Let's Do This

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Chapter 3

Lucy woke up screaming. She had the same nightmare she had the night before. Natsu jumped out of bed, ready to fight. He glanced over at her bed and saw Lucy holding her head.

“Luce? Hey, are you okay,” he said walking over to her. He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at her, noticing she was crying. Lucy fell into his chest and he wrapped his arms around her tightly. He started smoothing her hair down and rubbing her back for comfort.

“It’s okay. You’re okay,” he said in a soothing voice.

They stayed like that until Lucy stopped crying. She wiped her face and looked at Natsu.

“Thanks. Sorry for waking you up,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it. Now, you wanna tell me what happened,” Natsu said with a look of concern.

“I just had a nightmare. Nothing to worry about.”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay. I’m not moving until you’re asleep though.” Lucy stayed silent. “What’s the matter?”

“Well… can you, um… sleep… next to me… tonight,” Lucy said shyly. She could feel her face burning. He smiled at her.


They both laid down on the bed. Natsu wrapped his arms around her and her heart dropped. He felt his muscular chest against her back. She then realized that he was shirtless and she just noticed.


She turned to him, so she was now facing his chest. Her face turned a deeper shade of red.


“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah.” I’m better than okay now that you’re next to me she thought.


It was silent after that. He looked down and realized that she was sound asleep. Unconsciously, Lucy reached for Natsu’s hand and their fingers intertwined. She started smiling in her sleep, and Natsu blushed. He soon fell asleep, holding her close.

Lucy’s POV

Lucy woke up, and her head was on something too hard to be a pillow, but soft at the same time. She opened her times and saw it was Natsu’s chest. She looked down, and saw their fingers intertwined. Her face turned a deep shade of red. She looked up and noticed Natsu was still sleeping. She smiled slightly and continued to let him sleep. They stayed like that for about another hour until he stirred. She heard him take a deep breath and he yawned. Natsu looked down and saw Lucy on his chest. He had a faint pink blush on his cheeks. He started moving and she sat up. She turned towards him and smiled.

“Oh. Good morning, did I wake you up,” he asked.

“No. I was up before you was. I just laid there though,” she said.

“O-oh. Did you enjoy that?”

She answered truthfully. “Yeah.”

Natsu smiled and his blush grew. Lucy looked at the time and saw how late it was.

“Geez Natsu. You slept until noon,” she said laughing.

Natsu just chuckled and rubbed the back of his head, giving her his famous smile. She was the first to get up and head into the bathroom. She changed and then sent Natsu in. While he was changing, she cleaned up the hotel room and packed everything up.

Natsu’s POV

“Did you enjoy that?”


Natsu couldn’t stop replaying that over and over in his head. After he got done getting dressed, he just stood in front of the bathroom mirror. He placed his hands on the counter and smiled at his reflection. He was in love, and he liked the way it felt. He turned the door handle and stepped out. When he did, he saw Lucy cleaned up the hotel room and had their stuff packed.

“Well don’t you move fast,” Natsu teased.

“What? I want to find this little boy,” she said.

Natsu wondered why this job was so important to Lucy. He knows that she needs the money for rent, but he also knows there’s more behind it. He looked at her face and saw something he hadn’t seen in a long time: remembrance. That’s when he realized, Lucy sees herself in this little boy.

“Daddy! I made this for you,” little Lucy said putting the riceball on his desk. “Today’s special you know! It’s my birthday!”

“Lucy. Get out. I don’t have time for your silly little games,” her father replied.

“B-but Daddy-“


Lucy sat outside of her father’s office crying. But daddy, it’s my birthday Lucy thought. She ran upstairs and ran into her room. The next thing the maids know, she came out with a suitcase.

“Miss! What are you doing,” the maids asked.

“I’m leaving and I’m never coming back!”

Lucy ran until she came across Hargeon, where she decided to stay for a while.

Then one fateful day, she met a certain pink haired idiot.

That’s why this job means so much to her. This reminds Lucy of her past Natsu thought to himself.

“Well, I guess we better get going huh? Happy is probably already almost here,” Lucy said standing up and grabbing her suitcase.

“Yeah. Let’s do this,” Natsu said confidently.

When the friends got down to the front desk, they saw the person they didn’t want to see.

“Oh, leaving already,” the man said to Lucy.

“Yeah. Here are the keys. Have a nice day,” Lucy said to the man before walking away. The man stood dumbfounded at how Lucy was able to have such a short and to-the-point conversation. Natsu and Lucy walked outside and saw a flying blue cat near the entrance.

“Hey Happy,” Natsu said, petting his partner’s head.

“Hi Natsu! Hi Lushi,” Happy said, beaming.

“Ok, what happened last night,” Lucy asked Happy. Natsu was oblivious to what was going on.

“Well, Carla and I are officially together,” Happy exclaimed.

Lucy squealed and brought the little blue cat into a hug.

“Nice going buddy,” Natsu said. The two highfived.

They all started walking to the train station.

They bought 3 tickets for Shirotsume and waited to board the train. Natsu was complaining about how he didn’t want to be sick and Lucy almost pulled an Erza by punching him in the stomach. However, she restrained herself.

“Natsu! You will be alright; just like you are every time,” Lucy strictly said.

He puffed out his cheeks and pouted; Happy tried not to laugh. They heard the conductor yell for everyone to get on board. Happy flew on to the train and Lucy had to drag Natsu like he was a child. The train started moving and Natsu’s motion sickness kicked in. His face grew blue and he hunched over.

“Natsu, put your head on my lap,” Lucy said patting her legs.

“B-But w-why,” Natsu struggled to speak.

“You trust me don’t you?”


“Than just do it.”

He did as he was told and Lucy started to play with his hair. This relaxed him, and Natsu fell asleep in a matter of minutes. Happy looked over at them and said “You loooove him.”

“Shut it cat or Carla is going to be single again,” Lucy threatened.

She sat up straight and looked out the window. Happy flew over to Natsu and laid on his stomach; Happy ended up falling asleep too. Lucy looked down at the both of them and smiled. Just looking at them made her sleepy, and she fell asleep also.

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