TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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22: Blow-n Away


You know the feeling when something is going to go wrong and you can feel it from miles. When I got back from school I stood outside the house and kept staring at the door. My heart was beating furiously and my palms turned sweaty. I swiped them down my shorts and opened the unlocked door.

I called out and moved further into the living room and stopped in tracks when I saw a man in a suit looking at our family pictures perfectly placed on the shelf over the fireplace.

“What a beautiful family? Mother, father, son and a daughter. All smiling like nothing is wrong with them. Amazing picture.”


The man I call my father turned around and I took in his handsome face. The silver hair and those green eyes looked sharp and focused. I was stunned to see him standing in our house. He barely called me since we moved here and now all of a sudden he’s here to talk or maybe it is something else.

I hardened my gaze and remembered why my mother and I left him. I remember the fights and constant insults thrown at my mother. How he neglected me as if I didn’t even exist?

“What the fuck are you doing here?”
I spit out the words with as much venom as possible.

“I see you learned a lot from your mother. I’m not here to check your fucking language but I do want to know what is your mother trying to do. If she thinks I don’t know that she’s been visiting Fox she’s dead wrong. I may have cut her loose but I have my eyes on everyone. I know you are also involved in whatever plan your mother is cooking in her head.”

“I’m dating Nathan Fox.”
I don’t know why I just blurted that out. Maybe the sure statement that I would do something to harm him made me do it. I don’t get nervous but this man has always made me anxious and out of control.

What if he knows about Alastair and me? We are not at that stage to get discovered by our parents. Our relationship or whatever it is, is already hanging on a thread.

“Adelyn Deana Stark, you better be fucking kidding with me right now?”
My dad shouted at me with such a force I felt my bones shaking.

“If you don’t know already that man is too old for you and a bastard who is one step away from turning into a lunatic and you are telling me you are dating him? I don’t allow this. Don’t you know that his family is looking out for every chance to destroy me?”
At his words, my body turned to stone. He no longer controls me and I don’t need his approval for anything. Even though Nathan and I are not dating I’m not going to let him walk all over me.

“Excuse me! What did you just say? I thought I heard you ordering me to not do something. Oh, dad, there is only one thing I learned from you and that is to do that very thing when everyone tells you not to.”

I think by now I was almost shouting at him and maybe it was wrong but at the precise moment, I remembered how absent he was from all the important events of my life and not once he apologized for it. But now he wants to compete for the Father of the Year as if the last 18 years never happened.

“Did you bring your father of the year trophies? I’ll shine them with my ass.”

Thankfully my mother interrupted and my father's anger turned towards her. Oh, déjà vu.

“What’s going on here?”

Alastair and my mother came barging in with grocery bags. My mother froze at the door and then narrowed her eyes at her ex-husband.

Only if looks could kill.

“Oh, just the woman I wanted to see today.”

My father’s voice was dripping with venom and it hurt to watch them like that once again. Alastair gave me a questioning look but I was in no mood to talk to anyone. Alastair must have seen something on my face when he grabbed my hand.

“We are going upstairs, Kate. Get this man out of the house before I get involved and you sir will not like that.”

Alastair barely looked at my father and dragged me upstairs to my room. He locked the door when we heard shouts from downstairs.

I released a sigh and dropped my head on the bed. I closed my eyes trying to forget the tarnished memories which come when my parents start fighting.

“Hey! Look at me.”
I couldn’t because if I did I think I might start crying. I don’t want to show him that I’m incapable of handling this situation.

“Distract me, please.”
I opened my eyes and he walked over to the bed and sat beside me.

“I know how you are feeling. You don’t have to hide your emotions from me. I can see them in your eyes.”
I cleared my throat and wiped my thoughts to replace them with mischievous ones.

I caught him off guard when I suddenly straddled him and pushed him back on the bed.

“It fucking turns me on that you know me so well now.”
I quickly removed my top and throw it somewhere on the floor.

Alastair growled under me and became restless when I wouldn’t get off him. He hates being not in control.

“Adelyn. Your parents are below this fucking room. I’m not going to do anything even close to touching you.”

“Don’t be a saint. You had your fingers in me when my mother was downstairs. Don’t be a saint now, I worship sinners. Don’t touch me then. Let me do all the hard labor. I will touch you, dearest stepbrother. You be a good boy and enjoy yourself.”

With that I kissed him, he slapped my ass as I bit his lip and I gasped which gave him access to my tongue. I slowly pulled away from his mouth and started kissing his jaw and pushed his shirt over his head.

His chest was a piece of art and I licked his nipple earning an appreciated moan from him. He closed his eyes in pleasure, I bit it hard. He winced in pain and I kissed it again.

I followed a path down his chest to stop just above his pants. I popped open his button and pulled down his pants revealing the most beautiful cock I have ever seen.

I wrapped my hand around it and started pumping it. I slip further down the bed and gently covered him with my mouth.

My tongue flickers and dances around the tip and instantly I can feel him thickening for me, his cock filling my mouth more and more with every flick of my tongue. I pull back slightly as the head of his cock starts to push against the back of my throat, but then I open my mouth wider and take all of him inside.

Fuck, this feels amazing.

“You better stop doing that if you don’t want to swallow my load”
His voice was hoarse and his hand was tangled in my hair. I ignored him and continue to suck him.

I felt the exact moment he came and I swallowed his load but some dripped from my mouth. I stood up and while maintaining eye contact with him licked my hands which were coated in his cum.

“Oh God! You are going to be the death of me.”
He quickly put his pants on. His eyes were full of desire and he lifted me in his arms. I bounced on his body and his hands cupped my ass. He made his way to the bathroom all the while looking me in the eyes.

“I know that. Death by pleasure. I’ll be at your service.”

I smirked and he opened the shower drenching us both in the cold water. I shrieked and almost fell on my ass but Alastair caught me. He kissed me again with more passion.

He pulled back and we started laughing together and then the smiles faded.

What in the hell are we doing to each other? I can’t tell the difference between lust and love anymore. The lines are blurring and I don’t know what to do anymore.

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