TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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14: Sick & Serious


“Why is my bed filled with so many pillows? What happened here?”
That’s the first thing he said as soon as we entered his bedroom.

I guess it doesn’t look like a human body. My bad.

“Oh, nothing. I was so aroused and you never came back so my booty call gave me a much-needed release.”
I threw a sly look at him over my shoulder and chuckled as his eyes narrowed. I love teasing him.

“No. You are fucking with me. I know that. I’m not falling in your trap again.”
I pouted because now I know I won’t be able to thrive on his overdramatic reactions.

“You think you have me all figured out just by spending a few minutes kissing me.”
I plopped down on the bed with a bounce and watched his roaming eyes taking a quick look at my body.

“No. We both know nothing about each other. But by spending so many days with you, observing you, talking to you I know when you are lying to me and when you are telling me the truth which is very rare. I can read your eyes like a magazine.”
He winked at me and I loved how playful he was today but not for long because I have questions in my mind and I need answers.

“Come here. I promise I won’t lick you unless you want me to.”
I winked back and spread my legs a little wider to give him some space or maybe so I could straddle him and lock my legs behind his back.

“Stop it. I’m not touching you again.”
He sat down at the chair which was right in front of the bed and I sighed heavily.

“Liar. You will soon but first, let’s talk about this girl Lily. I think I’ve heard her name once or twice from your kissable lips.”
I licked my lips for special effects and earned a groan from him. He is so easy.

“Adelyn. Stop it... Lily is a nurse at the hospital I took you too. And I’ve already told you my equation with her.”
I think now I know who he is talking about. That girl Felicity who couldn’t stop staring at him.

I moved over to where he was sitting on the chair. I climbed over his lap and straddled him. He sighed but slowly his hands crept over my ass.

I rubbed my hand through his hair and pulled his face closer to me by grabbing his chin. Feeling his stubble on my fingers made my insides clench and I have no idea why.

“Close your eyes.”
I said looking at those beautiful green eyes that I couldn’t stop staring at.

But he abided my words and closed his eyes reluctantly.

“You know I’ve never felt the way I do when you are around me. I know I like to tease you and goof around you most of the time but if you really don’t want to touch me ever again then tell me now. I won’t bother you with my antics from now on.”
I know I don’t like to talk things out in a serious manner but this needs to be done. I am not going to force myself upon him if don’t want me to.

“Adelyn. I think you know that I like your touch, you can literally feel my hard-on, on your ass. I want you and I have no words to explain my feelings for you but being the adult here I’m not going to be a catalyst to this disaster that we will create if we continued like this.”
He has a habit of doing that. He never answers my questions in a simple yes or no.

“You know you are way too good with words. Let me make it a one-liner question for you: Do you want me to treat you like a brother and end whatever the hell is going on with us?”

He better gives me a straight answer or it will not turn out good for him.

“I suppose yes but don’t treat me like a brother. I don’t think we can go back from here to being only brother and sister. I don’t want to be a brother to you and I also don’t want to be anything more than friends with you too. We can be friends for the sake of our parents.”

His words pierced through my heart but I kept my composure and put up a brave face. He opened his eyes and I shuddered under his hold which tightened in a natural reflex. I shifted a little closer to him and closed the distance between our lips.

His lips were soft and we shared the most tender kiss I’ve ever received. He didn’t bite my lip nor did I flicked my tongue over his upper lip. The moment lasted no more than a minute but I was sure this will be with me all my life. I smiled at him and pecked his cheek before getting off him.

“Since I had no idea where you were so I lied and told your dad that you are sick. So please be covered in blankets when they come home and pretend to be sick.”

I left him there sitting on the chair and I turned my back to him promising myself to not look back at him and to the little moments, we shared ever again. He wants me to be his friend as if there is no sexual tension between us as if I am not struggling with all these unnecessary feelings for him.

I know how burning in fire feels like and I still have some scars left which need healing before they are scratched over once again.

Blue eyes. Dimpled cheeks. A heartbroken heartbreaker. I remember him sometimes.

I left a lot of bad memories in New York I wish to never revisit again but what they say careful what you wish for, sometimes just the opposite happens.

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