TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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When Alastair Stone agrees to spend the year with his controlling father in the beachfront city of Wrightwood, California, he has no idea what he’s letting himself in for. Alastair was a man of honour and control until the day he saw his stepsister. She looked so innocent and sweet like an angel but she was a devil in disguise. For the fear of God and love for sin, he couldn't take his eyes off her. His body burned with desire every night. She was the last name he whispered against the pillows in the pleasurable darkness of the night. She played him like an instrument and he enjoyed every part of it. The desire to have her body, mind and soul possessed him. He was done with his life. The lies, the lust and the secrets will soon take over this internal affair.

Romance / Erotica
Sasha Dee
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1: Prologue


Goodbyes are always hard but over the years I have learned to not get attached to anything or anyone because it hurts so much when I had to part ways with them. This time the goodbye is to my old life where I lived most of my life. I'm leaving behind all my friends, my school, my cheerleading squad, everything but I'm not crying in the corner about it. I have no friends who are coming to drop me at the train station or who will keep in contact with me while I'm miles apart and I'm cool with it.

The moving phase was almost over. I look down at the last box abandoned at the foyer which went undetected and I take a deep breath. I was in a trance when I finally entered this town it is mesmerizing, to say the least. My mother, Kate Stark finally divorced my father, Matthew Stark, the stubborn man after spending unworthy years dedicated to fighting and yelling. My father and mother both are quite alike and maybe that is one of the reasons they are no longer together. They both are workaholic, possessive, and insecure. My mother is an heiress who runs her fashion line and my father is the CEO of Stark Enterprises.

I have an amicable equation with both of them and since dad is busy with the business right now I decided to stay with my mother which is only one of the reasons. There are many reasons why I want to no longer live with him. Sometimes I look at my family photos reminiscing the days when I was still so naïve and foolish enough to believe that everything was right in my family.

“Adelyn, bring that last box in here.”

My mother's face similar to mine peeked out of the windows. She gives me that sweet smile of hers that matched mine. It is the most genuine thing I used to love about her before I discovered how fake it was. Her wavy blond hair was always the trait that made her appear young. She is a beautiful woman but sometimes I feel she has lost her individuality after being married to my father for so long and I hope this time it turns out better.

We have moved to a small city near a lot of beaches, the closest big city to this is Los Angeles. I’m going to visit this amazing the infamous L.A. once I get settled here. The three-storeyed house has the perfect view of the Fiona beach. It is in a less populated location where I can see only three more houses in this area which are far apart but of the same size and architecture. The fresh air in the surroundings just makes all the things in my life right for a moment.

The divorce was finalized two years ago and last year my mother married a businessman who was almost ten years older than her. He had a collaboration with my mother’s fashion company and they hit it off right after the first meeting as I have heard numerous times from my mother when she told me how she fell in love with Grayson Stone, the chick magnet of the younger years.

I have heard his name, even read some articles about him in the daily newspapers and I knew that he is a strong and influential man, just the man my mother dreams about now and then. She has a type but who wouldn't love to have a handsome and billionaire as a husband.

She had a small marriage ceremony which had left me stunned and speechless because I was not invited for reasons still unknown. My mother is a woman of a pretentious nature so I couldn’t help but wonder how in hell she agreed to a small marriage in a church.

My father once told me that my mother threw a party that lasted two days when he pushed a rock diamond through her finger worth millions. Every media personality was invited and she had a classic photoshoot with the ring. The headline in the newspapers the next day was ”HEIRESS THROWS A RING PARTY! BEYONCE SAID IT RIGHT!”

I know how crazy she is about such big events and announcements that's why I felt a little suspicious when I found out that she never informed a single media authority about her marriage to Grayson Stone. She loves to be in the spotlight so I had a hard time believing that she married someone without any wedding shenanigans.

I have lived all my life as a New York City girl with more enemies than friends. So, I’m not expecting anything different here nor am I going to change the way I am. All my life my parents have told me how to present myself publicly and I’ve never been the one to listen to rules especially when it changes the real me.

The only thing good about this marriage for me is the free stepbrother I'm going to get. The utterly delicious looking handsome man which is, unfortunately, my stepbrother now. Here is the thing though I love to seduce my prey, the man I want before I attack them and wrap them around my fingers and I love it all the way more when I get the Taste of a challenge mixed with dangerous.

I got the face of an angel with a devil siren within my body.

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