TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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17: I Will Eat You For Dinner


The way that boy looked at her made my blood boil. She doesn’t even know what effect she has on boys like him or maybe she does? And this thought makes me more furious. If she is deliberately parading this boy in front of me because of how things went down yesterday, then I’m not having it.

But she’s not mine to keep.

I immediately schooled my expression to a neutral one. I don’t know what is up with me anymore. This is what I wanted for her, to be with someone who is her age. Then why seeing her with another guy felt like a tight slap to my face?

“You could have called me. I would have picked you up from school. You don’t need to hitch rides with strangers.”
I don’t want her to get rides from guys she barely knows. Her safety comes first. She just pushed past me as if I don’t even exist.

She is such a brat. I want to spank her senseless for disrespecting me like this.

Before I could stop her on the porch she was inside the house running up the stairs and closing the door of her room on me. I stood outside her room for a while and even knocked on her door. She didn’t open the door and it only made me more furious.

I’ll deal with her later.



The gall of that freaking beast of a man. What does he think of himself? He has no right to be mad at me. I gave him a fair chance and I’m not going to wait forever for him. That shit happens only in movies.

It’s almost evening and I haven’t left my room. Now I’m feeling hungry and irritated which is not a good combination. I need food in my stomach and some painkillers for the headache I got after stressing so much about today. The knock on the door followed by my mother’s voice grabbed my attention.

“Honey. We are going out for dinner today. Get ready. We’ll be leaving in thirty minutes.”

“Yes, Mom.”

I walked over to my closet and after trying out some dresses I finally settled for the burgundy maxi dress. It is tight fitted and has a low thigh slit. I completed the look with smoky eyes and red lipstick.

Red lips go with everything.

I walked down the stairs after twenty minutes into the living room. Mom and Grayson were cozying up on the sofa so I cleared my throat to make my presence known. My mother was wearing a pastel green dress and Grayson was in one of his classier suits.

“You look beautiful, dear.”
My mom may not be the perfect mother but she’s always made me feel wanted and I love her for that.

“Thank you, Mom. Where’s Alastair? ”
I looked around searching for his bastard face to make an appearance.

“He will meet us there directly. I think he went out with a girl. Grayson, do you know who is he seeing?”
Are you kidding me? My dress matched my temper as soon as she said those words. The guy is unbelievable.

Fucking great! He looked downright outrageous when he saw me with Emeric and now he is out with some girl.

The restaurant was one of the top Italian restaurants in the town. The place was well furnished and the ambiance was refreshing. Alastair arrived looking handsome as ever in a black suit. I was already seated at the table so he didn’t see my dress.

I bet it’s going to drive him crazy.

“Sorry for being late. I was caught up in a meeting.”
I snorted at his pathetic excuse. He isn’t even man enough to say it to my face that he was out with some girl getting his cock sucked by her.

“I’m hungry. Let’s order something.”
The order was placed and my mom started being the perfect socialite that she is, initiating conversation related to school, my future and the company not once talking about her plans. I wonder what is going on with her sometimes, she got divorced and then got married again so soon. I never talked to her about it but I know if I ask her she will shut me down and change the topic.

“Grayson and I will drop by one of our friends’ house later, it’s important. Honey, you can catch a ride with Alastair. Okay?”

The food was served and I glared at my food and then at him because if I had known I was going to be stuck with him then I would have faked sickness. Maybe it’s not too late for that.

“Sure Mom.”
I offered her a smile and resumed eating my pasta with a heavy feeling in my chest.

“Oh, I forgot to ask you. Who was that guy who dropped you home today? I saw him pulling out of the driveway. A new man in your life again?”
I’m so glad that I didn’t engage in a conversation with Alastair. I didn’t even notice my mother in the house today. The way she said the new man did not get unnoticed by Alastair. His expression screamed, “How many Fucking men were there?”

“He is just a guy from school. No one special. Yet.”
I couldn’t help but rub it in his face because he did the same to me.

His eyes turned sharp and his jaw clenched. His expression turned icy and I thought that maybe I pushed him too far. I need some fresh air right about now.

“Excuse me. I’ll be back from the washroom in a minute.”
I pushed back my chair and made sure to make eye contact with him as I stood back.

Yeah, this is what you missed.

I felt his gaze as I walked across the hall to the washrooms. I pushed open the ladies’ room and checked my reflection on the mirror. My cheeks had some natural rosy colour to them because of the heat I was feeling. I’m a little turned on right now and I’m so furious with myself that he has such an effect on me without even trying. I’m not so easy.

The door pushed open and Alastair walked in with a straight face as if this is something he does every day. He locked the door behind him and started closing in on me. My heart started racing but I won’t let that cloud my anger for him.

“You wanted to make me feel jealous. Because I am. I am so fucking jealous and angry. You are mine.”
His hands pressed against my hips and pulled me closer to his hard body. I shivered against him and my resolve to stay unaffected broke.

“Fuck you, Alastair. We can’t play this game again and again. You don’t own me and stay away from me when you just got here after banging some girl.”
His confused expression was so genuine I almost believed him. Damn, he could be an actor with that face and acting skills.

“What are you talking about? I was in a meeting with Mrs. Claire because she was going out of town tomorrow and would not be able to attend the scheduled meeting. I have been going crazy about thinking you with that bastard all day. I’m in no state of mind touching any other girls other than you. Fuck morals. You drive me crazy, wearing such a dress I could possibly rip it off your body with one hand.”
Every word he spoke was true. I could see it in his eyes. I shuddered a breath of sigh as his smell enclosed me and my senses.

His lips came down on mine in a brutal force and I opened up to him because I’m addicted to his kisses. To him.

Alastair’s hands eased up my thighs and under my dress until he was cupping my bottom. He froze, and everything stopped when his hands met bare skin instead of panties. I’d forgotten that I had forgone panties to avoid a panty line. He inhaled sharply, tore his mouth from mine, and looked down at me. The desire that pounded in my veins and awakened every inch of my body was there in his eyes too.

“No panties,” he said in a hoarse whisper.

I shook my head because speaking was too much. He slowly slid his hand down until he met the wetness that he’d caused. He lowered his forehead against mine and closed his eyes tightly while his finger began to move between my open legs.

His breathing was hard and laboured as if he kept forgetting to breathe and had to gasp when he remembered. I squeezed his shoulders and trembled as his finger remained so close to where I wanted it to touch.

“You’re soaked,” he said, then hissed in a breath. I was aware of this. I could feel it dampening my thighs. He began to move his finger, and I buried my face in his chest and cried out. He slipped one finger inside, then slowly started pumping it in and out. I moaned and panted, with my mouth muzzled against his chest.

“So hot and tight. Jesus, I fucking love touching you like this. I’m going to rub that swollen clit now, babydoll. Hold on to me,” he said just before his thumb did as he promised. My head fell back as I screamed out his name.

“Fuuuuck,” he said, grabbing my head and pulling it back against his chest.

“That good? FUCK, that hot little pussy wants to be taken care of, right? You’re squeezing my fingers so damn tight baby”.
I couldn’t breathe because I was pulsating around his fingers. I bit his shoulder to block my scream from escaping. I was in a freaking public washroom.

“Jesus. You just came all over my pants. That’s so fucking hot.”
I was still catching my breath but I didn’t miss the smug look on his face. Bastard.

“Fuck you, Alastair. You made me cum all over your pants. We need to go inside now and you need to clean this mess up.”
My voice sounded out of breath and hoarse. I pulled out some tissues and he grabbed them from me and started rubbing his pants.

“We are going to hell for this”

Then someone knocked and the door opened. He didn’t lock the door.

I’m so dead. Mostly from the orgasms of course.

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