TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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23: Fake Date


I know the exact moment we both freaked out about what was happening. We decided it would for the best if don’t get naked, wet and confined in a bathroom any longer than we already are. One of our parents will be a heart patient for the rest of their lives if they saw us like this.

We have crossed that thin line where we danced with our flirting and teasing. A heavy make-out session can chalk up to a massive mistake. A pussy fingering session can chalk up to misplacement and easy access to the thigh slit dress. A blowjob cannot chalk up to anything: it doesn’t happen if I am not willing to take part in this process.

I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore. Adelyn Stark has me fifty shades of fucked up without even fucking me.

She is already in my head and under my skin. The moment we laughed together in the shower I realized damn well that she is in my heart too.

The point of this elaborated analysis is that she is young and every moment we share seems forbidden. There is a very good chance I am entertainment for her.

I like talking to her because she understands me in a way that no one has ever even tried to. She is gorgeous, smart and with that sass is lethal for me. I cannot stop thinking about her.

Fuck it.

I walk out of my room and I’m glad to find that son of a bitch has disappeared. The hurt that I saw in Adelyn’s eyes hit me right in my chest. All I wanted to do was to take her in my arms and protect her from everything that could hurt her.

Kate and Dad were sitting on the dining table discussing something. He must have walked in after his morning jog. They stopped talking when they saw me. It amused me that even after being a grown-up, the parents still treat us like little children.

“What is the matter with Mr. Stark? What was he doing here?” I pulled a beer out of the fridge and pointed at Kate to answer me.

“I am between some legal issues with him. He was here to confront me because I am only communicating with him through my lawyer. The man is controlling and manipulating us even after I left him for good. I’m worried about Adelyn. He’s always making false promises to her.”

I sensed a lie in her voice but I let it pass. My main concern was Adelyn and I will never let him hurt her again.

“I am a little shocked when I learned why he was shouting at Adelyn. She never told me she was dating someone. I mean I am her mother and that girl never hides anything from me.”

I gripped the beer bottle a little too tight that my knuckles turned white. My jaw ticked when I asked her.

“She is dating someone? Who?”

I swallowed the rest of the beer in one gulp and avoided my father’s gaze at looked straight at Kate. It better not be that punk from her school. She looked at my father and then back at me.

“Nathan Fox. The man you met in the kitchen a few days back.” I threw the bottle in the dustbin and at the same moment, Adelyn came bouncing down the stairs. She was smiling, checking out her phone and then she looked up and stopped.

My vision was seeing red and if I didn’t storm out of this room I may do something that I will regret later.

“I have to head out.” Avoiding any type of contact with Adelyn I moved passed the kitchen and headed out the front door. I exhaled a few deep breaths and then headed for the car. A long drive will definitely clear my head.

“What the fuck happened there? I told my mother I have to work on a school project and you are dropping me off at my friend’s house. She wanted to talk to me about something which I’m sure is bothering you too. So on the verge of repeating myself, what the fuck is going on?” The foul-mouthed brat has the guts to ask me that after she played me like a fool. All I could still do is stare at her lips and imagine the way they looked wrapped around my cock.

“I’m not dropping you anywhere. You can call your fucking boyfriend for this kind of shit.” I spat it out like it is the ugliest thing I’ve ever tasted.

“Umm... What? Are you delusional or something because if you are then I need to know that?” She looked confused and shocked by my statement. At this precise moment, she couldn’t get on my nerves any more than she already was.

“Nathan Fox. The very person you told me was your ex is now someone you are dating. So you tell me what the fuck is going on?” As soon as I said his name, something clicked in her eyes.

“You are going to believe that. You should trust me more than that. We are way past this jealousy and all.” She fucking rolled her eyes at me. I cannot believe her right now.

“Well, in that case, I’m going to meet Felicity at the coffee shop and I’m getting late for that. So we will have this chat later.” Two can play this stupid game and I’m sure she will never win this.

Her eyes narrowed at me sharply.

“Drink a coffee with her and I’ll burn her house down. Remember that.” I smirked knowing fully well how crazy she is and I don’t doubt her to not do what she just said.

“Get in the car. We need to talk or I’m going to kiss you.” She thought about it for a second and I charged towards her but she quickly jumped inside the unlocked car. I rounded the car and secured the seat belt of her before starting the car.

“Are you afraid that I’ll jump out of the car again? Trust me, I’m not going to pull that stunt again. Now stop the car somewhere less crowded so we can properly talk.” Her tone was firm and I realized that she was not at all worried about this. I don’t know but it just clicked that maybe this is something she planned but I don’t know why. I stop the car on the sidewalk under a tree.

She removed her seat belt and then straddled me. My hands made their way over her bare skin that was visible as her shorts stretched upward.

“Okay. Listen to me and don’t be mad. I may have given my father the idea of dating Nathan because he was damn angry at my mother and me. He despises the Fox and I wanted to piss him off so bad for behaving like an asshole. I told him that I was dating Nathan and instantly regretted it. I am not actually and will never date that idiot again. When we dated in secret I was scared of my father because I knew he would kill me if he ever found it. He was bursting out his veins today. I quite enjoyed the show until it all went to hell. Now you know what I did and why I did it. Happy now or should I do something to make you happy again?” I don’t know what goes inside her pretty little head but I don’t even want her to fake date somebody who is not me.

Date? Shit. I have never taken her out on a date. Well, this needs to get fixed right away.

I kissed her luscious lips and pulled her tight body right against my chest. I pulled away and kissed her neck and then dropped a fleeting kiss between her breasts. I slapped her ass which earned me a squeal from her. Damn, her body is worship-worthy and I can never get enough of her.

“Let me drive because baby we are going on our first official date. If you are going to date or fake date someone, it is going to be me.”

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