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Chapter 7

Lucy ended up falling asleep next to Jack, who also fell asleep. Happy had decided to go to the hospital’s cafeteria to see if they had some fish, which ended up leaving Natsu alone. He looked down at Lucy and Jack and smiled. I wonder what would happen if Lucy and I were to have kids he thought to himself; his smile widened. He liked the thought of him and Lucy settling down and having children, as long as he could still fight someone! Happy came in at that moment and saw Natsu’s grin.

“Natsu, you look like a stalker. Stop it,” he said.

“What the, HAPPY,” Natsu yelled. He lit his fists on fire. “Do you wanna go,” he yelled once more.

“Geez you guys, stop being so loud,” Lucy said as she sat up, rubbing her eyes.


“Natsu. Do you want to wake Jack up?” He looked over at the 7 year old.


“Then please, be quiet,” Lucy said with a yawn.

“How come you’re sleeping all the time,” Natsu asked.

“I’m sorry. I just haven’t been able to get much sleep lately. I already talked to Wendy about it, but she couldn’t do anything. So I went to Porlyusica, and she couldn’t do anything either. I just end up taking more naps.”

“What do you think it is?”

“I don’t know. I’ll be okay though.”

Before Natsu got the chance to say anything else, Margo came into the room.

“My son,” she said, collapsing to her knees and crying. Lucy went over to her and helped her up and to a chair. “Thank you, thank you so much. How can I ever repay you,” Margo said hysterically.

“There’s no payment necessary,” Lucy smiled at her.

“But Lushi, what about your rent,” Happy said confused.

“I guess I’ll just have to go on another job,” Lucy responded.

“No. I can give you the money,” Margo insisted.

“No please. Keep your money. Your gratitude is payment enough.”

Lucy smiled at the woman and she gave in.

“I guess we’ll be headed back to our hotel. Take care of your son, and tell him we said goodbye and to write to Fairy Tail if he wanted to talk. That goes for you too,” Lucy said.

“O-okay,” Margo said.

“Later,” Natsu and Happy said at the same time. The team walked out and went to their hotel.

“Natsu, Lushi, I’m going to take a train back to Mongolia,” Happy said.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea Happy,” Natsu asked.

“Yeah. I’ll be fine. I just need the money.” Lucy gave him the money and he was off to the train station, leaving Natsu and Lucy alone.

They arrived at the hotel shortly and went into their room.

“Well, what now,” Lucy asked.

“I have a few ideas,” Natsu replied with a weird smirk on his face. Lucy slapped his arm playfully.

“No perverted thoughts.”

“Come on Luce, just messing around.” Lucy sighed, but then got an idea.

“I know! Why don’t we go to the pool?”

“Good idea.”

The two changed into their swimsuits and headed downstairs. They found the pool and Natsu ran towards it.

“Be careful Natsu! You’re going to fall in,” Lucy said, but it was too late. Natsu’s foot had already slipped and he fell into the pool. Lucy mentally facepalmed herself and went to sit at a chair. Natsu looked over at her.

“Lucy! Come swimming! The water’s great,” he said, floating on his back.

“No, I think I’ll pass.” She pulled a Sorcerer Weekly magazine from her bag.

“I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Natsu jumped out of the pool and walked over to Lucy.

“Wh-“Natsu grabbed her magazine and held it above his head.

“Natsu! Give it back,” she said jumping to get it. She finally grunted and stopped jumping.

“Now it’s my turn,” he said with a mischievous grin on his face. He put the magazine down, picked Lucy up bridal style and ran to the pool. He jumped in, making Lucy go with him.

“Natsu! Now my hair’s all wet,” Lucy complained.

“Come on Luce. You always wet your hair when you take a shower,” Natsu pointed out. Lucy puffed out her cheeks; he had a good point. Lucy decided to shake it off and enjoy swimming with Natsu. They were swimming when Natsu had an idea.

“Luce, go under water real quick and stay there,” Natsu said.


“Trust me, just do it.”

She did so and waited, but then felt a pressure on her lips. She opened her eyes, only to find that Natsu had pressed his lips against hers. She felt her cheeks grow warm and she closed her eyes. They stayed like that until Lucy was the first one to run out of breath. She popped up from under water, gasping. Natsu came up as well and smiled at her. She smiled back.

“Natsu, thanks,” she said.

“What for,” he asked.

“For being there when I was freaking out about Jack. I- I just saw myself in him, and I had to stay to make sure he was okay,” Lucy said, her voice cracking. Natsu went over to her and pulled her into his chest.

“You don’t need to say anymore. I understand, but there’s something I need to tell you,” he said stroking her hair.
“What is it,” she asked, growing concerned.

“Well, it’s about us. It’s nothing bad, I promise. I just- *sigh* why is this so hard?” He ran his fingers through his hair. Lucy looked at him with concern and confusion.

“Okay. Dragon slayers are much like dragons right? We have scales, talons, and lungs like dragons right? We also have their feelings. What I mean by that is that dragons only love one other dragon for life. It doesn’t change; they’re soulmates. Dragon slayers have that too.”
Lucy was processing what he had just said. Once she had processed everything, she said “So… does that mean,” Lucy couldn’t finish the sentence; she was so happy.

“Lucy, you’re my one and only. I said that before, but I need you to understand, I will never love anyone as much as I love you.”

Lucy smiled and hugged her boyfriend. “I love you too Natsu. So very much,” she said.

Natsu sighed with relief. He looked her straight in the eyes.

“Lucy, will you be my mate, forever?”

“You idiot, of course I will. Yes!”

Natsu and Lucy hugged and kissed each other until they ran out of breath. She smiled and looked into his eyes, unable to contain her blushes and smile. Natsu loved everything about her, but his favorite thing was her smile. The newly engaged couple went upstairs to their room. They spent the rest of the night expressing their love for one another. They were now bounded by soul, mind, and magic. But they ended up falling asleep.

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