TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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15: I Need More


I don’t know if I was the only one who was feeling out of the blue this morning but everyone was in a cheery mood except me. I sipped my coffee and looked up from the rim of the cup at her.

She was looking amazing. Her long hair was flowing down to her waist. Her eyes were shining bright and her lips were stretched in a perfect grin. I couldn’t look away from her even if I wanted to.

My dad and Kate were talking about something apparently hilarious that happened at the art gallery they visited yesterday. Everyone is laughing except me and the reason is me. Last night was a disaster. This girl makes me feel things I had promised myself I will never feel. She tried to hide it but I saw the shadows lurking behind her eyes, the shadows of past. It was like looking in the mirror. She’s hiding her demons from me and I am hiding mine from everyone.

My iPhone vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out to check the notification.


You need to come to my place ASAP. I have to tell you something.

I replied with a short reply confirming that I’ll be at his place in half an hour. Max is one of my oldest friends. We go way back to middle school. College separated us because we chose different professions but we stayed in touch and now we hang out every other weekend if we are free.

He’s an artist. He paints beautiful canvases for a living and here I am still learning the ropes of the business. We have seen ups and downs like no one else. He’s been my support when my parents divorced each other. It was a hard time because I was really close with both of them and now I feel like I barely know them. I call my mother every weekend to know what she’s been up to but she always cut the call short. She moved miles away from Dad’s place after he won my custody. What can I say, the woman loves her money more than her son. I don’t think about it much and reach out to her whenever I can.

I stood up and walked over to the sink to wash my cup. Adelyn comes right beside me and starts washing her cup too. I know we agreed last night that we’re going to be just friends but this is harder than I thought. No pun intended.

Last night I hardly slept because I couldn’t get the feeling of her body so close to mine. I masturbated myself to sleep last night. I need to get this girl out of my head. She is not only off limits but also way out of my league. But knowing that she’s attracted to me too makes her so much more irresistible.

But I will. Not for my sake but for her sake. She knows nothing about the person I am behind this mask I put on for people and I don’t want her to ever find out about the things I did. If I let her close to me I know she will succeed in breaking down my walls.

Even if I have to sleep with blue balls, I will.

“I think we should all go out for dinner today.”
Kate's voice pulled me back to the present.

“That’s a great plan. It’s time for a family outing.”
I tried to hide a grimace but Adelyn saw it and gave me a stern look. She looks hot when she’s angry.

“I’ll be home by eight.”
With that said I walk out the house and take in the much needed fresh air. This place is full of beaches and I love the sound of waves but I never get the time to enjoy it.

Taking out my car from the driveway I hit the road. The ride is short and I reach Max's place in twenty minutes. His house is in itself a piece of art. The house is a three-storied building. The top floor is his studio and the other two floors are where the furniture is kept because he basically lives in his studio.

“My man is here. How it’s going?”

He looks different. He is smiling way too much. He is always grumpy and moody when I meet him smoking a joint while dangling a bottle of jack in his other hand.

“Okay so don’t freak out like a girl but I have to tell you something.”

I have never seen him so serious in my entire life and now I’m curious.

“You ate 100 chicken nuggets in 10 minutes.”
I pulled open his fridge and grabbed the beer bottle and passed one to him. Other than being insanely talented, he can also eat like an animal. He has a youtube channel where the only thing he does is eat and people love watching him.

“No man but that’s a challenge you will take up with me one day soon. I need content for my channel and your pretty face is going to be my clickbait for all the chicks. The news is that I’m married now.”
I spit out the beer in my mouth on his face as soon as he said married. I was laughing and choking at the same time. This is a joke.

“What the fuck man? You ruined my white vans. They were custom made bastard.”

He was freaking out about his damn shoes and here I was still in my shocked zone.

“Married? Don’t fuck with me.”

“I’m serious. Her name is Amber and she’s the one for me: forever and always.”

I bet not hotter than my girl.

My girl?

“You know I’m an artist. I appreciate beauty. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and painted. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months. You know I was in Miami for vacation, she was with me. She proposed to me and I was shocked out of my balls because I was going to propose too. I had a ring with me in my pocket. So we got engaged and got married the next day in Miami. She is a yoga instructor. You could meet her in a few minutes.”

“Okay. You are married. I think I still don’t believe you. The last time I met you, you were a whore and now you are married. I will sit my ass on this sofa and wait for your wife to come home because I want to meet this woman who is crazy enough to spend her life with you.”

“You took the news better than my parents. They were hysterical so I’m thinking of throwing a party for them. Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What is going on with you? Your face tells me you are smashing a chick but also taking up the ass at the same time.”

He was smiling like a creep and I did not like it at all. I don’t know why I didn’t let the distance end our friendship. The shot that comes out of his mouth is unbelievable.

“What have you smoked today? Fucking Sunshine and shit!!”

He came back from his room in a new T-shirt and smiled at me.

“I’m just happy and content with my life but it seems you are not. Having girl troubles? Want me to give you pointers?”

“I’m not having any girl troubles miss sunshine and I’m not taking anything up my ass. Do people turn into councillors once they get married?”

“Who is it? Tell me. It’s that girl from the bar or is Felicity hitting on you again?”

“No. It’s not either of them.”

“Someone I know or not.”

“Her name is Adelyn.”

“Whoa. When did you meet her?”

“Remember I called you the day I shifted here that my father remarried and that the woman also has a daughter.”

I don’t need to say the rest. My silence gave me away.

“Are you fucking kidding me here? Your stepsister? You are fucking your stepsister. Jesus. I need Holy water in a Jacuzzi.”

He spilled some beer in his palm and sprinkled it on his face.

“I’m not fucking her. I know how wrong this is okay. It’s just that I can’t control myself around her. She is beautiful and magnetic. I think this is only physical attraction and I don’t want to risk my dad’s relationship with her mom. My head is all messed up. I want her but I don’t want her.”

“You, my dear friend are seriously fucked up.”

I know that because only a fucked-up person could lust after his stepsister.

“Honey I’m home.”

An unfamiliar female voice echoed through the halls.

“Let’s introduce you to my woman”

I got up and followed Max to notice a beautiful brunette setting the table with groceries. She was not at all like the girl I thought Max would marry one day. He kissed her and then he whispered something in her ears and her eyes turned in my direction. She gave me a big smile and I knew she’s a keeper. My man found a keeper. The end is near.

“Now I believe that you are married.”

But the only thought that crossed my mind seeing them together was that I want this too with someone who is so not ready for this.


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