TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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2: Trouble


I close the laptop with the vexation I can feel running in my veins. I have been working in my father’s company for almost one year now after declining several other offers just because my father asked me to run his company after he retires. Here is the thing, he was supposed to retire last year but he is still running this place. The only reason I’m still here is that my father never asked me for anything his entire life and the one thing he asked me is something I want for myself too because I most definitely deserve it. I hate it when things don’t go according to my plans. Life has a way of roughing things up for me when I’m at my zenith.

The world was a better place before I was forced to live with my father. I am the only heir to his multinational company so definitely, he was always clingy and breathed down my neck every five minutes for academics, college selection, sports and even the girls I dated. Despite being a busy man, he was able to keep track of me from pre-school to my Harvard graduation. If he had to choose between the company and me, he would most definitely pick his company. The man has a way of blocking and restraining me from living my life to the fullest. I stood up to him on numerous occasions but I always forfeit defeat because, in the end, our goals were the same. I realized some things in my life the hard way.

I was always interested in becoming the CEO of the company. It was probably officially declared by my father when my mother took that pregnancy test. I want the company to run on my rules and the same goes for my life. He agreed to leave me the hell alone with the company as long as I live with him and work beside him for another year. So here I am in this beach house near Wrightwood which is my house because the lease is on my name. My father thinks I need one more year to perfect my craft and finally take in the reins of the Stone Enterprises. The company headquarters is in L.A. and he told me to work in the new office here beside him so that he can see me bringing something from the bottom to the top. It is not like I need anyone to teach me the business but he would stop intervening with my life after I do this for him.

The second bad news hit me a month ago when I found out that he’s married to a woman 10 years younger than her. He slipped it between conversation over dinner. I almost choke on my whiskey. I was not given a bloody invitation card and honestly, I don’t give a single fuck about his new family. My mother was stunned when I told her and the chilling silence was the only reply I got. Later that day, she called my father and they fought until midnight. I almost got nostalgic listening to them fight, oh my beautiful childhood memories.

My father and I have been living in this place for a year now and today his new gold-digging wife and her brat of a daughter was moving in. The said daughter is a high school student and I remember how much drama and trouble they were. I was smart enough to move the hell out of the house before the duet set foot in the house and spent most of the day in the office but my father keeps calling me constantly to come home. I don’t want them to think they are welcome in my life and probably don’t want any more plastic pretentious personalities to live with me. I think my father has a crappy taste in women, always picking out the gold diggers.

It was getting dark now and I drive my way back to the house which is almost an hour away. I usually have a driver with me but this city is way too beautiful to not just drive alone. After an hour-long drive, I reached my destination and parked the car beside my father’s Mercedes. I ran my hand over my wavy hair out of habit as I pressed the doorbell. A minute later, the door was opened and I came face to face with the most attractive woman I have ever seen.

Who the hell is she? Her deep ocean blue-green eyes stared back at my hazel ones, widely. Her golden hair was flowing down to her small waist. She was quite tall but she was shorter than me and secretly I liked how she looked up at me. Her red lips were parted in surprise and I might have mirrored her actions. I stared at her lips helplessly when her tongue ran over it. Her red tank top did nothing to hide the fact that she got the breasts of a goddess. Her creamy skin peaked between her top and those damn blue shorts.

Are they even legal? Her ass fitted the denim material at all the right mouth-watering places. My eyes wandered down to her legs which were just giving me the visions of them being wrapped around my waist when I thrust hard and deep inside her. What the hell was that?

“Adelyn, whose there?”
A voice of a woman interrupted my gawking session from behind her but I could only grasp the first word. Adelyn. The name suits her. She quickly turned around and I almost moaned. Her ass was driving me crazy. I never thought I was going to behave like a hormonal teenage boy again but here I am wanting to taste this body. Any woman who can make a twenty-five-year-old man behave like this is very bad for me. This encounter should not affect me this much. It is just a mild attraction between strangers and it will fade within minutes as soon as she opens her mouth.

A woman walked out and I recognized her from the pictures my father showed me, the gold digger wife. Well, at least she is beautiful. Her eyes widened when she saw me and she opened the door widely inviting me in as if I need permission to walk into my own house. I glanced back at Adelyn but she was all looking ahead making no eye contact or noise as if two seconds ago we were not completely staring at each other.

“Oh, how rude of me. My name is Kate” and then she pointed towards the sexy siren and said,” and that’s my daughter and of course your stepsister Adelyn.” I turned to look at her in stunned silence and she looked up and gave me the most innocent smile I’ve ever seen in my life but something about that smile made me want to fall on my knees and do something that I can never do to her.

Oh boy! I’m in big trouble.

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