TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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25: Let's Talk About Sex Baby


I am plotting the murder of Nathan Fox while driving because I can’t help it. Everything was going according to my plan and then he came out of nowhere and all I could see was red. The date was going absolutely like I wanted it to go, amazing. We actually held a conversation without fighting or kissing each other in the middle.

And now everything is a mess.

Adelyn Stark is a force to be reckoned with when she is angry. She drives me insane and I don’t know whether to shake some sense into her or fuck it into her. She made my cock hard when her plump lips started cursing me.

The car is filled with silence and I’m arranging my thoughts again. I got a message from dad that he was going out with Kate and would be back tomorrow. I didn’t bother asking about their whereabouts because it means I have the house to myself for once.

I need to get the fuck out of my dad’s place. I will give my business plans another go because one thing I know for sure is that I cannot work for dad any longer. He’s never going to leave me alone and will always underestimate my knowledge for business.

I steal a glance at the rebel and she is looking out the window lost in thoughts. I almost smile at the mirage it creates, she looks so innocent like this but I know better than that.

I turned my attention back to the road when I felt it.

Something hit my face and then it dropped on my lap.

I looked down and saw the black lace panties spread over my thighs. My nostrils flared and I almost drove the car straight to a pole.

She did not just do that. I looked at her and lost control of the car for the second time. The little minx had her legs spread open, her back was arched and her tight nipples were probing out. My dick throbbed at the sight and I groaned out loud as her fingers disappeared inside her.

“No. You are not pleasuring yourself right now when I’m helpless to do anything. I can smell your juices from here. Why the fuck are you so turned on? Is it because of me or that fucking tool Nathan?” I don’t know why I said that but my anger got the best of me. Her finger stopped moving and she cut me a look so lethal that I looked away.

“Obviously, it is Nathan. Would you like to hear me scream his name while I pleasure myself right here?” She raised an eyebrow as if challenging me.

“You wouldn’t dare. I will lose my mind, Adelyn. Don’t toy with me right now.”

The house was just five minutes away and I drove as fast as possible.

Adelyn’s essence filled my car and I wanted to taste her so badly. I roughly pulled her hand and brought those fingers to my mouth and licked them one by one.

Fuck, she feels like heaven and I’m going to burn in hell for this.

I stopped the car in the driveway and ripped the seat belt off the box. I bunched her panties in my pocket and opened her door.

She gave me a sly look and I had enough of it for today. Without giving her any warning, I grabbed her by her thighs and carried her on my shoulder like a fireman. Her bare ass gave me all sorts of ideas. When she screamed at me to put her down, I slapped her ass. Hard.


I unlocked the door and closed it behind me before taking two steps at a time for my bedroom. As soon as I reached the room, I locked it and then threw Adelyn on my bed. She looked perfect, a little flushed from her almost-orgasm. The redness on her cheeks matched the one on her ass.

I pulled my shirt off my chest and opened my belt. I rotated the belt around my hands a little just to see her reaction. She jumped off the bed and took a step further away.

“You are insane if you think I’m Anna to your Christian. I can take your hands on my ass but I’m not up for a belt whipping.”

That’s my girl, vulnerable yet headstrong, funny yet serious when I want her, sexy yet adorable like a kitten.

“I was messing with you. I’m not a sadist.”

I throw the belt away and unzip my jeans and leave it open. Her gaze stops at my chest, burning over my abs and then she licked her lips when her gaze went further down.

“I want that dress off your beautiful body. Now.”

She slowly bunched the hem of her dress to her waist while keeping her eyes fixed on me. She turned around and pulled the rest of the dress off her body exposing that supple ass.

“Fuck, you are so sexy.”

She unclipped her black bra and slowly dropped the straps from her shoulders before removing it completely. Such a tease. She was like a vision in the dark, only the small light pouring over her figure.

I felt like falling to my knees. What is this girl doing to me? I guess it’s too fucked up to even understand.

I removed my jeans and walked towards her. I traced her waist with my hand before cupping her. She let out a shuddered breath as my other hand tweaked her pebbled nipple. She let her body fall back on mine and I entered two fingers inside her already wet pussy.

“Ahh..fuckk. Alastair...that feel so...oh”. I loved the way she says my name in that husky tone. I absolutely get off on her being like this knowing that only my fingers are giving her this. Only my lips are going to suck her wetness and soon only my cock will rest inside her.

I pumped my fingers slower hitting her sensitive spot again and again but not fully giving it to her. Her ass rested against my cock and she arched her back in pleasure. My hand was now on her throat controlling her while my fingers tormented her. I looked at my right on the mirror and the image was so fucking sensual.

“Look at the mirror.” Adelyn turned her head and saw how easily our body fit together. I positioned her in front of the mirror and pumped my fingers a little faster inside her. We both saw it in the mirror, her toes curled as she rose a little higher, her breasts bounced with each labored breath, her moist lips parted and her eyes rolled back as the orgasm took control of her body.

Without wasting a second I carried her to the bed and took a step back to admire her. Her naked body over my black sheets, her blond hair covering my pillow like a halo.

She looked very much an angel in a devil’s bed because I’m done being the good guy.

“That was so intense. I lost my voice for a few minutes there.” I smiled at her sassy comment. Her hands dropped to my boxers and she quickly tugged them down. I let her touch my hard cock but tonight is going to be all about her. She moved her hands up and down my cock before closing those plump lips around it.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair as she sucked me. I didn’t want to come in her mouth so I tugged at her hair. She glared at me but kept sucking. This woman.

“No. I’m not coming in your mouth.”

I said and pulled myself away from her. I pushed her down on the bed and crawled over her body. I kissed her lips, then left some fluttering kisses down her neck before taking her pink nipple in my mouth. When she started getting impatient, I bit her pink peak.

“Ahhh...fuckk... I want more. I can’t take this anymore.”

I made my way down to her flat stomach and licked it. She writhed under my body and tried to tug me back up.

“No. You are not getting what you want so easily. I am going to torture you like you fucking tortured me.”

I bit her inner thigh before licking her wetness. I laughed as she started cursing me.

That’s my girl.

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