TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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10: Goodmorning Brother


After dwelling in the unnecessary saturnine situation with Alastair, I decided I don’t need so much stress in my life right now. My full focus went to giving a jaw-dropping performance in the auditions. I have almost all the girls in the squad added on all my social accounts and I have spent some time genuinely talking to them. Most of them are polite and really nice and so not the stereotype the people put them under.

I have changed into my comfortable cut-off denim shorts and my sports bra. Since my mother was caught up in a meeting as usual and my stepfather was out of the house before I even woke up and was yet to come home. I don’t know what he does all day, except bully Alastair. I know the old man means good but sometimes something good in your eyes can also turn out to be poison for someone else.

I grabbed my iPhone and moved down to the hall. The only breakable thing on the floor was the glass table which I easily shifted to the farthest corner. I attached my phone to the speakers and selected the playlist of all the songs that I thought I could give a good performance on.

‘Hey, ma’ filled the room. I twisted around, did some flips and tried some new positions to show my best cheer abilities. I am confident in my performance that I will get selected. As I turned around for my final step I saw him casually leaning against the wall. His eyes were smouldering hot and they were focused on me. I sauntered over to my phone to stop the music.

“Why did you stop? You were doing great. I didn’t know you are a cheerleader.”
He winked at me and walked past me towards the kitchen. He did something which not only embarrassed me but made me feel insignificant as well. He, bloody, ruffled my hair as if I was his five-year-old kid sister. Fist clenched, I walked over to him, roughly turned him around and punched his shoulder to push him back.

“Fuck you. You can’t just walk in here and treat me like I am some kid, asshole. Don’t you ever belittle me like that, okay? I know what type of ‘hot and cold’ game you are playing with me but let me tell you one thing, I never lose.”
I was surely resembling a red hot tomato because no one can get on my nerves like him. He just sat on the kitchen stool swirling around the remains of water left in the glass on the counterpoint while eyeing me as if I was amusing him.

“I’m tired. Go to your room Adelyn and for god sake wear some clothes. I can see your breasts falling out of them. ”
With a wave of a hand as if he was swatting a fly in front of him, he dismissed me. My blood boiled at his insulting words but I kept this rage inside me.

I’m going to make his life a living hell.

I gracefully walked back to my room and tried some more moves before calling it a night. All night I twisted and turned my body to get a comfortable position but to no avail. I jumped out of the bed and walked down to the kitchen to make some milk for myself. As I finished my drink, I heard noises coming from the front door or say voices of two people one very familiar while the other not so much.

I silently crept over to the edge of the room to see that the main door was open and there was a Ferrari parked right outside it and my mother was laughing so loudly at something that it made me cringe because I know her fake laugh. The driver was a man because I could see the starting of a tuxedo from the little space my mother left by standing in front of the window. My mother turned around and I quickly ducked my head to avoid confrontations. As her footsteps diminished I came out of my hiding spot and found the house silent as before.

What the hell just happen? Who was that man?

“Wow. I just sounded like a typical parent. ”
I whispered in the air and then shrugged not really caring who dropped her. I walked back to my room and felt slumber hitting me right over my head.

The next morning was a bright chirpy day and I hated it. Why are birds always so excited in the morning? Like what do they even do so early? I’ll never know. Three birds sat at my window and I couldn’t help but stare at their beautiful feathers.

Pushing my sheets aside I walked to my closet and searched my wardrobe for the perfect outfit. I picked up a red satin shirt with high-waist denim jeans and laid them down on the bed. After the hot bath, I dropped the towel and changed into the clothes. I applied mascara and red lip gloss over my lips. I settled with red lace stilettos after going through many.

As I walked down the stairs I noticed there was no sign of mom or Alastair’s dad. I really need to learn what are their schedules. But now I know that I have to face Alastair without an audience. I reached the bottom stair and looked around. I made my way over to the kitchen noticing a very handsome man cooking pancakes.

“Good Morning, Brother! "
I emphasized more on brother to let him know that, no, I am not over tomorrow and I’m out for blood. He turned around with a smile but it immediately vanished as his eyes dropped down to my chest. Oh yes, I forgot, the top two buttons are open.

“Eyes right up here, mister. ”
I always wanted to say this dialogue and by the way, his eyes were validating his thoughts. I’m so proud of myself, I successively pulled the right strings to get him where I want him. Under my spell.

“Close your damn buttons. Do you want the world to gawk at you like they want a taste of you? Tell me is this something you enjoy or is it just an easy way for anyone to come and have a feel of you.”
He was angry, he was angry because the words he just said were completely out of the line but I’m not going to stand here and let him compare me to a whore.

“You are a fucking asshole. I can’t believe you just said that. It’s hot out there, people roam around with their shirts open all the time and in tiny bikinis. And I’m not asking for anyone to take a feel and you should apologize to me right now because what you said was completely stupid, insulting and disrespectful. I was going to close my buttons but now I don’t care. The main question is why does this bother you so much.”
We were standing face to face both breathing heavily which only accentuated my breasts and he was having a hard time looking away.

“Fuck it.”
He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to his body such that every soft curve of my body was against his hard muscles. I looked up in shock at his aggressive approach and couldn’t help but feel a jolt of arousal hitting me right at the core.

“You don’t know who I am. You have only seen a version of me which I like to show you. You don’t want to see my other-self. It’s a pretty ugly picture. Now be a good girl and button yourself up, before you say anything, this is not an order it is a request. For my sanity just do it. I’m sorry and I didn’t mean to make you feel worse about your body which is impossible because it is perfect.”
My arms stayed right by my side and slowly his fingers started closing every button. I stood stunned by his words and then his actions. He is a fucking tease. He ran his finger discreetly down my cleavage before closing all the buttons at once.

“Let’s eat, babydoll
He winked at me and I did as he told me for once and for the last time. The man can manipulate like magic and I think I have finally met my match.

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