TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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18: Keep Calm & Torture


“Honey! Are you there? Is everything okay?”
My mother’s voice boomed inside the washroom and I readjusted my dress inside the cubicle where we were hiding. While I was trying to regain my composure, Alastair was still behaving like a dog in heat. His hands were pulling down the straps of my dress and cupping my naked breasts because again I didn’t wear a bra. I don’t know what I was thinking or maybe I did.

“I…ahh I am fine Mom. I think I have an upset stomach.”
Alastair was sucking on my skin and it was getting very difficult to hold in my moans. I will kill him with torturous pleasure once we are out of this situation.

“Oh no. I think you should go see a doctor. Come out, dear.”

“Mom. I’m fine. I just want to go home and I’ll just call Alastair and he will take me home. It’s nothing serious. You and Grayson should enjoy your dinner and you have to visit your friends later too. We—I mean I will see you guys at home later.”

“Okay, Adelyn. Take care and eat something before you go to bed. I’ll call Alastair for you.”


My eyes widened and I pulled away from him in record time and extracted his phone from his pocket and switched it into silent mode and immediately the phone lit up with my mom’s name.

“I already called him. He’s waiting for me outside. I’ll join you in a minute. Don’t worry.”

“Okay. Let me tell Grayson about your situation and meet me at the table before leaving.”

“Yeah sure.”

The door clicked and my heart returned to its normal pacing.

“Fuck that was so close. I cannot believe you. You were sucking my tits off in front of my mother and you didn’t even lock the washroom door properly.”

“There was a door between us when I was sucking these beauties. I told you before, you unleashed a beast. Now deal with it and I did lock the door. The lock is probably broken.”


“This mouth will cost you one day.”
His thumb traced my plump lip and I took his thumb inside my mouth and sucked on it. I released his thumb with a popping sound.

“Let’s get out of here. I’m hungry for more.”
I finally have him where I want him and don’t want to waste any second without touching him.

After faking my illness in front of my mother and Grayson, I was swept away by Alastair after he walked back to our table in his sheer perfection.

“Well, I think your mom bought your whole act and my father didn’t give a shit. Don’t take it personally, he doesn’t care about a thing unless it is his company.”

The house came around the corner and I felt an excitement building in my stomach.

Finally, this is happening.

I came to a sudden halt as I saw someone sitting on our porch. As we came closer, the person launched herself at Alastair. It took me a few seconds to recognize her.

I think she is the nurse I met at the hospital. Lily!

“What the hell is she doing here?”

Her face was tear-streaked and I don’t really felt much sympathy for her. The way her body was clinging to him seems like she was grinding against him.

“What’s the matter? Is everything alright? What are doing here so late?”
I rolled my eyes and stepped forward to remove her arms around his shoulders. I already feel like puking without having unprotected sex.

“Now that you are not breathing the same air as he is, you should tell us what the hell is wrong with you. Please don’t give me a pathetic reason otherwise I’ll bash your head in this car and you can play nurse to yourself. Talk, move your lips, honey. Fast.”
Her eyes lost all tears when she finally noticed that Alastair is not alone. Her eyes narrowed in recognition.

“It is a private matter. I rather discuss it with him personally.”
Lily was on my last nerve. She is ruining the best night of my life. I moved forward enraged at her candour. Alastair caught me mid-waist and lily almost fell back on her ass. Serve her right.

“Baby, calm down.”

“Don’t ever tell a woman to calm down because she’s not going to calm down, she will erupt.”
I thrashed my legs forward but Alastair carried me towards the door and quickly unlocked it and shut the door on my face.

“You better open this door asshole. I’m going to rip your skin off with my nails.”

Her voice was muffled because of the door between us but I could still catch her words.

“You want to talk about me. Talk to my face bitch.”

“Okay. Calm— I mean let’s control our thoughts and tongues for a moment, ladies. Adelyn, please go to your room. I’ll be there shortly.”

“After this, probably in your dreams fucker.”

“I need your help, Al.”

I moved away from the door and that awful gutless man. I don’t know why I even like him. He chose her over me. He will pay for this which will not result in anything pleasurable for him.

I undressed and prepared myself a bubble bath I deserved after the long eventful day. Bunching my hair in my hands, I moved them behind the tub and relaxed my head against it.

His voice was enough to make my nipples tighten. I crossed my legs and without opening my eyes and rubbed the soap against my body.

“Fuck you.”

“You can if you still want to.”

I opened my eyes and there he was leaning against the bathroom looking handsome like sin. My hands moved from the swells of my chest to my flat stomach and then down to my core.

The bubbles were scattered and I was very much visible to him. He shrugged out of the suit and shoes. He was towering over me but then he sat beside the tub.

His hand caught my wrist and stopped it from its travel. He dropped my hand in the water and replaced it with his own. I arched my body and his fingers weaved their way inside me.

My mind turned blank and moans got louder. He caught my face with his other hand and aligned his face against mine. My lips brushed against his as I released a moan of pleasure. He captured it and I spasmed under his hand without a care in this world.

At that moment nothing else mattered but him. Us.

I pulled away from his lips and got up from the tub wrapping myself around the robe without glancing back.

He doesn’t know the power of a scorned woman. We only take, take and take until you have nothing else left to give.

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