TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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21: Pink Lips Pink Tips


He pushed me back on the bed a moment before his mouth covers mine again, his tongue doing a wicked, smooth slide against mine, and then it is gone.

I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me with so much intensity that my heart began a loud rhythmic beat. His eyes said what he couldn’t with words. His fingers moved back my hair and cupped my face before trailing them further down my body. I arched back a little when he started unzipping my cotton hoodie revealing my lacy pink lingerie.

He slid his arm beneath my waist and lifted me a little and the hoodie dropped from my body. He threw it away and started pushing down my boy shorts down my legs. He was fully clothed and I was on the verge of being naked.

I tried removing his shirt but he pushed my hands away, roughly, over my head pressing himself over me. We were breathing the same air and I was so turned on that I think our hearts were beating the same way too.

He gruffly whispered against my neck and tightened his hold on my wrist and released them. I kept them there in the same position wanting to see what he has planned for me.

His face was now aligned with mine. His golden eyes stared at my lips and it parted when he brushed them with his fingers.

“You have the most perfect lips,” He whispered. He lowered his mouth to hover above mine.

“I like them red as sin, but I love them pink and soft. I love them bare. Naked.”
His lips skimmed mine, triggering a spark of heat.

“What else is this pink?” His hand slid to the curve of my breast, his thumb grazing my nipple and I was on the verge of trembling.

His other hand moved to the curve of my ass, his fingertips brushing the center of mine.

They flexed, curling into the dip and I gasped. My god, this man was made for sex.

“I haven’t seen enough of this, Adelyn.”
I arched back as his mouth found the very core of me. I grabbed his hair and pulled hard with every thrust of his tongue.

“Oh my god”

I almost cried. I know that his fingers can give me pleasure but his mouth was on another level. I was spasming under his expertise fingers. It was like I have gone to heaven and haven’t returned.

What made this more erotic was that he was still completely dressed and was manipulating my body every way he could. I moaned out loud and immediately his hand drowned my voice. He slowly moved them but I caught his finger and slowly sucked on it and released it.

His eyes were clouded and represented a storm full of desire and want. He spread my legs wider and pushed my knees to my chest.

“Please. Alastair. Please.”
I don’t know what I was pleading for but he did because in minutes I came undone in his mouth. I close my eyes in pure bliss and satisfaction. I want this for the rest of my life.

I opened my eyes drowsily and pulled him over my body kissing him and tasting myself on him.

“You drive me insane.”
That was all I said before I started unbuttoning his shirt and this time he didn’t stop me.

I popped open the flyer of his pants, pushing them down along his boxers.

“I hope you know more than just kissing it.”
His mouth curled into a satisfying smirk and I realized he quoted what I once told him in his car. Bastard.

“You can bet your life on it.”
But before I could demonstrate the earth-shattering mouth suction we were interrupted.

The knock on the door was loud and clear, the voice behind that door was even louder.

“Alastair, have you seen Adelyn? She is not in her room.”
My mother perfectly timed knocking killed my mood and my chances to get a taste. I rolled away from him on the other side of the bed annoyed at my mother.

“Get dressed.”
His face shut down and the playfulness was completely gone. The room was thick with tension and it was not sexual anymore. I could barely refrain myself from shouting at him.

“Fuck you.”
It was immature, unnecessary but for once I wanted him to say something, anything when we were not in throes of passion and lust.

“Please, baby.”
Not satisfied with this but still I liked the way his eyes softened and I kissed him.

“I think she went out for a walk, Kate.”
He yelled back and started getting dressed.

“Oh... Okay. Your father just called. I told him you are on your way”

“Thanks, Kate”

Once the sound of her footsteps faded I jumped back on Alastair’s lap and wounded my hands around his neck rocking myself against his chest. He grabbed my ass and positioned me in a more satisfactory position. I was still naked.

“What is going in that head of yours?”
I asked him and he smiled playfully while looking down at his other head. I slapped his shoulder which made him chuckle.

“I’m talking about the one in here. You just went ice cold on me after such a hot session.”
I knocked at his forehead to stress on my point. His laughter died and his face turned serious.

“I think my father is not going to legally give me the Stone Enterprises even if I become a CEO.”
Okay, I was not expecting this answer. The man is thinking about business while I was about to go down on him.

“What? But that’s impossible. He’s training you day and night to groom you to become the best CEO for the company.”
I rambled out what I thought was the utmost truth. Grayson is after him all the time and I’m sure he is as controlling as my father is to me.

“I thought the same but he only wants me to be a representative of him and I have given it some thought but I don’t want to be a puppet in someone’s game. I have a business degree, some assets, and contacts and I’m more than happy to establish my own damn company. It may take years or it may never happen but I’ll be damned if I didn’t even try.”
His hazel eyes were swimming with passion and I know it is not the right time for this but I’m so fucking turned on by him. Who would have thought that business was my thing!

He must have sensed the change in my mood because his fingers grabbed my ass more tightly and he closed the gap between us.

“It is fucking sexy that your nipples are all puckered up and your pussy is wet because I was talking about my career, my business. You are one weird woman but you are mine .”
With that, he kissed me again. I pushed him away reluctantly and got dressed my mother could call a search party for me.

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