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Chapter 12

Lucy, Natsu, and Happy all walked home in silence. Natsu could sense her sadness as she held Happy close to her. Natsu made dinner for everyone and they all ate. Happy went to his room to go to sleep, and ended up crying himself to sleep. Lucy and Natsu laid together, not saying a word. Lucy felt something wet hit her shoulder and she turned to see Natsu crying. She wrapped her arms around his head, bringing it down to her chest; he cried himself to sleep as well. Lucy kissed Natsu’s head and she rested her chin on top of his head. She couldn’t sleep that night.

Mira and Laxus’s POV

Laxus invited Mira over to his place and she accepted. The two walked in silence until Laxus spoke up.

“Are you okay,” he asked, his voice filled with concern.

“Yeah, just a little shocked is all,” Mira said, looking at the gravel pathway. She felt warm arms wrap around her and found herself against Laxus’s chest.

“You don’t have to act so strong in front of me.”

“I know, but I’m not acting. This is truly how I feel right now. I think about what would’ve happened if Master kicked Lucy out of Fairy Tail instead of Lisanna, and it makes me sick. I’m glad he kicked Lisanna out. Something in her changed while she was in Edolas, because that wasn’t my sister.” Mira smiled at him. “But there is something I have to tell you.”

“Yeah, I have something to tell you too,” Laxus admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. How am I going to tell her I love her he wondered.

“You go first.”

“Well Mira… I, um, I love you,” Laxus said. He felt his face get warmer and he looked away from Mira. She put her hand on his cheek and turned his head where he would be looking at her. He gazed into her beautiful blue eyes.
“I love you too Laxus. Very much so.”

She smiled a loving smile at him and he smiled back. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. He pulled back and the two walked to his house hand in hand.

Gajeel and Levy’s POV

Gajeel was taking Levy somewhere to try and cheer her up.

“Where are we going,” Levy asked. She noticed they were in a country side on the outskirts of Magnolia. The moon was out and that was their only light in the darkness.

“You’ll see,” Gajeel responded with a smirk on his face. They were running up a steep hill, and Levy was starting to slow down. Gajeel kneeled down and motioned for her to get on his back; she does and he keeps on running. Before they reach the top of the hill, he puts her down and covers her eyes with his hands.

“Gajeel,” Levy giggles. He leads her to the edge of the tall hill and uncovers her eyes. She gasps; she can see all of Magnolia. The city lights along with the moon and stars make the scene breathtaking. Levy can’t take her eyes off of it. Gajeel takes Levy’s hand and turns her towards him, making her look at him. She could be imagining things, but she sees a slight pink in his cheeks as he looks into her dark brown eyes.

“Short stack, I- uh… I-“Levy giggles at the iron dragon slayer’s stuttering.

“Can I tell you something,” she asks.

“Yeah,” he answers.

“I love you.” Gajeel freezes; that’s exactly what he was trying to tell her!

“I love you too Shrimp.” He wraps her in his arms and, being smaller than he is, she feels safe in Gajeel’s warmth. She turns her head to tell him something, but only meets his lips. She loses her train of thought and gets lost in the kiss.

Romeo and Wendy’s POV

Romeo was walking Wendy home when she stopped.

“You okay,” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s just, we’re here,” Wendy says, a hint of sadness in her voice. Romeo grabbed her hand before she could walk in.

“Hey, are you okay,” he asked. Wendy couldn’t hold in her tears any longer. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on top of her head. They stayed like that for about 20 minutes before Wendy finally stopped crying. Romeo let her out of his arms and tilted her head up. He smiled a warm smile at her and she smiled back, red creeping into her cheeks. “Better,” he asks.

She nods, “Better.”

“Well, goodnight Wendy.”

“Goodnight Romeo.”

Romeo watched Wendy go into her house and she watched him walk home until he was out of her sight. She smiled at the fact that her heart was beating a mile a minute.

Juvia and Gray’s POV

The two elemental wizards were walking side by side, not really sure where they were going. Gray stopped and turned to Juvia.

“G-Gray-sama. Are you okay,” she asks.

He doesn’t respond, he just walks towards her and wrapped his arms around her. Juvia would’ve fainted if she didn’t feel her shoulder get wet. Her beloved needed her, so she wrapped her arms around him and rubbed his back.

“Everything will be ok Gray-sama. Juvia thinks it was for the best,” Juvia says, feeling Gray nuzzle his head into her neck.

“I know, but it still hurts,” he says, admitting another cry to escape his mouth.

“Come on. Juvia will take you home.” They broke apart and Juvia kept talking to him. She said something that appeared to be funny and he laughed. She smiled at the thought that she could make him feel better. They continued to make each other laugh and smile until they got to Gray’s house. The pulled Juvia into a hug and whispered in her ear, “Thanks.”

“It was Juvia’s pleasure,” she responded, walking away.

He watched her walk before he went inside.

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