TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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11: D-Hawk For The Win


I always thought that movies exaggerate what actually happens in high schools but that’s not the case in this school. People here are such gossip mongers that I feel like I can get a text ending with XO XO Gossip girl anytime. Alastair gave me the keys to my car this morning and made me promise him to not crash it as if I don’t know how to handle a car. I thought of being a brat about this and skewering the car over the bridge or something but I don’t want to deal with his lectures again and also I don’t want to die young.

The moment I entered the school all the girls from my soon to be cheer-leading squad swarmed me with their nervous conversations and excitement about today’s audition. Honestly, I didn’t expect the auditorium to be full of people who were howling away. I thought this was going to be a small event comprising of all the participants and respected teachers.

But here I am almost ready to perform in front of all these people who are least bothered about the event and more than happy to miss classes just to see some girls dancing. I saw Gina waving at me from afar, stumbling forward from the push she received from the crowd and then turning back to push the same person back. She is a feisty little human. I really like her.

“All the best. I know you will smash it. I’m going to cheer for you. ”
I smile at her and reassure her that I’m here to win only. I just need to focus on giving my best routine ever. The one that will make everyone’s jaws drop.

“Well, what a crowd we have here. I think no one has any classes today. Am I right?”
The gym teacher gives all the students a sweet smile so they all know that they are not in trouble. She takes up a list and clears her throat before calling out the names of girls who are going to audition for the captain. There are at least 14 girls who I have to compete with today including Hannah and Ashley. It didn’t happen like that in my school but I guess every school has its own rules.

One by one each girl performed their routines as their names were being called up by the teacher. The crowd cheered and applauded after every performance. The jocks at the back were a little unruly but they were not out of the line. They were not insulting anyone and that’s all coordination we could get from them.

The guys went crazy when Ashley performed like a star. She was really good and I had to appreciate her. She was not at all basic and her routine was outstanding. It was full of never seen before moves and flips but cheering is more than that. Anyway, she was rocking the stage like nobody’s business. I smiled and applauded when her performance came to an end. She smiled back at me and cocked her brows as if saying “Match that” in good sport. What she doesn’t know is that I’m going to fucking own the stage like a queen.

I took my position at the center and since I’ve chosen the latest song it lifted the mood. I flattened out of my legs and started with bouncing on my ass twice at the double beats. The beats were fast and did my cartwheels and landed myself back with a spiral twist. Moving along with the lyrics I did some dance moves which earned some loud cheers. I did multiple flips at the end and then ended the performance with a Normani-style split. I nailed it because I can feel that energy in my bones. Everyone was cheering at me and I raised both my hands to thank them for their support. It feels good to get appreciated.

“Who is going to win this season, say with me. D-Hawks.”
All the students stood over the benches and started shouting their team's name as if we were on the ground and we were about to play. We all ended up laughing and I walked back to the side stage where Gina was grinning at me.

“Oh my god, Adelyn. You were amazing out there. I have never seen someone move like that. You were like magic. I’m mesmerized.”
She really got a little star-eyed and I have to shake her twice to break her out of the trance.

Soon, all the performances came to an end. The judges who were seated in front of the stage tallied their marks and passed the sheets to the gym teacher whose name I keep forgetting. She walked up to the stage and cleared her throat once again before announcing the name of the new captain.

“Okay, so the new cheer-leading captain of this school year is going to be... Any guesses students?”
I rolled my eyes at the extended suspense because it was just not needed. We are not part of some crappy reality show where you have to wait for years to know the name of the winner. As expected the crowd started shouting names. I heard my name once or twice but mostly Ashley’s.

“Okay. So the new captain is Adelyn Stark. Congratulations.”
The look on Hannah’s face was almost comical. Ashley was however quiet and didn’t react. Gina bear-hugged me and I almost save myself before falling on my ass. Everyone came to congratulate me. Some guys tried to talk me into going out with them and I just waved them off. Desperate much?

I didn’t know he was also sitting in the audience but when I saw him making his way toward me I prepared myself. His hand stuck out in the air between us and after a few moments, I accepted it and shook it.

“The princess got thrown out by a queen. You were amazing on the stage.”
He whispered the words in my ears before passing me and going over to Hannah. Emeric is a clever, clever guy. He can play any girl he wants but I’m not any girl. He can’t flirt with me and then go running back to someone else. He’s either mine or he’s not. Lucky for him, I’m interested in another man because if I was not I would have made him mine already.

The school resumed and I attended my classes with a fresh wave of energy. I want to maintain my academics too because I need good grades to get a reputed college otherwise my father will kill me. During the lunch break, Hannah tried to corner me but since I was having an aura of positive energy around me I didn’t want to get in a fight with her. I took my lunch outside and Gina joined me as we sat on the bench under the blue sky. Eating outside is a hundred times better than eating in that crowded canteen. Gina and I talked a lot and laughed at the things her family does to keep her dog from mating with the neighbourhood dogs. She thinks her dog is a bisexual.

The school hours felt long after the break and I was happy to finally be able to get out this place. Since I had my own car today, I thought of roaming the city a little before hitting the road to home. I stopped at Starbucks and then McDonald's and ate like a champ. Turning my music up I lip-synced to almost every song that came up. Today is the best day ever.

By the time I turned up at the house, it was quite late. The house was dark, no lights were glowing inside the house. I parked the car at the entrance. The main door was opened and I checked my pocket for my phone which was not there. I must have left it in my car.

I turned the lights on and screamed like they do in those horror movies. Alastair was sitting on the sofa with his eyes trained on me. He didn’t even flinch at my deafening scream.

“You scared me. You bloody asshole.”
I breathed heavily and tried to calm myself, but before I could do that Alastair was walking over to me at lightning speed. He pushed me against the wall and locked my wrists above my head with just one hand. My whole body pressed snugly against his. He was livid and I swear I was aroused in a way I’ve never had before.

This guy only has to look at me and I can produce heat between my legs enough to melt Antarctica.

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