Amidst Brokenness Memories and Impossibilities

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Lucky for me, distractions were all I received. From the instant Anna returned with the children it was as though a hurricane blasted its way through the house. Eli ate his dinner whilst the monstrosities I called my children rampaged in circles. Shouting at me, flaunting the cool prizes they had won with their tickets. Once I was finally able to settle them enough to strip them for baths it was time for Anna to go home. She wished me a Happy Birthday, and left my present on my bed. I promised I would open it the instant I could, and she was off.

Cooper was the only one of my children that wasn’t completely hyped up. If anything he was lethargic. His eyes were drooping, and he had to lay down before I could bathe him. By the time that I had finished bathing, dressing, and tucking in all of my children I hadn’t thought at all about my brother. Not even for a second. It wasn’t until I wandered downstairs, and saw that he was staring blankly at the television ( I had turned it on for him in all of the ruckus somewhere ) and I released a sigh. Plopping myself down beside him.

“Watching anything good?” I asked, trying to keep the mood as light as possible between us.

I received a vague shrug, “Nothing good is on.”

I propped my head up on my hand, leaning my side against the back of the couch. “It’s nearly nine at night. You feeling tired?”

“My head is still foggy from the medicine. I will be fine though.” He reassured me.

“Okay. Well I need sleep. I only get one more day off from my job, and I know the kids will be up early.”

“I can watch them if you want.” The offer was bizarre. Something I hadn’t even thought to ask of him, yet he had volunteered.

“You would do that?” Obviously I was stunned.

Perplexed eyes landed on me, “Unless you don’t trust me with them.”

That stung. “It isn’t that. I just…you don’t seem to want anything to do with them is all.”

“It can’t be that hard to watch them for a few hours to let you sleep in…”

I laughed softly. He had no idea. “Okay. But if you need anything you wake me up alright?” I asked, and received a nod.

Beginning to stand I hesitated, “Can I hug you?” It was strange to ask permission for something so small, but I knew he could have another potential freak out if I didn’t. He froze. Hesitated. I thought he might deny me such a simple gesture, but he didn’t.

“If you want to.” I needed no more of an invitation than that to coil my arms around him. He didn’t return the gesture—right away. It was a habit of mine to inhale his scent whenever I hugged him. I copied it now with Walter, even though he never had the distinctive scent my brother did, and I realized even now my brother didn’t carry the same scent he once did. I was half standing when I leaned over, and when his arms entwined around my waist I lost my balance, and fell into his lap. It wasn’t exactly something one could call a very graceful fall, but he made a slight ‘mph’ sound as I fell onto him.

When he realized how close we were he instantly tried to shove me off, but somehow only managed to flop me onto my back. Having not yet released his neck I pulled him on top of me unwittingly. He laid on me for a few seconds, the wind now having been knocked from my chest completely.

I felt him hesitate for an instant. Perhaps he was shocked? And then he heaved himself up until he was holding himself up by his arms. It felt so good to be flush against him again, I didn’t want him to leave. I didn’t want to have to release him. I think he sensed it too, but cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry.” I released my hold on him, and he instantly moved to shy back to his own side of the couch. Curling up there he closed his eyes. He didn’t speak, merely trembled. “Eli?” I asked very slowly. He didn’t respond.

“Goodnight.” I said after another moment of stony silence from him. Slipping from the room I rushed up the stairs. Not wanting to face any emotions I had stirred within myself for him I climbed into bed. Seeing the gift Anna had left me at the bottom of it, I flicked on my bedside lamp unwrapping the paper from the squared box I stared at what I had uncovered.

Inside was a hand-knitted dog that resembled Trouble a bit. I smiled, and read the card. ‘To remind you how cute your dog is next time he destroys your things.’ I giggled, and put the dog along with the card onto my bedside table, turning off the light. I allowed my eyes to close, and was out like a light in minutes.


“Belle? Wake up.” The overwhelming aroma of grease, and sweat swam through my senses. My nose drinking it in as I realized it was Walter’s scent I was smelling. I had forgotten that I had texted him. So many emotions were running raw inside of my head, I had been dreaming about Eli. That last day together our field. How we had promised ourselves to one another before making love. When Walter awakened me from my slumber my heart was pounding, arousal surging through my system.

“Walter…” I breathed out, blinking in the darkness.

“It’s your birthday. You think I wouldn’t come?” He asked. My eyes drifted to my bedside clock, and it was still technically my birthday. It was eleven at night.

I wrapped my arm up, curving it around his neck before I pulled him down to kiss me. I woke up so full of lust that I couldn’t help myself. “Course I knew you would.” Unbuckling his belt I slid my hand effortlessly into Walter’s black work pants, and boxers. I coiled my fingers around his prick, beginning to provide firm strokes to him.

“Christa…” Whines emitted from his lips as I began to arouse him, “Haven’t…given you your….present…yet…oh god…” he whined, and I knew I had him wrapped around my fingers ( quite literally ). He would do anything for me.

“Give it to me later. I need you right now.” I gripped his hand, guiding it down between my legs, letting him feel how soaked I was. It was all from my dreaming but he didn’t need to know that. “Feel how wet I am? I need your cock in me.” I whispered in a coaxing voice into his ear. He needed no more encouraging words from me.

He was on top of me in an instant, shedding his shirt, he tugged down my pants, discarding them on the bed, he shoved my panties to the side, slid on a condom, and had himself inside of me in seconds. Removing all of our clothes was too much trouble. Far too tedious for us to accomplish when we were both obviously in heat.

Practically biting at his lips in need, was the level I had sunk too in my horny, deprived state. “Yesssss.” I hissed out between my lips, dragging my nails fiercely down his back, causing moans drag from the back of his throat. He told me once that he loves the feeling of my nails leaving marks on him. He enjoys it when I lay claim to his skin. Teeth, nails, it doesn’t matter to him as long as I mark him.

“Oh god…”he moaned as he gave a few firm thrusts before he came, explosively. His finish dragged me over the edge as well. I panted lightly, clenching my hands into fists against his back, though my needs were satisfied I still felt nothing compared to what I had known with Eli. I think Walter knew that I could never love him like I did my brother, but he didn’t voice it out loud. Not once.

“Christa…what got into you…?” he breathed out. I had seduced him before, but I hadn’t ever done so with such stamina, and need before.

“Eli’s back.” I breathed out. His breath hitched, and eyes widened as he stared down at me. Speech failing him clearly for the first time in a long while.

Only a long response exiting his lips—more like a gasp, “Oh.”

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