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Chapter 2

“Alright Lucy! We’re all set,” Natsu said picking up his pack.

“Yeah! Let’s go,” Lucy said with determination in her voice. They smiled at each other and Happy flew up to them. “Can I come to,” he asked.

“Sure buddy! We could really use your help on this job,” Natsu said.

“Aye sir!”

The three laughed and set off on their job.

They soon arrived in the port town of Hargion.

“The client’s house is that big one over there,” Lucy said. They all walked over and knocked on the door. A woman opened it and asked, “Who are you?”

“Hello. My name is Lucy. This is Natsu and that’s Happy. We’re wizards from Fairy Tail.”

“Oh! I’m Margo. Margo Hayward. Please, come in.”

The team stepped into the house and were directed to take a seat.

“Are you here concerning my son’s disappearance,” Margo asked.

“Yes. Can you tell us any specifics on where he might have gone,” Lucy asked.


“Do you know of any special places he always that he always visited?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Did he ever mention going anywhere, but you wouldn’t allow him?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know of a place.”

“Man, we have no leads,” Natsu said.

“Well, that’s never stopped us before. Do you mind if we search his room for anything that might be a clue,” Lucy asked.

“Of course. Do what you must. Just please, bring my son home,” Margo said, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.
“We will. I promise.” Lucy gave her a slight smile.

Margo escorted them upstairs to her son’s room. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy all started searching the room. After a good 30 minutes, they couldn’t find anything. Natsu sat down at the boy’s desk and put his arm on the surface. Lucy looked closely, and she found something.
“Natsu! Stand up real quick; let me sit down,” she demanded.

“Why? I was here first,” he complained.

“Just get up!” An evil aura surrounded Lucy. Natsu immediately stood up. Lucy sat down on her chair and looked at a crack by the drawer. She ran her fingers along it and found a latch. She pulled it and the board came off, revealing a bunch of newspapers. She took them out and looked at them.

“How’d you know that Luce,” Natsu asked.

“I didn’t. I noticed when you sat down and put your arm on the desk, the wood bent down. I thought that was weird, so I started looking around where your arm was, and I saw this crack. I wanted to get a closer look at it, so I told you to move.”

The flying cat and pink haired wizard looked at this blonde, amazed.

“That’s amazing Lushi,” Happy praised. Lucy smiled at him. She started looking through all the newspapers and found they all had one thing in common: a town called Shirotsume.

“That’s gotta be where he’s headed,” Lucy exclaimed.

“We have our lead,” Natsu said happily.

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy filled in Margo.

“Of course! He always loved that place and didn’t want to leave any time we visited,” she exclaimed.

“Are there any relatives that live in that town,” Happy asked.

“Yes. His father.”

“Do you mind telling me his name?”

“It’s Jackel.”

“Okay. We’ll go check it out tomorrow. It’s pretty late right now; I’m sure the train station is closed,” Lucy thought aloud.

“Thank you so so much Lucy, Natsu and Happy! I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

“No problem. We’ll see you in a couple days,” Natsu said as the three left.

Happy told Natsu and Lucy he was going home to see Carla and to not leave without him tomorrow. They nodded in agreement and Happy flew off.

“Be careful little buddy,” Natsu yelled.

“Come back safe,” Lucy shouted.

“I will,” Happy waved goodbye.

“Well, let’s go check in,” Natsu said.

The walked into the hotel and walked to the front desk. The man working there was typing away on his keyboard when he spotted Lucy.

“My my. What can I do for such a beautiful lady as yourself,” he asked. Natsu’s hand clenched into a fist and he flinched. Why do I feel this way? I’m not jealous am I? He thought to himself.

“Um, my friend and I would like some rooms please,” Lucy said, quite creeped out. The man looked at Natsu and scoffed, which made Natsu furious. He started typing away on the keyboard and his faced turned into utter disgust.

“I’m afraid we only have one room left. Guess pinky here better hightail it home,” said the man.

Natsu strongly resisted the urge to punch him in the temple.

“I don’t think so. We’ll take the room,” Lucy said defensively. That jerk! He should really slow down, or I’m not going to hold Natsu back she thought. He looked at her with wide eyes and grunted. He checked them in and gave Lucy the room keys. Before she pulled her hand away, he pulled her closer and eventually over the counter. He leaned down and kissed her. Natsu’s entire body caught on fire, but before he could get to the man, Lucy had already slapped him and made him hit his head on the door. Natsu laughed at the man.

He and Lucy headed up to their room and went inside. Lucy looked around and saw that there were two beds. She was kind of disappointed; she wanted to sleep next to Natsu tonight, but he had already claimed a bed. She decided to go and take a shower.

Natsu’s POV

He laid in the bed. Hm, this bed isn’t near as comfortable as Lucy’s. It doesn’t smell like her either he thought. He soon drifted to sleep, the Celestial Wizard in his thoughts.

Lucy’s POV

She stepped out of the bathroom in a black tank top and pink shorts. She heard snoring and saw Natsu in a deep sleep on one of the beds. She smiled at him and pulled the covers over him.

“Lucy,” he mumbled in his sleep. She smiled even more and whispered “Goodnight Natsu.”

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