TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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12: Discovery Channel & More


I have issues and I know it because no one in a situation like this will ever react like me. I moaned shamelessly as his chest brushed against my pointed nipples. He finally realized the proximity of our bodies and the way mine was reacting to his touch. We’ve been playing this game of desire for way too long. His hands slowly crept down to the front of my shirt and he slowly started unbuttoning my shirt and pulled them far apart. My breasts were enclosed in a lacy nude bra and I thanked heavens for that. I stood still and didn’t even breathe because if I did he will stop doing what he’s doing and I never get the release I’ve been waiting for so long.

“Where were you?”
His question came out with a growl and I shuddered when his stubble touched my neck. The man was either a mile apart from me or close to me like a second skin.

“I was driving around the town.”
I answered somewhat without stuttering on my words. His eyes snapped back at me and I looked at the pools of oceanic disasters in them. His hand came down on my neck and he started rubbing his hands up and down my throat.

I could almost cry from sexual starvation. I wish I could sue him in court for that.

“Tell me the fucking truth Adelyn.”
His voice was soft but still, it sliced me from within. All the sexual hunger turned into anger because this man could never trust before questioning me a thousand times.

“Fuck you. I’m not yours so I don’t need to keep you updated about every single moment of my life. You don’t need to know where am I or who am I with. That’s my parent’s job and luckily I have two. So quit with this parental behaviour because trust me it only makes you look pathetic because you have nothing to do with your life --”

His lips were unapologetic and ruthless over mine and took me completely by surprise. His lips were demanding every breath of my body. Alastair, my older stepbrother was kissing me with a passion I’ve never been kissed before and I was totally kissing him back. I wanted this for so long.

He must have predicted my move because his hand came down to support my thighs as I wrapped myself around his waist. He pushed me roughly against the wall and kissed me again, thrusting his tongue as I gasped for air.

His lips left mine and started kissing a path down my neck. We ended up on the sofa with his body lying on top of mine and my legs tightly wrapped around his hips. With utter perfection, I threw my bra away and he started unbuttoning my jeans. His hands kneaded my breasts and I cried out his name. He was about to take my nipple in his mouth when we heard it. The loud roar of the engine of a car. Specifically, our parent’s car.

We jumped out of the sofa as if it was on fire. I quickly hooked up my bra and turned around to collect my shirt from the floor and I threw it on. Alastair already had his shirt on and his eyes were so wide in shock that I don’t think he was even blinking. My hands shook while I buttoned my shirt as quickly as possible but failed because the adrenaline rush was way too high, so Alastair quickly did them in two seconds.

The door opened the exact moment we plopped down on the sofa, sitting on opposite ends and quickly pressing the television remote. We were smiling at our parents and then pointed our smiles toward the television only to notice a man-eating a snake mercilessly on the discovery channel.

“Discovery Channel? I think I’ve never seen Adelyn read a book, let alone watch such an informational channel on television. It’s so nice to see you two bonding like brother and sister. See Grayson, didn’t I told you they were going to be fine living under the same roof without our surveillance.”
My mother was really happy and I have never felt the urge to laugh out loud so badly before that I might choke. Literally.

Alastair was sitting there like a robot with an unmoving awkward smile, staring at the man-eating the snake with such interest that someone might think he actually wants to try it too. I closed the television and hugged my mom. I haven’t seen her properly for days now. She is in and out of the house so frequently that it is difficult to catch her for a quick chat nowadays. I told her about becoming a cheerleading captain. My mom squealed like I knew she would because she expects nothing less from a former cheerleading captain’s daughter. We made plans for shopping before she and Grayson retired to their room to do God knows what. Grayson was way too quiet today and I think something is up with him but it is not my place to ask him about his business.

I walked back to the sofa and as soon as I heard the click of the door, I sprawled myself on Alastair’s lap. He was so surprised that he almost threw me off him but I caught him with a firm hold on his shirt. His face was right before mine and I closed the distance between us making our lips softly brush against each other.

“Adelyn. Get off me right now.”
His voice was firm and bossy even when he was whispering and I couldn’t help but remember the rough way he handled me today. I hope he is exactly like that in bed too.

“You need to get me off first. I’m wet and soaking and if you didn’t give me an orgasm right away I might do something that will get both of us in trouble.”
I ran my finger over his face and rubbed his upper lip between my fingers.

“Are you crazy? That should not have happened. You are my stepsister. I was caught up in the heat of the moment. Oh fuck. What the hell are you doing?”
I started opening my jeans buttons again and dragged my shirt out to hide my thong. I moved his hand over to my heated area under my shirt.

“You feel that. Feel it.”
I thought this was going to work but it didn’t because he quickly buttoned up my jeans and shoved me over to the side and got up.

“This was a mistake. I’m not going to touch you or kiss you like that again. It was completely my fault. Goodnight.”
He walked away without looking back, leaving me behind in absolute displeasure. I slumped back at the sofa with a pout and thought about sneaking inside his room but since now I’m pissed at him for leaving me like that I will torture him first. I walked back to my room and took a long warm bath before finally dozing off for a few minutes before dinner.

Dinner was completely awkward and I kept touching Alastair by wiggling my feet against his thighs. After dinner, he left the house saying that he was going out with his friends. I know he was going to a nightclub to probably hook up with a girl.

I will kill him if he came home smelling like a girl and I will kill the girl too.

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