TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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24: I like me better when I'm with you


Alastair went from the fire in his eyes to hearts very quickly. I would be concerned about this but I don’t want to ruin our moment. I kept a firm voice in front of him while I explained to him everything. I’ve already pissed my dad off with the thought that I’m dating Nathan. I don’t want to cause any misunderstandings between us.

As far as I know my father, he must have already called and cursed Nathan to hell and back. This means that Nathan knows about my made-up relationship with him. He hasn’t messaged or called me and anything is better than to see my ex-boyfriend’s smug face. He will definitely act like we are dating and obviously take full advantage of the situation.

I gave that man two years of my life. He controlled and manipulated me until I learned how to play his game and beat him in it. I’m glad I never told my Dad when I was actually dating him, he would have killed me.

I look at Alastair and smile in peace. I never had someone who listens to me so intensely, cares about me unconditionally.

This date is something I am looking forward to. I want to know him more; see how we are outside the walls of our room and in the eye of the public. I am a ‘live at the moment kinda girl’ and I know that Alastair is just the opposite. He likes to plan everything in his life and he abhors unexpected happenings.

“You know I am really hungry. Let’s just eat anything and talk until we can’t hold it in our pants anymore. I’ll suck your dick under the table if we can just stop at the next restaurant.” I winked at him and ran my fingers up his forearms. The car came to a screeching halt. I almost jumped forward but Alastair put his arm against my chest or say my breasts. The seat belt was doing its job but I don’t mind his hands on my body.

My nipples pebbled from the heat of his arm and then I saw those veins running over his arm and I lost my breath. It is so damn easy for him to get me aroused and ready.

“You and your filthy mouth. I want it on my dick but more than that I want it on my lips. Come here right now.” In one single motion, he removed his arm from my breasts and pulled me against him. He looked me in the eyes and then his lips were on mine claiming them with a wildness I’m getting familiar with.

“I guess we are doing this date the untraditional way”

I whispered when we finally came up for some unfortunately needed air. His eyes were droopy, his lips plumped to red. The smirk I love so much stretched his lips making him look so irresistible.

“Nothing about us is traditional, baby. We are far from that.”

He gets out of the car and then opens the door while taking my hand in his. We move to the family restaurant where I made him stop the car. The restaurant gave a homey vibe which I absolutely loved.

“Table for two. Is it possible?”

I heard Alastair ask the reception while I looked around. I spotted a small boy playing the piano at the corner of the restaurant and it was so soothing to my ears. How come I have never come to this place before?

“Right this way, Sir and Mam.”

I felt suddenly shy holding hands with him in public. We followed the smiling woman and ignored the burning stare of people. We reached our table which was placed at the opposite corner from the piano and the lights were a little dim also.

After placing the order for our food, the silence settled and for some minutes we only stared at each other. Finally, Alastair broke the quiet ambiance with his deep voice.

“If you had to live in one place forever, where it would be?”

The random question caught me off guard but I let my heart think about that one place where I know I will be the happiest. Suddenly, an image of a house by the beach came into my head. There he was standing beside me as we both looked right at the calming water while I wore the brightest smile. I blinked my eyes and focused them on him, the person I imagined.

“A beach house with you there beside me.”

I cringed inwardly as I said that and avoided his eyes. I pulled the glass of water to my mouth, taking huge gulps of it and it is just my luck I started choking. Alastair was in front of me in seconds tapping my back and softly telling me to take deep breaths. After a few minutes, I was able to breathe without dying. Alastair’s concerned expression was now replaced with an amused one.

“There is absolutely nothing funny about choking.”

I said irritated at the thought of acting like a fool in front of him. I never lose my composure or the words that I never meant to say. He is so insufferable.

“You’re right. There is nothing funny about you choking."

I rolled my eyes at his intended meaning. Men and their one-track minds.

“It is actually amazing how you men can think of sexual innuendos when there is absolutely nothing sexual about the situation,” I said while smirking at him because I knew he was going to say that I’m not any different. The waiter brought us our food at the exact time. We both dig right into our meals because the one thing that we have in common is that we both love to eat.

We talked a little between each bite. I told him a little about my childhood. He told me about his mother who never comes up in conversations. She only married his dad for his money and how he still call her every week to check up on her. We both have terrible divorced parents in common. That’s one way to bond. I changed the subject to a lighter one immediately. I laughed at the stories he told me when he was a teenager. The conversation kept flowing. I realized that I have never talked to someone like this before.

“I can’t believe your best friend wore a thong to school because you won the bet.” I looked up at him, still laughing.

“He’s very eager to meet you. Just say thong to his face when you’ll meet him.” His hand enclosed mine and we kept staring at our hands, together with a small smile lingering on our faces.

“This feels good.” I looked up and the smile vanished as I saw who was approaching us.

“Fuck.” Alastair turned around and his whole body tensed visibly.

I saw the smug look on his face which only meant one thing. He knows everything.

“Oh. I just saw you guys. Don’t stop talking on my behalf. You guys look so cute together but I have a question. Isn’t Adelyn dating me? Babe, kiss your boyfriend at least.” Alastair was up and in front of Nathan in seconds and was glaring at him. I quickly took his arm and tried to pull him back but he was like a pillar.

“Listen, you son of a bitch. I will be more than delighted to clear this little misunderstanding you have. She is not your girlfriend. She is with me. I think I’ve made myself pretty clear. Leave.” Alastair voice and firm, controlled and it scares the shit out of me because he was so calm.

“I bet your father would love to know what you are up to Adelyn.” The snide remark was the last thing he said before he turned and walked away. The asshole I dumped was making an appearance.

“Let’s pay the bill and get the hell out of here, please.” Alastair didn’t reply but he made his way to the receptionist.

He walked out of the restaurant and towards the car but I stopped him from opening it. We need to have a conversation and I can’t let him drive if he’s angry.

“Nathan is harmless. You don’t have to worry about him.” I don’t know why I said that because the minute I said those words I knew I have made a grave mistake. His eyes flared with rage and he tugs me against him with his hands branding my shoulders.

“He is harmless. You just declared to your father that you are dating him even when you hate his fucking guts. He definitely looked like he wanted to take full advantage of that misunderstanding. You are saying he’s harmless? I’m losing my damn mind from controlling myself tonight. I wanted to punch his face the minute his eyes lingered at you. You make me crazy. If you want this relationship or whatever the hell we are to work then you better stop fucking lying to everyone’s faces.” His voice was rising after each statement and I don’t think I deserved to be scolded like a child.

“You know what. Fuck you. I don’t give a damn about this relationship or “whatever this is”. You know better than to shout at me like that. I’m not a fucking child and if you think being older than me gives you a right to treat me like this, then you can very much fuck yourself.”

I pushed him away and started walking in the opposite direction. He caught my arm and pulled me back to him.

“You are not running away from this, from us. And watch that fucking mouth of yours.” He irritates me to no end. He can swear like a sailor but when I do the same thing, he hates it.

“You fuck-- His mouth sucks the pulse on my neck and I almost forgot what I was going to say. He unlocks the car while still kissing my neck and then push away to open the door.

“Get inside.” I huffed out a breath and got inside because I was fucking exhausted from fighting with him.

He checked his phone before climbing into the car and driving out of the restaurant parking. The ride to home was tense and my hands were itching to do something.

The tension was killing me. So I took off my panties and threw it.

At his face.

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