster" I said pointing to the kitchen. "But you'll have to eat it on the way" I said again picking up my last piece and walking to the door.

He followed shoving his face full with one as we both walked out of the front door, locking it, leaving Sooty inside to play around and be lazy.

"Hmm looks like we're going to have new neighbors," Alex said gesturing a few doors down on the opposite side.

"Oh Joy's, never liked the Mants anyways." I said.

More specifically their daughter, Megan, a typical popular teenager, on the cheerleaders team, got the 'best' boyfriends ever and totally 'real' friends. I don't envy her, not one bit but we were enemies, naturally. Well what's a life without a few enemies? I makes mine a whole lot interesting, spice of life no?

Well first off she's doesn't like my choice music. It's not my fault you don't like it, just means you don't know what sexy men look like; for instance Jim Morrison. Nom factor. Then it was the way I dressed, the way I looked, my choice in friends, yaddah yaddah yaddah, like you've nit heard the story before.

But trust me, It gets a whole lot interesting...

She's always despised me, or us all of us. Little church dwellers/bible pushers always had a fear of different... so to speak. All of my friends, me, my brother and their families have always been different, ill tell you why later. But we've always kept quite and out of the way until i stepped up that is, plus she started it.

Alex laughed at the comment, and got into my charcoal black A class Mercedes, it was 10 years old, but still a dream to drive. I followed in after him, and couldn't help but keep looking over at the house up for sale. A person, Not of the Mants family (I think), walked outside with a sold sign in his hand, and he started to cover the 'for sale' to 'sold'.

"Well that was fast" I muttered under my breath, starting up the car.

"Must have love it" He said nosing like myself,

"Or the took up the first offer to get away from me."

See, I may or may not have seen eye to eye to her, in fact scratch that, she asked to be enemies, after bulling my brother, and I stuck up for him, she switched to me, but I gave it back to her. I am not the kind to stand back and take it unlike my naive little brother. Also, I may or may not have switched conditioner to permanent black hair dye, from her 'luscious red locks', which were totally from a bottle as I've known her since sophomore year. Well not without good reason, but that's another story all together.

8: 30. Good I can catch up with the group. Feels like ages since our last morning social.

I proceeded forward, blasting out my mix CD, The Rasmus blared out starting half way through the song; In the shadows, As I rolled out of the short drive we possessed, onto the open road to high school.

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