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Chapter 8

Natsu opened his eyes and had found the girl of his dreams nuzzled into his chest. All the memories from the previous night had popped back into his head and he couldn’t help but smile. He tightened his grip on her waist, than felt her stirring. He leaned back a little bit and saw a pair of beautiful chocolate brown eyes look up at him, then down at her body. Lucy had realized she was completely naked. She blushed even more than she already was when she started remembering the events from last night.

“G-good morning Natsu,” she said. He tilted her head up so he could kiss her.

“Morning beautiful,” he whispered. Lucy smiled. He always had a way of making her feel comfortable and less awkward. “Do we have to go home today?”

“Yes Natsu. One, everyone will start to worry if we don’t get home, but Happy did. And two, we have to tell them. Especially Lisanna,” Lucy replied.

“Lisanna? Why especially her?”

“Have you not seen the way she has been looking at you since she got back? I don’t want to sound jealous, but it bugs me a little.” Lucy looked away out of embarrassment.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed. I think she’s getting better though.”
“No she’s not. It has gone from innocent to obsession.”

“Really? Huh.”

“You are so dense you idiot,” Lucy teased.

“Who are you calling an idiot,” Natsu demanded.

Lucy just laughed.

“I’m getting in the shower. Be out in a sec,” Lucy said walking towards the bathroom.

Natsu laid in the bed, trying to think about Lisanna. Has she really gotten that obsessed with me? Now that I think about it, she has Natsu thought. Every day, Lisanna had been talking to Natsu for hours, trying to catch up and reminisce in the past. Every time, he would tell her “Lisanna, I don’t like you like that. We’re just friends.” She couldn’t take no for an answer. He also realized how Lisanna had looked at Lucy when he was hanging out with her. She had practically been staring daggers into Lucy’s back. Natsu had started to get angry when a hand waved in front of his face, bringing him back to reality.
“Hello? Earth to Natsu,” Lucy said, fully clothed.

“Sorry, what,” Natsu said blinking.

“I said you could go hop in the shower now… are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just realized you were right about Lisanna though,” Natsu gave Lucy a goofy grin and put his hand behind his head. She giggled and pushed him towards the shower. While he was doing that, Lucy had decided to pick up the room a little bit and pack their belongings. By the time Natsu was out, all the trash and such was thrown away and everything was put back in order.

“Geez Luce, you’re a fast cleaner,” Natsu said drying his hair.

“Well that tends to happen when you live alone,” she said sarcastically. Natsu smacked her arm playfully and Lucy pretended like it hurt. “Natsu, that’s no way to treat your fiancé,” the blonde joked. He rolled his eyes and they went downstairs.

After they had turned in the room keys, the couple headed to the train station hand in hand. The entire way there, they had laughed and made jokes. By the time they had gotten their tickets and boarded the train, Natsu had talked Lucy’s ear off about how he didn’t want to get motion sickness.

“Natsu, do you want me to punch you in the stomach like Erza,” Lucy asked, and evil aura surrounding her.

“Uh- no! I can deal,” Natsu said, his voice trembling a little. Man, Lucy can be just as scary as Erza when she wants to be he thought. The train had started moving, and Natsu started getting sick.

“Lucy? Can… I lay… on your lap…. Again…. PLEASE,” Natsu said, trying not to puke. Lucy sighed and said yes. He laid his head down on her thighs and instead of playing with his hair, she had started to stroke his arm. It made him happy to have her hands moving along his flesh, and so, he relaxed and fell asleep.

Lucy had never realized how toned Natsu’s arms were. She ran her fingers along every edge and muscle in his arm until she got to his shoulder, and then realized he was asleep. She instead decided to start playing with his hair like she normally does. Lucy looked out the window and the passing scenery made her think. I really am lucky. I found the guy I love, have a wonderful family, and just a perfect life she thought to herself as she mindlessly twirled Natsu’s pink hair.

A couple hours later, the train arrived in Magnolia. Lucy started bouncing her legs so Natsu would wake up, and it didn’t take long.

“What Luce? I’m still sleepy,” he said, rubbing his eyes.

“We’re home,” Lucy said.

“Oh, okay. Time to get up I guess.” He stood up and grabbed his pack. Lucy got up and reached for hers, but Natsu got it for her.

“Why thank you my good sir,” Lucy said with a weird accent.

“You’re very welcome my lady,” Natsu played along. They both laughed at each other and walked out of the train station. Natsu was headed to the guild, and Lucy said, “I think I’m gonna head home first. I really want to drop off my bag.”

Natsu nodded and proceeded to the guild while Lucy turned towards her apartment.

Lucy’s POV

Lucy missed her apartment. She walked in and the first thing she did was plop on the bed. She then put away the clothes she didn’t use and put the clothes that she did wear in the washer. She walked over to her writing desk and wrote a letter to her mom. It said:

Dear Mom

I’m home again. I went on a job with Happy and Natsu to go look for a boy who supposedly ran away from home. Sound familiar? After the whole job was done and overwith, I found that I saw myself in the little boy. His name was Jack. The most exciting thing happened on that job. Natsu said he loved me and that I was his one and only! He said that he had the same feelings as dragons, and what that means is he only has one mate for life, and it’s me! I can hardly believe it mom. We’re engaged now. He makes me the happiest person in the world; I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. Anyway, I think I’m going to go to the guild. By mom, I love you.

Your Daughter,


Lucy got up and left her apartment.

Natsu’s POV

He had kicked open the door and yelled “I’M HOME!!”

Everyone welcomed back Natsu and asked, “Where’s Lucy?”

“She’s at her apartment. She wanted to go and drop off her stuff before she came here,” he explained.

“NNAATTSSUU,” he heard his name being shouted. He turned and saw Lisanna running up to him. She gave him a big hug, stepped back and started pouting. “You should have told me you were leaving. I was starting to get worried,” she said.

“Sorry Lisanna. It was kinda a last minute thing. Lucy just really needed money for rent,” he said. He saw her clench her fists when he said Lucy’s name. At that moment, Lucy had walked in the door.

Regular POV

“HI everyone,” Lucy shouted with a smile. They all greeted her with a smile back, except for Lisanna. Lisanna just kept looking at her, shooting daggers through her. Gray walked over and greeted Lucy.

“Hey Gray. What’s up,” Lucy said.

“Not a whole lot. Where’s Flame Brain,” Gray asked, looking around.

“Oohh, I see what you wanted now. I don’t know where he is.”

“Well that was helpful,” he said sarcastically.

“Can it.”

Lucy started walking over to the bar, only to be greeted by Lisanna. “Hey Lucy, will you come with me for a sec? I need to talk to you,” Lisanna said, acting normal.

“Sure,” Lucy said, unaware of what was going on.

Lisanna led Lucy to the back of the guild, where no one was looking.

“Listen here tramp. Natsu’s mine and he always has been got that? Happy too. I had them before you did so I want you to back off,” Lisanna said with hate in her voice and eyes.
Lucy took a step back, caught off guard. “W-what do you mean,” Lucy asked.

“I mean, I know you have feelings for Natsu. Stay away from him and Happy, or else. I will crush you, and I’ll enjoy it.”

“You talk about them like they’re objects and not people. They have feelings you know. I’m not going to let you ruin the relationship we have created because you’re jealous-“Lucy felt a sting on her right cheek. Lisanna had slapped her, but with talons too; she had transformed her arm into a bird’s wing. Lucy put her hand on her cheek, only to have blood running down her fingers. Tears started forming in her eyes.

“Why? Why Lisanna? Why would you do something like this?”

“Because I always get what I want, and if someone’s in my way, I get rid of them.” With that, Lisanna walked away. Little did both she and Lucy know, but Wendy and Carla had seen the whole thing.

Lucy ran into the guild and headed towards the woman’s restroom fast enough so no one could see her. She went to a sink and turned the faucet on. She wet a paper towel and wiped the blood off her face. She examined the cuts, and found a flame mark on her neck. What is this she thought, but went back to her cuts. That’s when Wendy and Carla entered the bathroom. Lucy put on a fake smile and turned to them.
“Hey guys. What’s up,” she said just as cheerful as ever, only Wendy and Carla knew better.

“You don’t have to put on a show Lucy. We saw everything between you and Lisanna,” Wendy said.

“B-but how,” Lucy said, dropping the smile.

“We were training on the roof to get me used to higher altitudes, and saw you guys. We were going to come and say hi to you, until we heard Lisanna tell you to back off from Natsu…Do you want me to heal you?”

“No Wendy. I’m fine, thanks though.”

“Okay, but I just don’t understand! Why would Lisanna do something like this?!?” Tears started running down Wendy’s face.
“Stay strong child. We’ll get to the bottom of this,” Carla said to Wendy.

“Even if everyone believes Lisanna and blames you Lucy, I’ll stay by your side. I promise,” Wendy said going over to hug Lucy. Carla nodded in agreement and went with Wendy. The three girls just stood there, hugging. Lucy eventually started to feel better and cleaned up the rest of the blood. Then the three of them walked out together.

Natsu smelt something; it was his favorite scent, but it mixed with blood. Along with a little something extra. He felt a terrible sadness wash over him and he started looking for Lucy. He found her and saw cuts on her cheek.
“Lucy?!? What happened,” Natsu asked, concerned and slightly pissed off, but Lucy just shook her head.

“Not here, not now,” she said. He grabbed her arm and pulled her somewhere where they could be alone.

“But you’re sad. I can sense it.”


“When a dragon and his mate become one, they can sense the other’s feelings. We can also share magic. Like, you can use my fire and I can use your spirits without your keys. So, what’s bothering you?”

“Is that also where this thing came from,” she said, tilting her head and revealing the mark.

“Yeah. Depending on what element the dragon is, it will show up on their mate’s neck. It’s kinda like an engagement ring; it brands that you’re taken. Now, stop ignoring my question.”

“Can I tell you later? You never know who could be listening right now.”

“Do you promise that you’ll tell me?”

“Yes. I swear.”


Natsu pulled her into a hug. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him back.

Who did this to you? Natsu thought as he kissed the top of her head.

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