TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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20: nExt Confronts Ex


I woke up the next morning with dark circles under my eyes, the visible proof of the dark deep thoughts that kept me up last night. I wished I had slept in Alastair’s room and fucked him because I don’t think I care about anything anymore. My life is a mess. Why not just get what I want and make more of a mess?

Yesterday was hell for me. I knew what was coming my way. I was prepared for it. The collision was about to take place.

I checked my phone and see a message from Gina asking me if I’m free to hang out tonight. I freeze as I saw him sitting in front of me in my house.

“What the fuck is he doing here?”
Sitting on one of the chairs was none other than Nathan Fox. The man who made me insane and not in a good way. The psycho in me comes from spending two years with this man.

“Adelyn, language. You will not speak like that under my roof.”
She looked as if last night’s conversation never happened. I warned her about them and the next thing in the morning she invites one into our house and provides them with breakfast which he devoured like an animal.

“It’s okay Kate. I can handle her foul mouth and bad attitude.”
The man was still handsome and that smirk he gave me was to let me know how exactly he knows to handle my mouth.

Son of a bitch.

“Why is he here? I don’t think you have any business with him, right? You know that Grayson and Alastair will not allow this.”


Alastair doesn’t know anything about Nathan, hell even my mom doesn’t know anything about the history we shared. If he finds out, he is going to be pissed.

Suddenly, I was seeing this situation through a completely different revenge lens. Alastair was the one who brought past relationships into our messed up one and I will be the one to end it.

Is it wrong if I use my ex to make my supposed stepbrother jealous?

Something is seriously wrong with me.

“Adelyn behave yourself. We don’t talk to guests like that. Nathan is kind enough to help me with my legal problems on behalf of his father who urgently had to fly to New York for an important conference. So don’t be rude because Fox’s are going out of their way to help us.”

If I was a cartoon you could easily find my jaw hitting the floor. I never in my life heard my mother say so many sugary words in a single breath. Either she is high or practicing every night on her speech to keep Fox’s on her team.

“I wonder why”

I say under my breath but Nathan caught me. Should I inform my father about this? I think I can be very subtle about it.

Nathan was enjoying himself way too much in this situation. He is two years younger than Alastair but a lot more boyish compared to him. He is finally doing his father’s dirty laundry officially.

“Whatever, mom.”

My mother shook her head at me in disappointment as if I’m the one fraternizing with the enemies. She went back to the kitchen to get back to cooking god knows what which is shocking enough while I openly glared at her retreating back and Nathan’s face simultaneously.

“It’s been years since I last saw your beautiful face, my kitten.”
I almost puked my dinner after listening to that sick nickname. I’m not a kitten, I’m not cute and cuddly, I’m ferocious and cunning, call me a wildcat but not a kitten.

“I wish it could stay the same way but you know life gives us shit when we least expect it and here you are.”
Nathan laughed and walked over to me. He was taller than me and I had to tilt my head up to make eye contact with the bastard.

“You haven’t changed Addy. It makes me wonder if you still taste the same or have it turned sweeter now.”
I was not one to blush easily but Nathan’s mouth held no boundaries. I don’t know why I spend two years with this man only to conclude that he was a self-centred prick.

“You know we didn’t even get to have breakup sex. I do know what turns you on.”

“What the fuck did you just say?”
The booming voice of the man who is a constant in my wet dreams was suddenly standing between Nathan and me like a tomb before I could slap the former.

“It’s nothing, Alastair. You better keep your mouth shut, Nate. This is Nathan Fox my mom’s lawyer, I guess.”
I don’t approve of this and I will do everything in my power to make my mother see some sense.

“Kitten. You didn’t tell me you found yourself a new sugar daddy.”

Another reason why I broke up with him because he’s an A-grade asshole.

I could almost see veins popping out of Alastair’s arms in the jest of controlling himself. The man wants to beat the shit out of him and if I didn’t do anything our secret will be out to everyone before it has even started.

“What is all that noise? Oh, Alastair, sweetie, you are home early?”
My mom was actually quite uncomfortable which could only mean that the Stone duo have no idea of her plan.

“Yeah. I forgot some files in my room. So I dropped by to collect them but do enlighten me, Kate, what type of legal issues are you having that I don’t know anything about.”

This all businessman vibe was kinda hot. I lick my lips as he folded his shirt sleeves up to his elbows.

Nathan saw me staring at Alastair and a slow smirk curved his lips. He winked at me and I know he saw me almost drooling over him. Nathan was smart he must have realized that I have hots for my stepbrother. The man has a law degree.

“Kate I think I’m going to head out. I will call you once the papers are ready and we can review it together. Does tomorrow night sounds good?”

My mother nodded beyond overenthusiastic. I can’t believe my mother is so excited to ruin my father’s business-life.

Mom walked back to the kitchen and Nathan closed the gap between us and kissed me on the corner of my mouth. When he pulled back I saw his eyes full of mischief, a reflection of mine.

He was such a bad influence and I gravitated towards him. I smiled for old time’s sake and then pushed him away. I didn’t realize I was still smiling at the closed-door remembering the good memories I had with him. He was not always an asshole.

Alastair grabbed my elbow and literally tried to drag me upstairs but I protested with all my strength. I bent backward until my head was touching the ground while Alastair towered over me.

Now, I see it could be a kinky position.

Alastair was vibrating in anger and it took him seconds to pick me in his arms and carry me to his bedroom.

“My mom is downstairs. She could come looking for us, caveman.”

He dropped me on his bed and walked back to the door. He double-checked the now locked door obviously learning from past mistakes.

“You like driving me crazy, right? Who was that guy and don’t tell me he just your mother’s lawyer which I will come back to later?”

I waited for some dramatic pauses and then told him the truth. There is no point in hiding the relationship I shared with him. I will not go into the details but he should know even if he’s still on the fence about us being more than just platonic.

“He is my ex-boyfriend from back home. We went out for two years but we weren’t actu0ally official. We dated in secret. It is not any of your business because you should not be affected. You said it yourself. You can’t have everything.”

Alastair was no more focused on my words but only my lips. His fingers brushed the spot where Nathan kissed me.

“He kissed you. I didn’t like it Adelyn. I got seduced by a temptress who is fucking with my mind and heart and I don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes I don’t even know if this is just a game to you or is it worth everything we can both lose.”
With that, he enveloped me with his arms and kissed me with everything that I was missing in this world.

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